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Team Name: Korean Karen Killers
Players (names and steam links): Chantakey
Sub: I'll put someone here.
Preferred Nation: Rheinbund
Preferred competition days (Sun/Mon evenings, etc): idgaf
Accepted, will start generating a bracket if this is all the teams.
Also, as the host I'll also have a team of misfits whom I deem fit for service but will not claim the prize money if we get 1st.

So is this like the deformed love child of the 63e and 41st/58e/Whatever other Lawbringers reg you wanna add

Good luck guys  8)
Thank you so much!

Fun and clean match against 21st today, was a pleasure to play with a classy regiment ♥

fyi this is secretly the 41st and im the col just fyi
idk kinda looks like 63e
>insert living in the past meme, my 41st > maple 41st, you are nothing but a lance serjeant sir
also nice clean gf today vs 1KL

Team Name: 84th N00Bs
Players (names and steam links): Arg, Zinq, KingRich, Cerberus(steam links coming soon)
Preferred Nation: any
Preferred competition days (Sun/Mon evenings, etc):n/a

Team Name: TBD
Players (names and steam links): JOlly, Glenn, Theo, Lurvy
Preferred Nation: UK
Preferred competition days (sun/mon evenings, etc): N/a
Team Name: Chicken Strips
Players (names and steam links):

SteveUrkle12 -

Preferred Nation: France
Preferred competition days (sun/mon evenings, etc): Fridays 9pm
Both accepted, thank you!

Teams will be expanded to FIVE PLAYERS per team, so you all may add one extra sub or another player.

that is slander we are not a weeaboo regiment

please we are normal do not let law let you think otherwise

Regiments / Re: 4ème Régiment de Marines de la Garde [NA] Est. Early 2020
« on: February 27, 2021, 03:51:09 am »
Good match tonight, thank you 95th for a clean and fun comp match!

Team Name: The Cave Dwellers
Players (names and steam links):
James (Doesnt have steam unfortunately)

Preferred Nation: Prussia
Preferred competition days (Sun/Mon evenings, etc): Any, it depends, we'll let you know pending more info

Accepted - Update coming out SUNDAY on teams being increased to five players each.

Would people prefer 5 player teams with 2 subs instead?

Cool idea but what is the rule about spacing??
Skirms will be allowed to space, lines will not. Thank you for asking, I'll update the OP

In case we need the second post, reserved.

Hosted by Jakester

Hello everybody! Thank you for taking the time to check out this event's page. I'd like to start by saying PLEASE contact me if you have any questions, I usually will respond within the day. That being said, here's the plan:
I am hosting a commander battle tournament. This tournament is open to ALL players in the community, regardless of NA/EU, but will be hosted on an NA server. Matches will be played as quickly as can be. That being said, depending on the number of teams it might take a few weeks to complete all the matches and determine a winner. I will be available on my TeamSpeak 3 server (currently the 4eme TS, IP info will under contact information) and on steam to help organize and ensure all matches are played within the rules.
The payout to the winning team is $20 for first place, paid by yours truly (you must provide a paypal/venmo to send prize money to, teams may split the money however they'd like).
Thank you to Cheez-It®!

The rules, format, and conduct expectations are as follows:
1. Teams will be composed of four players and two substitute players, with one of those six players being the captain of their team (captains only responsibility is communicating with other captains for scheduling and administration for problems).
2. Teams must have one line infantry on their team.
3. Teams may not use more than ONE (1) of any specialty unit (skirms, cav, arty)
4. Teams must play one match every ten days, unless agreed upon by administration and the opposing team captain.
5. There will be no single player ramboing - players must stay near their units, and if they are the last member of their unit then they may charge or join friendly lines.
6. The format is a single elimination bracket.
7. Players may only play for one team, and once that team is eliminated they are eliminated from the tournament.
8. Team and player names should not be profane.
9. Treat all admins and players with respect.
10. Matches will be played on the pre-made Ode to the IV Korps LB maps, however both team captains must agree to the map being used.
11. You must have fun.
12. Each match will be a best of 3 rounds, except for semi-finals and finals which will be best of 5 rounds.
13. If a team does not show for fifteen minutes after the start time and date, then they forfeit the match.
14. If a team does not have all its members, it must compete with however many team members are present or forfeit.
15. Line infantry may not space, skirms may.

Teams with captain's steam links
Raptorboat -
The Cave Dwellers -
84th n00bs -
TBD (84th) -
Chicken Strips -
Hololive Production -
Korean Karen Killers -
Jakester's Team -
Challonge Bracket Link

Team Signups (4 player teams, 2 subs)
Team Name:
Players (names and steam links):
Preferred Nation:
Preferred competition days (Sun/Mon evenings, etc):

If you would like to help referee and administrate the tourney, use the format below
Steam name & link:
Previous tournament admin experience:
Are you patient and cool-headed?:

I will be more than happy to speak to anyone who wants to give any feedback,
suggestions or ask questions regarding the event. TS3 IP:

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Thread provided by Rival

Regiments / Re: 61e Regiment De Hussards NA/EU/OC/ASIA/SA
« on: February 10, 2021, 07:40:54 pm »
Old friends are the best friends.

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