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Skins & OSP Resources / Regiment de la Garde Suisses
« on: April 29, 2016, 10:17:14 am »
Regiment de la Garde Suisses

(Replaces French Footguards, may change in the future.)

Add me via steam (Xaime) if you find any problems/bugs with the skins.


Dropbox Download

MediaFire Download

I will probably update the skin in the future cleaning up the textures a bit.


Tricorne from Revolutionary War Overhaul.

Community / Check this out (Releasing the NW source code to FSE)
« on: December 16, 2014, 05:49:00 am »

Community / How to get the locked banners ingame?
« on: November 03, 2014, 07:42:28 am »

How do you get them?

You should be able to notice the ones you can't normally get.

Regiments / [AU] King's German Legion 5th Line Battalion - Est. 9th July
« on: September 29, 2014, 12:46:20 pm »
Work in Progress

What can be said about my beloved 5th Kings German Legion we pride ourselfs on teamwork and individual brilliance training each members to excel in a variety of skills and teaching them discipline and respect and have no tolerance for those who can't follow our strict chain of command we of the legion have nothing but the highest prays and respect for our leader and he's fellow members of the 5thKGL.  The regiment was founded on the ideals of historical accuracy and maturity frowning upon those who would encourage or bring foolish or disrespectful behaviour into our regiment. The thing that makes the regiment great is the individual's who make it what it is too Cowerdly Peasant's kindness too Smith's eagerness to make the regiment grow too Lazunga's ability to bring out the loyalty and best out of people they the fellow members of the 5thKGL are what make it great they are the ones who make it the best and who make it an ever growing legion.
Custom Stuff

Custom Banner

    It's Pretty Hip!
        Custom Skin

 Credit to B&I
        Why join the Legion?

Though on a serious note we are soon to be the
best regiment AU and we are looking for more recruits
to become apart of the legion. We are a serious regiment (most of the time)
and have weekly trainings (like 3 per week). Our regiment is spilt into 3 reichs,
1st Reich (Waffen SS), 2nd Reich (Wehrmacht) and the 3rd Reich (SS-Kavallerie-Division).
This is because the community thinks we are nazis, And also we are forced
to have blonde hair ingame.


Promo Video

Modifications / Question
« on: September 02, 2014, 07:12:30 am »
Does anyone have or know where to find that dance animation someone posted i think here long ago?

Modifications / Coders Please Answer
« on: July 15, 2014, 09:48:39 am »
Is it possible to code where the pistols/swords etc sit/stay on the player/soldier so you can still play on nw servers?

Modifications / W.I.P
« on: April 30, 2014, 03:32:18 pm »
This is a sneak peak for something i have been working on for the last few months,
The Uniform is still W.I.P it is based around 1740s.

Base Around
Remmber it isnt close to that as im still working on the texture.

Stand Animation
Running Animation
Death Animation
Horse Animation

Credits - AoFI OSP For the Hat.

If you can give me anymore into on british uniforms around this period it will help alot!

~ James Moore

Modifications / Suggestion! A Mod that Removes Blocking? *New Poll*
« on: April 02, 2014, 12:15:08 am »
Back in the Napoleonic Wars Era, When two sides crashed into melee, it would last about maybe a minute or two. Because they didn't block, It was very hard to block with a musket, U would see officers normaly blocking tho. So wouldn't it be more historial to remove blocking in a mod? That means melee would be pure skills (As in spining, chambering and teamwork) .

What do you think?

Community / Jame's Photoshop Corner
« on: March 28, 2014, 02:12:51 am »
Jame's Photoshop Corner

Such Swag

G'Day Mate u can request threads, banners and ts icons and stuff here.

U May only request Teamspeak icons right now

Under Works k Bro

Teamspeak Icon Request
Any Images u want on them:

Regiments / 44th East Essex Regiment of Foot
« on: March 28, 2014, 12:57:39 am »


Jame's Modifications Warehouse
This May Include
Port Overs, Textures, Skins, Models and Other Stuff

Port Overs

  Charged Bayonet
 (From Blood and Iron)


Click Here
54.08 KB


Skins (UK)

NSW Corps
 (Replaces Foot Guards)

Version One



More to come!

Regiments / 8th Royal Australian Regiment
« on: February 08, 2014, 05:39:28 am »

We aim to successfully create a regiment that stays true to the values of the 8thRAR Regiment. We are committed to using tactics and formations from the Napoleonic Era to ultimately create a regiment that is elite, well trained, extremely well coordinated, organised and disciplined. Using regimental structures from the Napoleonic Era we will try our utmost to create a professional atmosphere within the regiment but to also provide entertainment for people seeking as much of an accurate and entertaining experience as possible. In the end we hope that we will have an extremely elite regiment that cannot be bested by any other which means we are looking for the best members to join us. They must be mature, intelligent, willing to learn and must able contribute to the regiment.


Captain Tommygun | TommygunCo [7th/8thRAR]

Ranks of the Regiment

Senior Staff

Captain - Cpt
Lieutenant - Lt
2nd Lieutenant - 2ndLt
Ensign - Ens

Non-Commissioned Officers

Serjeant Major - SjtMaj
Serjeant - Sjt

Men of the Line

Foot Guard - FtGrd
Kingsman - Kgm
Private - Pte
Enlisted - Enl
Recruit - Rec

Muster Roll
Line Company
Comissioned Officers

Captain TommygunCo
Ensign Lwis

Non-Comissioned Officers

Sergeant-Major Jewbacca
Sergeant-Major Hammertime
Sergeant Vansolo

Kingsman Sneaky
Kingsman Nolz
Kingsman Leb
Kingsman Balla
Kingsman Zanto
Kingsman Roggeh
Kingsman DarkPrinceRob
Kingsman Mclovin
Private Spitty
Private Mik
Private Sir sparta
Private RickGrimes
Private WeepingAngle
Private Clear
Enlisted MrBanana
Enlisted JoshyKilla
Enlisted Bill_The_Butcher
Enlisted ViceRaptor
Enlisted Storm
Recruit Hi_Mon
Grenadier Company
Non-Comissioned Officers

Sergeant-Major Avion

Veteran Foot Guard Dazik
Foot Guard Kanga
Foot Guard James Moore
Foot Guard Rhubarb
Foot Guard Eragon
Foot Guard Dilvenwich

Under Construction


Battle Honours


Regimental History 1801 - 1815

Briefly posted to Minorca for a year in 1801 and then to Ireland for five years in 1802, the regiment saw action again at Copenhagen in 1807. In the meantime, in 1804, the unit had raised a 2nd Battalion. This served as the regiment’s depot battalion and never left England before its disbandment in December 1815.

1st Battalion was sent to Portugal in 1808, fighting in the Peninsular War (1807-14) at Rolica (1808), Vimeiro (1808) and Corunna (1808). It then joined the Walcheren expedition to Holland the following year.

After a brief posting to Gibraltar, the regiment returned to the Peninsula in 1810, fighting at Barossa (1811), Tarifa (1811), Burgos (1812) and Vitoria (1813), and gaining a special commendation from Wellington for its conduct during the Pass of Maya action in 1813. By April 1814 it had fought its way into southern France.

Later that year it was sent to Canada for the closing stages of the War of 1812 (1812-15) against America, fighting at Niagara (1814). The regiment only embarked for Britain on 28 June 1815, ten days after Waterloo, but it did spent the rest of that year as part of the Army of Occupation in Paris.

About the 82nd.



The 82nd (Prince of Wales Volunteers) Regiment of Foot is a newly formed regiment for the Mount and Blade Warband : Napoleonic Wars DLC. When in combat we are unstoppable with our military tactics and our fun but serious trainings. Every single enlisted man or officer gets an equal experience and we insure everyone has a fair go and no one is left out of events. As the regiment is just for fun we make sure our regiment is discipline and ready for battle. If you show great discipline and leadership you can earn special ranks like Adjutant or Recruitment Officer. Overall anyone that joins will get a great experience and more fun with the game. - Major Edward Charlton.

Add Edward Charlton On Steam to Join.

- Rank Structure -
Major   Maj
Captain   Cpt
Lieutenant   Lt
Ensign   Ens
Company Serjeant Major   CSM
Colour Serjeant   CSjt
Serjeant   Sjt
Corporal   Cpl
Lance Corporal   LCpl
Kingsman   Kgm
Regular   Rgl
Private   Pte
Recruit   Rct
      Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thrusday

  Friday   Saturday

UOG Linebattle

MOV Linebattle


Regiments / 1er Regiment de Chasseurs [AU] [Updated with Thread]
« on: November 09, 2013, 07:41:41 am »

Contact Information
Colonel's Steam - Jones1
Adjudant's Steam - Alexandre
TeamSpeak Address -

Code of Conduct
1.No Racism
2.Be serious during events
3.Respect your teammates
4.Follow direct orders and don't ask your superiors
5.Don't abuse your power
6.Have fun

Regimental Banner


About the 1er

We are a AU regiment based on activity and discipline.Our aim is to create a friendly community with great environment to have peaople fun.Melee skill and discipline is very important.We do enforce them,but we are not TOO serious to this game.We want to play for fun.So if you are looking for a friendly,skilled and well organised regiment,1er is for you.

Commissioned Officers

Colonel Claude
Adjudant Alexandre

Non Commissioned Officers


Cadet BreadFish
Cadet Delmer
Cadet Woody
Cadet Fuzzygrillz
Cadet Jackuy
Cadet Scuba Fish
Cadet Benard
Cadet FDGod
Cadet Jabba
Cadet Kiwi
Cadet Manco
Cadet Bryker
Cadet Banzo
Cadet Azza
Cadet ExtraGirth
Cadet Warrior
Cadet Rook

Regiments / 82nd Regiment of Foot (Prince of Wales's Volunteers) [AU]
« on: October 29, 2013, 05:56:56 am »

Muster Roll Since 29th of October 2013

Commissioned Officers

Ensign James Moore

Non Commissioned Officers

Serjeant-Major Ambrose Vollie

1 Commissioned Officer
1 Non Commissioned Officer
0 Enlisted

2/25 Men



Under Progress

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