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Competitive EU Events/Tournaments / Wüstis Tournament Tool
« on: November 21, 2020, 05:42:11 pm »

Hello Tournament Community,

Introducing "Wüstis Tournament Tool".
Built as small personal Webtool for just one tournament, in the last year many tournament hosts asked for it and used it for their tournaments/leagues. So I decided to make it dynamic useable. Setting up a tournament now with the Tool takes only a few minutes and will be publicly available.
Keep in mind, it has a very simple design and is built for functionality, not beauty.

Wüstis Admintool - Features

- Completly Serverside with Webpanel for the Host
- Standard Tournamentstuff, no shootys, no deaths for teamchange/going spec and so on
- non-disturbing Adminchat
- Clanchat, ignoring if alive, dead or spec (press "O", or "K" if using Wüstis Admintool)
- Blocking people from joining teams with wrong ID, or tag
- A lot of stats, including Damage and Assists, saved via turning on Competitive Score

- Simple access to a list of used Names and IDs on the Tournamentservers
- Adding Referees in the Webpanel, no serverrestart needed
- Adding regiments/Teams, tags and IDs, no serverrestart needed
- Recording of Stats, one permanent table, one resetable for weekly Stats
- Easy Copy Paste of stats to forum BB-codes

Applying for a Tournament:
[b]Tournament ShortName:[/b] 
[b]All IPs of hosted Servers:[/b]
[b]Steamlink of the Headadmin:[/b]
[b]List of People with access to the Webpanel:[/b]
Example application:
Tournament ShortName: DNWL
Admintag: DNWL_
All IPs of hosted Servers:
Steamlink of the Headadmin:
List of People with access to the Webpanel: Klaus, Karl, Friedrich, Holger
After your Application add: Wüstenkrieger on Steam. Everyone who should get access to the Webpanel should add me aswell. The Panel will be set up in no time, and the Servermod will be sent to you.

How to use the Panel and install the mod:

I. Download the mod (link will be sent to you), open the .zip and copy the 30 txt files in it into your Modules/Napoleonic Wars/ Folder on your server. Make sure to overwrite the existing ones!
II. Add to your config on your Server: "custom_command8 TournamentNumber" (without the ", and instead of "TournamentNumber" you add the Number yout get sent).
III. Restart Server and done

Important Notice about the stats:
- Use the Competitive Score Option to turn Stattracking on and off. Make sure your referees know how to use that, especially to turn it off directly after the match is finished.
- Because of human mistakes (forgetting to turn on/off the stats) the stats will NOT be 100% right.
- Stats are turned off automaticly, if a server empties, to prevent further damage, however, if forgotten, the damage is already done.
- Use reset only at the beginning of a match, after that people should just be spawned, or suicide for changes. You do not get deaths for suiciding, or going spec or so.
- If a round is running with stats on, and you want it not to be count for whatever reason, use reset map before the round end, then the stats for this round wont be sent to the webpanel. Kills and Deaths will also be reset to the value of the roundstart.


The Webpanel is pretty much straight forward, after logging in, you will be on the mainside:


There you have a list of regiments/teams, represented by their tags, those have to be correct. (in the Screenshot, 3 Regiments were already added).
You can add new tags in the textfield at the top. Or you can Remove them again (only empty ones can be removed to avoid missclicks)
From there you can go to 5 subpages:

I. Clicking on "Goto" next to a regimental tag will bring you to the ID list of that regiment/team.
- At the top you can add IDs to the List (also you can add more than one at once, just separate by ; for example: "ID1;ID2;ID3")
- Clicking the ID next to the names will show you all names that ID used on the Eventservers
- The LastName field shows you the last name the ID used on the Eventservers
- Clicking "set inactive" will cross the name and ID and that player cant join a team anymore ingame, the difference to removing is, that while still on the list but inactive, the ID cant be added to another regiment/team (for example, if someone played already for the team and is not allowed anymore to change to another)
- Clicking "Remove" will remove the ID from the list and can be added to another regiment/team

II. Clicking "Search by IDs or Names", will bring you to a list of all IDs and Names that were used on the Eventservers, including a searchfunction for Names and IDs
- Use the searchfields to find Names or IDs. Namesearch can also be used with only parts of names.
- Leaving the Namefield empty and clicking Search will show ALL Names and IDs.

III. Clicking "Referee Whitelist" will bring you to the Referee List. It works the same like the Regimental Lists.
- Added Referees get automaticly adminrights on the Eventservers
- Referees can be both part of a team, and part of the Refereelist
- Using the AdminTag on the server will grant the Referee an extra adminchat, where normally would be the Clanchat (on "O", or "K" if using Wüstis Admintool)
- Joining with regimental/team-tags will still grant adminrights, but not the extra adminchat

IV. and V. Will open the Stats List
- The normal Statlist is the same like the "weekly" one, except without the Resetbutton
- The security questions at top are to avoid accidently Resets. Reset whenever you want, or dont use the feature at all.
- Clicking the headers of the table will sort the table accordingly
- The textfield at the bottom are copy paste ready BB-codes for the forum. The stats in the textfields are already sorted like you sorted the top table. The right textfield has the stats without all Cavstuff like Dismounts (for Tournaments without Cavalry)


Q: Are your gameservers good?
A: You install this tool on your own servers ;)

Q: Will the mod make the server lagg?
A: Nope it will not. People will still claim it anyway though.

Q: What if the Webpanel is down, will we still able to play?
A: First: In the last year it did not happen once, but ofc it can always happen. But as long as the gameservers are already running, you can still use them. Just no Stats, Refereelist and IDchecks are performed. So Admins need the Adminpw and people could theoretically play with wrong tags/IDs, but the Tournament is not blocked from working.

Q: Can people join the Eventservers to watch matches?
A: Yes, the tool just blocks people to join any team when they are not whitelisted, or joined with wrong tag.

Q: How do I set what Team is fighting which team in a match?
A: You cant, everyone whitelisted can join a team with their assigned tag, even if he has no match on his own. However the admin can clearly see, if someone from a different team joins a nation he is not supposed to. And if someone is using a wrong tag, pretending to be in one of the teams in the match, he cant join a nation.

*please ignore the many typos*

Credit and Contact

Servers / ⚓ Skagerrak Beta ⚓ [Adminapps open]
« on: July 09, 2020, 02:00:06 pm »
⚓ Skagerrak Beta ⚓

Adminapps open

Servercost sponsored by the Imperial Army (Das Kaiserliche Heer)

Join our Discord Server:


1x Ice Water Map by Wüsti
more TBD soon

- 12 Ships fight for the control of the sea
- 6 different Shiptypes available
- Eliminated the worst glitchlaggs of ships
- Unique system of controlling your ship
- Gain Gold and CrewXP for fighting and conquering
- Upgrade your ships and crews, or buy completly new ships
- All gains are permanent!

- Controls:

- - Click on 'Show game rules' to open the special Gamemenu
- - You can buy in the menu ships, upgrade them, upgrade your crews, or choose a ship to spawn
- - When you picked a ship to spawn, joined a team and picked an officer, your ship will spawn for you
- - When spawned with a ship:
- - - Use Arrow-Keys to navigate your ship
- - - Use the Button 'P' to change position of your ship from the rear to the front and back
- - - Use the Button 'C' to order all your cannons to shoot (unaimed)
- - - Use the Buttons 'V' (left) and 'B' (right) to change your position to your cannons. Aim with the provided crosshair and shoot with left-click

- - Your healthbar displays the remaining health of your ship
- - Fires on other ships indicate the loss of their ship-health


The battlefield after a hard fought battle:

The Warship:

The Warship²:

Closecombat around a flag:

Closecombat around a flag²:

The menu. Spawnpoints get filled up each round, the rest is permanent:

Ship Info: Cargo Ship:

Ship Info: Mortar Ship:

Ship Info: Fjord Cruiser:

Ship Info: Heavy Gunship:

Ship Info: Destroyer:

Ship Info: War Ship:

M&B: Warband - Napoleonic Wars / kk. Tier Liste (die einzig wahre)
« on: May 20, 2020, 02:26:31 am »
Da es ein Überangebot an schlechten Tierlisten gibt, hier die einzig wahre.
Die anderen Listen können sich löschen, danke.

Oberst Lama Kaulquappe
Oberst DarthKiller Kamel
Unterlieutenant Fabian Lama
Feldwebel herachiles Blutfliege
Corporal Lorenz Natter
Bataillon Tambour Maxifighter Frettchen
Vice-Corporal Erethor Troll
Companie Tambour Mac_Major Huhn
Ordinär Fourier Xela Dachs
Gefreyter Fino Dromedar
Gefreyter Ragn4r Waschbär
Gefreyter Bavaria Rind
Gefreyter Krankgesuchtet Kuh
Gefreyter Star clash Fohlen
Gefreyter Thomaser Schaf
Gefreyter Lordmarc Murmeltier
Fourierschütz Kampfbulette Haselmaus
Fourierschütz ChaosElite98 Elefant
Feldscher Frischkaese Koi
Gemeiner Zahor98 Wühlmaus
Gemeiner Centurio Kuckuck
Gemeiner Dario Jaguar
Gemeiner Heinrich Echsenmensch
Gemeiner Nivek Lemur
Gemeiner Ole Kröte
Gemeiner Karim Frettchen
Gemeiner Kiste Hai
Oberlieutenant Julianator Adler
Bataillon Tambour Kahasi Schlange
Vice-Corporal Blake Gorilla
Gefreyter Nightshades Stute
Gefreyter juju002018 Schildkröte
Gefreyter Hyp Killer Pferd
Gemeiner Falkon Hering
Gemeiner SGXBOT Nashorn
Gemeiner Smith Lachs
Gemeiner trueCarlos Seebär
Gemeiner voll Banane Sardelle
Gemeiner al1234 Sardine
Gemeiner Fabian Alpensegler
Gemeiner Spreewald Aal
Gemeiner Hochmeister Seestern
Rekrut Nicolai Eisbär
Rekrut SirEragon Rochen
Rekrut Fahrradladen Waran
Rekrut Hauke Gemse
Rekrut CornealApollo Henne
Rekrut iVectress Storch
Rekrut Es brennt Gockel
Rekrut Marschall Impala
Fähnrich Servanos Robbe
Vice-Corporal HelleLeuchte Hahn
Gefreyter Kiesel Wal
Gefreyter PapaGrim Krebs
Gefreyter sgt. Pingu Pinguin
Gemeiner Ready von Westfalen Libelle
Gemeiner Veznan Giraffe
Gemeiner Redpanda Panda
Gemeiner LordPenner Ziege
Gemeiner Zahnarzt Ente
Gemeiner Stefan Flußjungfern
Gemeiner domeh Alpaka
Rekrut Raptor Edelfalter
Rekrut Illidian Leopard
Rekrut Kakashi Zahnspinner
Rekrut Killer Trampeltier
Rekrut The_Thing Wespe
Rekrut bby Elch
Major Jackson Tiger
Unterlieutenant Tigere Löwe
Corporal Tenshi Katze
Vice-Corporal Katzii Hund
Gemeiner Tau Warzenschwein
Gemeiner Grille Eule
Gemeiner Pineapple Ameisenbär
Gemeiner Hetzer Sittich
Gemeiner Friedrich Falke
Gemeiner MrNoName Spinne
Gemeiner Diti Ameise
Gemeiner Negan Biene
Gemeiner Niklas Hirsch
Gemeiner Niclas Hummel
Gemeiner Ramon Fliege
Gemeiner bunter_igel Marienkäfer
Gemeiner Ghost Bartaffe
Rekrut Rapez Strauß
Rekrut GregDaBean Käfer
Unterlieutenant kRIEGER Bison
Vice-Corporal Prophet Heuschrecke
Vice-Corporal Ezio Reh
Fourierschütz Valentin Grizzlybär
Fourierschütz Shizzel Fuchs
Gemeiner Gewürzbrot Seelöwe
Gemeiner Tobias Gnu
Rekrut Gabriel Pute
Rekrut Peer Seekuh
Rekrut Mama Taube
Major Dragnow Roter Panda
Oberlieutenant Fortnox Esel
Unterjäger Gaius Gazelle
Unterjäger Vermithrax Giraffe
Batallionshornist KippKappa Rentier
Unterjäger Tobi Falke
Vice-Corporal Wolf Hüpfmaus
Patrouillenführer Holmes Beutelwolf
Patrouillenführer Tim Känguru
Gemeiner Drakkral Polarfuchs
Gemeiner Leon Gepard
Gemeiner Flo Goldfisch
Rekrut Whitedeath Bock
Oberst Radetzky Gämse
Oberlieutenant Fix Wolf
Oberlieutenant Wertz Karpfen
Wachtmeister Carlos Flußpferd
Corporal Realikt Otter
Divisionstrompeter Lukas Schakal
Standartenträger Franzl Igel
Vice-Corporal Habsburg Truthahn
Vice-Corporal Schlitzer Schneehase
Eskadronstrompeter Stefan Kaninchen
Gefreyter Ossi Schweinchen
Gefreyter Pascal Hase
Gemeiner MelioDuff Ährenmaus
Gemeiner Kensei Büffel
Gemeiner SirAlex Koala
Gemeiner Baras Gans
Gemeiner Snipershot Kanarienvogel
Gemeiner Sissi Maulwurf
Gemeiner Squatch Antilope
Capitän-Lieutenant Lilja Mariasdóttir    Luchs
Ober-Fourier Unkreativ Feldmaus
Zugs-Corporal Vincentius Pfau
Alt-Pontonier Zunami Eichhörnchen
Gemeiner PVA Nashorn
Gemeiner Ghost Zebra
Gemeiner Bengel Biber
Zimmermann TimBlack Fasan
Gemeiner Geilo Hyäne
Zimmermann Octavianus Erdmännchen
Zimmermann Chrissi Delfin
Zimmermann Cooper Frosch
Zimmermann Chrossy Kuschelbär
Rekrut Orrel Scavenger
Rekrut Angel Wildsau
Unterlieutenant Mustern Fledermaus
Ober-Fourier Mini Prokk Maus
Schanz-Corporal Ronnycon Hamster
Zimmermann Dave Gecko
Gemeiner Karl Neumann Eidechse
Zimmermann Warthunder Ringelnatter
Rekrut GryeZ Ratte
Captain Wolff Panzergürtelschweif

Made by Wüsti

North & South: First Manassas / North and South - 1.2 Download
« on: November 23, 2019, 08:21:30 pm »

The United States of America - in the Year 1861. The Union and the Confederate States of America are at War.
Both sides fight in the biggest war on the american continent: The American Civil War 1861-1865!

The modification features the Battle of Manassas, which was the first big battle of the Civil War.
On July 21st, 1861 both armies clashed near Manassas junction and the river Bull Run. It should be the first and last battle of the war.


In this extended edition, we added regiments and generals, which weren't active during the battle of Manassas. Due to the popularity and recent demands, we added some extra toys for you!

• A lot of new units added from the mexican civil war

Fight as a mexican guerrilla against the emperor, or join the Imperial Mexican Army. Fight in the Belgian Legion for the french Intervention, or join the Austrian Volunteer Corps to protect the mexican Habsburg Emperor!

• Added a bunch of new units

Fight as 13th Pennsylvania Infantry, or 9th Massachusetts Infantry, or join up as soldier from units that were locked to Commanderbattle only.

• Allied Factions added.

Each team can have a second faction for support. Fight as confederate soldier side by side with a british intervention, or unite with the north and fight a mexican invasion of us-american soil

• New Admintools!

• A ton of bugfixes!

99% less bugs, the last bug is resistent and will replicate again o.O

• A new map.

• A full list can be found here.


Full CLIENT 1.2 - If you don't have 1.1 installed! (1GB)

PATCH 1.2 - If you have 1.1 installed! (20mb)

Notice: Those are the official module installers from fse, so some firewalls might block it.
Solution for Win10 users:
right click the file and open "Properties" (sometimes you first need to try to run it as administrator I was told), then check the follwoing:


Instructions for full 1.2 client install

1) Run the downloaded file!

2) The installer should point out your correct Mount&Blade folder automatically. If its the wrong folder, please navigate yourself!

3) The installation path should end with \North and South First Manassas. If its a different folder, please make sure to edit!

4) Play the game and have fun!

Instructions for the manual 1.2 patch file

1-5) Same steps like above

6) De-Installer wont work correctly if you use the patch only, uninstall it manually if you want to remove NaS later(just delete the Module folder)

Full CLIENT 1.2 - as manual installation
no link at the moment

Youtube tutorial to install the mod manually


North & South: First Manassas / North and South 1.2 Beta discussion
« on: October 26, 2019, 08:53:53 pm »
Short notice, this is the downloadlink to a volunteerly beta version. No guarantee for function. It does not overwrite the normal module.

No servers are online at the moment, I will set one up tomorrow or so. Next week we will host a small 30mins Linebattle for testing, everyone welcome.
Feedback here please.

For the full version I need the go from Hinkel, and also some access to modstuff to put the real version up.

Second (install the first one before you install this one):

Third (new full download with fixed stuff):

Known issues of the beta (green is already fixed for release):
- still wrong version number in launcher and mainmenu
- scenes.txt (Maps) broken
- the grey csa kepi is green
- 9thMA serg has the private uniform
- 13thMA all have officer pants
- Unit on last page of us-inf selection cant be chosen
- Right team Ally faction not working
- Marines getting several rifles
- 32nd Brits have broken backpack
- 26th NC had no sergeant
- Changing from team 1 to team 2 ally didnt work (only via spec)
- Teleporting stuck player didnt work from spec

Regimenter / ♞ Deutsche Kavallerie Götter [DKG]
« on: September 15, 2019, 02:42:29 pm »

o━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━♚ Die Gründungsmitglieder ♚━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━o

♞ Das Schlesische Husaren Regiment
"Graf Goetzen"
Nummer 6

Unter der Leitung von:
Rittmeister Fidje
♚ Das Niederösterreichische
Pontonier-Korps zu Klosterneuburg ♚

Unter der Leitung von:
Capitän-Lieutenant Lilja Mariasdóttir

o━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━♚ Weitere Mitglieder ♚━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━o

Die Deutschen Kavallerie Götter sind ein preußisch-österreichischer Kavallerie-Verbund.
Gegründet wurde er im Zuge der 2ten Saison der Cavalry Champions League.
Unsere Kavallerie zerstört euch :-/
Unsere Infanterie die DGL

Thread erstellt von Tenshi ♥

North & South: First Manassas / North and South - 1.2 Discussionthread
« on: April 27, 2019, 12:51:02 pm »
North and South - 1.2

Some years have passed since the last patch in North and South. A long time this was considered as last patch and the community has slowly declined. Now, with the approval and support of Hinkel, we will continue to work on the Mod, which saw lately a grow again in players. The first patch, the patch 1.2, aims for bugfixes, playing- and administrating-improvements, and probably adding some new units of active playing regiments (communityinput). New gamemechanics are not planned at the moment. We will work closely with the community in the whole process.

Contributionlist for the patch:
NaS Team:

Headdeveloper Hinkel
Developer Nytech
Developer Parrot
Developer Kanade Tachibana


Contributor     Contributed
AndersonGeorgian (Appalachian) Farm
BalvaldFixing officersword and mexican trousers -Models
GrimTheAngelModels for Belgian Legion/13th Pennsylvania Infantry | Testing
KoxxusModel groundwork: 13th Pennsylvania Infantry
MusealEditing versionnumbers for backgrounds


We aim to meet with the community several times, in planningphase, buildingphase and testingphase. I suggest to have a meeting for each of the armies (there are two at the moment, if I am not mistaken) and a meeting together with all the free regiments.
I will open a Steamchat with leaders for better communication for the whole process. Feel free to add me on steam to be added:

Planned Features (WIP):

Color Legend:
- Done!
- To be Done
- Pending (not sure, if it will be done)
- Wont be done (for whatever reason)

- Bugfixes
- - Weirdly running while aiming
- - The offline Banthingy
- - Bandagepicking as Sergeant
- - Face Sliders in Charactercreation
- - Checking Range/Modelrange of some swords
- - Butterfly hussars riding skill
- - Checking some housemodels for glitches
- - Pistol reloading exploit
- - Officersword visual bug when drawn
- - statreset after reset before roundbegin
- - doorbug on reset
- - troops in troops select were sometimes out of menu
- - admin heal stops bleeding now
- - Added from CB mode to normal mode:
- - - 26th North Carolina Infantry
- - - 15th Alabama Infantry
- - - 72nd Pennssylvania Infranty
- - - 20th Maine Infantry
- - - 4thMichigin infantry
- - Communityinput

- Integrating Wüstis Admintool from NW
- - Adding Teleport of stuck people from spec
- - Adding display of weaponkind

- Integrating custom skins of regiments, at the moment used in personal client-mods. Note: only units/uniforms will be integrated, which fulfill the qualitystandard of the actual used uniforms.
-- New Map: Georgian (Appalachian) Farm
-- New Unit: Imperial Mexican Infantry
-- New Unit: Austrian Mexican Volunteer Corps
-- New Unit: Belgian Legion
-- New Unit: 13th Pennsylvania Infantry
-- New sub-Unit: 11th Mississippi Company I "Van Dorn Reserve"
-- New Unit: 41st New York
-- New Unit: 8th Alabama
-- New Unit: 55th New York
-- New Unit: 9th Massachusetts Infantry

- Issueing the Buck and Ball to all Line Infantry Units

- Adding the possibility to add an allied Faction to teams.

- Probably adding Adminpaneloption to spawn bandage-chest
- Adding Adminpaneloption to spawn balloons

- Probably adding a tool to spawn in all non-spawned people

- Any Communitysuggestions, which are feasible and wanted.
-- New crouching Animation
-- New Map: Georgian (Appalachian) Farm
-- Several new maps from the DA (still need to be reviewed)

Asked Questions:


Servers / ☭ The Caribbean Republic [NWP] [ Next Event: TBA ] ☭
« on: March 02, 2019, 04:58:52 pm »
☭ Caribbean Republic ☭

coming soon to your home aswell...

All administration is done on the NWP Forum: Click

Feel free to join our Discord:

Our Steamgroup:


2x Island by lord gax
1x Island by tired
1x Avatar Islands by Wüsti
more TBD soon

- Permanent stats in a database
- Rejoining same map will let you keep Kills and Deaths
- Molotovs
- Near Players Chat on O
- Carcass Ammunition for Artillery
- Healprops
- Pyres (implemented later with mapupdate)
- TNT Limit (5 each person)
- The Reaper o.O
- Gesture Menu on B:
- - Cheer
- - Sit down
- - Stand up
- - Spyglass Anim
- - Tea Cup Anim
- - Eating Anim (Fake)

- Skin Menu on B (yet to be done)
- Killstreak Rewards Menu on B:
- - Placeable Stakes (1P)
- - Healing (2P)
- - Tea Cup (4P)
- - Armor (5P)
- - Grenades (10P)
- - Knife to let people fall off the sky (10P)
- - Banhammer (12P)
- - Placeable Machine Gun with 2 ammunition belts (will be added later for balancing reasons)
- - Cannon Human Lighter (12P)
- - [male only] Flare pistol to call for an airstrike (15P)
- - [female only] Become a broom flying witch for a minute and let fire rain down on the poor mortal souls (15P)

How to fly the broom
How to fly:
- You need to be a witch (female character (optional: Make it ugly!))
- You use your broom with the Arrow-Keys.
- The broom always goes the way you look at.
Arrow-UP: Broom goes faster
Arrow-Down: Broom goes slower/backwards
Arrow-Left: Broom stops
Arrow-Right: Accio Broom / Incendio (max 5 at once)

Most elegant way to start off from the ground:
- Press Arrow-Right to call your broom
- Look on the ground
- Press the Arrow-Down

- You fell of your broom? Call it midair via Arrow-Right
- You dont have to press the Arrow-Keys all the time. When you reached the necessary speed, you can stop pressing them
- Want to kick off someone of his broom? Try to fly against him from a higher position.

more to be done in the future

- no recruitment spamming, up to admin discretion
- No intense chat trolling or blatant insults, up to admin discretion
- No Impersonating admins or wearing others regimental tags
- German Laws are the only additional restriction, have fun!

- The whole Castro family
- Highlord
- Gretel
- myself
- tired
- Unitater
- Jack Glenn
- Diamond
- Midnight
- Xaos
- Strangelove
- Cunty McDuckFace
- Dave
- Sam

Application to serve the party:
[b]Ingame ID:[/b]
[b]Although there is no need of admins, I want to excercise power onto poor souls to benefit myself and the party:[/b] Yes/No

Formula to propose for execution
[b]Your Ingamename:[/b] 
[b]Your Ingame ID:[/b]
[b]Their Ingamename:[/b]
[b]Their Ingame ID:[/b]
[b]Their Crime:[/b]
[b]Fabricated Proofs:[/b]

Formula to apply for pardoning
[b]Your Ingamename:[/b] 
[b]Your Ingame ID:[/b]
[b]Your Crime:[/b]
[b]Swear Loyalty to the party:[/b]

Special Thanks
Dodo from Beyond Servers, for the yearslong Serversupport
mabye more to be added

Released Modifications / is weg
« on: November 21, 2018, 08:51:06 pm »
nichts zu sehen

Events / ☿ Quidditch Napoleonic Wars League (QNWL) ☿
« on: October 01, 2018, 12:25:07 pm »

Deutscher Forumsbeitrag der Quidditch Napoleonic Wars League!

Hexen von weit und fern, versammelt euch
und tretet gegeneinander an in dieser teuflischen Liga.

Hier geht es zum englischen Hauptbeitrag: Hex Hex

In dieser Liga treten Teams von bis zu 7 Spielern (max 5 Feldspieler und max 2 Treiber) im wöchentlichen Quidditch-Gefecht gegeneinander an und erkämpfen sich somit in einer Punkte-Tabelle den begehrten Quidditch-Pokal. In diesem Thread wird es Neuigkeiten nach Möglichkeit auf Deutsch geben.


Welcome to the forum thread of the Quidditch Napoleonic Wars League!

Hello Witch Community!
Trainingsphase has begun. Sign your team once a week for a 1h session to be prepared for your matches. We have a special Trainingserver with 11 Quaffles and no time-outs. First Season ended.
We will play the new Quidditch mode on the 'official' Quidditch Map.

Screenshots of the Gamemode and Map
The field
The field with the Quaffle and Bludgers before the match starts.
A Gamescene (we see the Quaffle in the middle, the goal, a player falling off his broom, a Beater, some fieldplayers, and in the left bottom corner a Bludger)

How to fly:
- You need to be a witch (female character (optional: Make it ugly!))
- You use your broom with the Arrow-Keys.
- The broom always goes the way you look at.
Arrow-UP: Broom goes faster
Arrow-Down: Broom goes slower/backwards
Arrow-Left: Broom stops
Arrow-Right: Accio Broom

Shift: Activate and deactivate Boost. While Boost is active, you will reach max speed immediatly and also you have 20% higher max speed. Your health display will show you the amount of boost left (keep an eye on it, not that you accidently activate it and lose all of it).

Most elegant way to start off from the ground:
- Press Arrow-Right to call your broom
- Look on the ground
- Press the Arrow-Down

- You fell of your broom? Call it midair via Arrow-Right
- You dont have to press the Arrow-Keys all the time. When you reached the necessary speed, you can stop pressing them
- Want to kick off someone of his broom? Try to fly against him from a higher position. not possible anymore :(

How the Bludgers work:
- There are 4 Bludgers in the sky
- Bludgers have their own mind, they fly around randomly and try to kill you
- Bludgers will always be somewhere near players
- If a Bludger hits you, you will fall down with your broom and are locked on the ground for 20 seconds

Be a Beater:
- Pick up a banhammer from the ground
- Now you are immune against Bludgers
- You cant hit the Quaffle anymore
- You can now hit Bludgers
- If you lose your banhammer, pick a new one from the ground
- Max 2 people in a team can be Beaters
- If you want to change back from beeing Beater, you must die (to avoid midround changing)

Beating the Quaffle and Bludgers:
- You fly near the ball and hit with your weapon
- You dont need to actually hit the ball, just be near it, when you release the attack
- The ball will fly about into the direction you look at

Be a searcher:
- Pick a stick from the ground
- You can now catch the snitch
- The snitch is a fast little golden beast
- Once you catch the snitch, your team gets a sound and refilled 50% boost
- Another snitch respawns immediatly somewhere else
- If you want to change back from beeing Searcher, you must die (to avoid midround changing)



                    1. League                   
2. League
1. Season:

Table of points:
After the 3rd week. Only comparing points

League 1:

1. Haus Gryffindor || 2/1/0 || 7
1. Haus Hufflepuff || 2/1/0 || 7
3. Haus Slytherin || 1/0/2 || 3
4. Haus Ravenclaw || 0/0/3 || 0

League 2:



First week
League 1
22nd October - 4th November

Haus Hufflepuff 100 - 60 Haus Slytherin
Haus Gryffindor 60 - 10 Haus Ravenclaw

League 2
Xth October - Xth October


Second week
League 1
5th November - 11th November

Haus Hufflepuff 50 - 50 Haus Gryffindor
Haus Slytherin 90 - 10 Haus Ravenclaw

League 2
Xth October - Xth October



Third week
League 1
12th November - 18th November

Haus Hufflepuff 100 - 0 Haus Ravenclaw
Haus Slytherin 0 - 100 Haus Gryffindor

League 2
Xth October - Xth October



Final Match

League 1
3rd December - 9th December

Haus Hufflepuff - Haus Gryffindor
Moved several times for different reasons.
In agreement of both Houses, the
Quidditch-Cup goes this year to both.

Please talk to the opponent and decide on a date, once a date and time has been decided you have to search for a referee for the date/time and then you will post the day and time in this thread. Sunday will be the day when the draw for the next week will be released, every update should be done on sunday.

§0: Play fair!
§1: Teams contain 7 active players.
§2: Max 5 field players and max 2 'Beaters'.
§3: Game is played until one team reaches 100 points (a goal will give you 10 points).
§4: Game ends max after 30 minutes.
§5: A win gets you 3 points, a draw 1 point each.
§6: Change teammembers with the reserve only while the game is paused by an admin, or after a goal.
§7: After a goal, the game is automaticly paused. Make sure to get your ass into your own side of the field. The admin will then reset the Quaffle.
§8: Behave, or face a ban very fast!
§9: If two teams have the same amount of points at the end of the league, there will be a final match organized. The final match follows the normal rules, with one exception: If the game ends in a draw again, it will continue and the next goal decides the Champion.


Apply for weekly 1h Training
Trainingserver will have 11 Quaffles to play, no resets and referee needed.
Weekly Trainingsapplication
- Regiment Name:
- Date:
- Time:

Registration System
- Regiment Name:
- Estimated Attendance:
- Prefered Nation:
- Contact Persons (name atleast 2) + steamlink!:
- Prefered Match Days:
- Do you agree to follow rules?:

Referee Application ||Message me via pm here in fse
- Nickname:
- How old are you?:
- How long time have you been playing warband?:
- Previous Experience:
- How can we contact you?:
- Link to your steamprofile:

Do NOT post on the forums. Every application is subject to discretion and will therefore not be viewable for the public..

QNWL || Referees || Contactlist

QNWL || Regiments Attending || Contactlist || 1. Season
First League
Gryffindor: King's German Legion | UK | Friday, Saturday, Sunday | Colonel Zauberfisch, Major Ryan
Hufflepuff: Das Niederösterreichische, kaiserlich-königliche Pontonier-Korps zu Klosterneuburg | Austria | Tuesday + Thursday | Cedric Diggory / Kanade Tachibana + Schnatzmarschall Ben
Ravenclaw: 1er Régiment de Chasseur a pied de la Garde | France | Thursday , Tuesday , Monday | MobZ + VG Odrimo
Slytherin: 47e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne | France | Saturday, Wednesday | Hursty + Spartan
Slytherin: 2. Leibregiment | Preußen | any day | Oberst Ipoa

Disputes will not be solved via the forums, trying to do so will lead from ignorance from the QNWL admins as we want to sit down with leaders from both regiments in order to try and find an solution. All of the games will be referee'd.


Special Thanks
Vermithrax, for finding the hidden broom
Zunami, for playing the magic organ
Killer, for creating the new header
Dodo (from Beyond Servers), for the years long support

Alternatives Europa - Kampagne 2: Der Letzte Kreuzzug


Einführung in das Projekt

Abschlusswort Kampagne 1

Kampagne 1: Die Kampagne auf der iberischen Halbinsel:

Schlacht 1 (Erwähnung Schlacht 0)

Schlacht 2

Schlacht 3

Erwähnung Schlacht 4 und 5

Prolog der Kampagne 2:

Schlacht 6

Kampagne 2: Der Letzte Kreuzzug:

Schlacht 7 (Paulusgefängnis (Conquest))

Schlacht 8 (Akkon)

Aktuelle Kampagnenkarte:

Hinweis zur Kampagnenkarte:
Soweit die letzte Kampagne noch dokumentiert war, wurde die Karte angepasst. Die Zahlen neben den Schlachten sind zu finden im anderen Thread. Die 0 ging der Kampagne voraus und die 5 war die letzte Belagerungsschlacht. Die 4 fehlt leider in schriftlicher Aufzeichnung.
Mit einem roten Kreis markiert werden die aktuellen Truppenbewegung zwischen der letzten und nächsten Schlacht. Zum Beispiel hier (vor Schlacht 6) zu sehen, die Landung der Franzosen bei Alexandria und der Angriff der Österreicher in Kroatien.
Die Karte wurde aus einem älteren Projekt genommen, ist nur bedingt historisch korrekt, und wer genau hinsieht, erkennt auch, welches Spiel eigentlich repräsentiert wird o.O
Schlachtausgänge werden auch Konsequenzen außerhalb des direkten Kampfgebietes haben. Die Karte wird sich also von Schlacht zu Schlacht auch an anderen Orten sich ändern, teils auch ohne direkt, oder indirekt mit dem Ausgang der Schlacht verbunden zu sein.

Alte Kampagnenkarten:

Vor Schlacht 6:
Nach Schlacht 6:

Vor Schlacht 7:
Nach Schlacht 7:

Released Modifications / Wüstis Negermod - Fashion Week
« on: March 24, 2018, 07:57:11 pm »
Wüstis Negermod
This mod is made by Wüsti, for more historical authenticity and with the newest version a bit of fun
it has 4 versions (Version 1 and 2 should also work with other clientside scriptmods, like Wüstis Admintool):
V1 - Removes Blacks
V2 - Removes additionally women
V3 Christopher Street Day - Adds a funny feature, press o ;)
V4 Fashion Week - press k to change your hat

V3 Christopher Street Day:
V4 Fashion Week:

Regimenter / ♚ k.k. Pontonier-Korps zu Klosterneuburg ♚
« on: October 30, 2017, 01:32:13 pm »
Kaiserliches Heer
Niederösterreichisches, kaiserlich-königliches Pontonier-Korps zu Klosterneuburg


    Eingeschriebene Soldaten
    (I. Compagnie)

  • Heeresleitung
  • Feldmarschall Ben
  • Subalternoffiziere
  • Capitän-Lieutenant
    Lilja Mariasdóttir
  • Unteroffiziere
  • Ober-Fourier Unkreativ
  • Chargen
  • Tschaikisten-Corporal TimBlack
  • Mannschaft
  • Alt-Pontonier Cooper
  • Zimmermann Chrossy
  • Zimmermann Ghost
  • Zimmermann Octavianus
  • Zimmermann Bengel
  • Gemeiner Angel/Alister
  • Gemeiner Timothron
  • Gemeiner Foxtail
  • Rekrut Chari
  • Landwehr
  • Reservist Vincentius
  • Reservist Chrissi
  • Reservist Zunami
  • Reservist Kyuzo
  • Reservist LordNils
  • Reservist Geilo
  • Reservist Dario
  • Reservist Wolfskralle
  • Ehrenmitglieder
  • Hauptgemeiner Augustus

    Eingeschriebene Soldaten
    (II. Compagnie)

  • Heeresleitung
  • Feldmarschall Ben
  • Subalternoffiziere
  • Capitän-Lieutenant
    Lilja Mariasdóttir
  • Unterlieutenant Mustern
  • Unteroffiziere
  • Ober-Fourier MiniProkk
  • Chargen
  • Zugs-Corporal Ronnycon
  • Mannschaft
  • Zimmermann Dave
  • Gemeiner Kuchen
  • Gemeiner Niki
  • Gemeiner Killer
  • Landwehr
  • Landwehr HistoryNerd
  • Landwehr NiklasSW
  • Landwehr Karl Neumann
  • Landwehr Warthunder

  • Generalstab
  • I. Feldmarschall
  • II. Feldzeugmeister
  • III. Feldmarschalllieutenant
  • IV. Generalmajor
  • Ingenieurs-Stabsoffiziere
  • V. Oberst
  • VI. Oberstlieutenant
  • VII. Major
  • Ingenieurs-Subalternoffiziere
  • VIII. Capitän-Lieutenant | Hauptmann
  • IX. Oberlieutenant
  • X. Unterlieutenant
  • Ingenieurs-Unteroffiziere
  • XI. Regiments-Adjutant | Oberbrückenmeister
  • XII. Unterbrückenmeister
  • XIII. Ober-Fourier
  • Ingenieurs-Chargen
  • XIV. Zugs-Corporal
  • XV. Tschaikisten-Corporal | Schanz-Corporal
  • XVI. Ordinär Fourier
  • Ingenieurs-Mannschaft
  • XVII. Alt-Pontonier | Fourierschütz
  • XVIII. Gemeiner | Zimmermann
  • XIX. Landwehr
  • XX. Rekrut
  • XXI. Milizionär

    Eingeschriebene Soldaten
    (III. Compagnie)

  • Heeresleitung
  • Feldmarschall Ben
  • Subalternoffiziere
  • Capitän-Lieutenant
    Lilja Mariasdóttir
  • Unteroffiziere
  • Chargen
  • Mannschaft
  • Landwehr

    Eingeschriebene Soldaten

  • Heeresleitung
  • Feldmarschall Ben
  • Subalternoffiziere
  • Capitän-Lieutenant
    Lilja Mariasdóttir
  • Unteroffiziere
  • Chargen
  • Mannschaft
  • Landwehr

  • Generalstab
  • I. Feldmarschall
  • II. Feldzeugmeister
  • III. Feldmarschalllieutenant
  • IV. Generalmajor
  • Ingenieurs-Stabsoffiziere
  • V. Oberst
  • VI. Oberstlieutenant
  • VII. Major
  • Ingenieurs-Subalternoffiziere
  • VIII. Capitän-Lieutenant | Hauptmann | Rittmeister
  • IX. Oberlieutenant
  • X. Unterlieutenant
  • Ingenieurs-Unteroffiziere
  • XI. Regiments-Adjutant | Oberbrückenmeister
  • XII. Unterbrückenmeister | Wachtmeister | Standartenführer
  • XIII. Ober-Fourier | Corporal | Stabstrompeter
  • Ingenieurs-Chargen
  • XIV. Zugs-Corporal | Standartenträger | Divisionstrompeter
  • XV. Tschaikisten-Corporal | Schanz-Corporal | Vice-Corporal | Eskadronstrompeter
  • XVI. Ordinär Fourier
  • Ingenieurs-Mannschaft
  • XVII. Alt-Pontonier | Gefreyter | Fourierschütz
  • XVIII. Gemeiner | Zimmermann
  • XIX. Landwehr
  • XX. Rekrut
  • XXI. Milizionär

                             Kaiser Franz I. von Österreich

Über uns

⠀  ⠀  ⠀  ⠀  ⠀  ⠀  ⠀  ⠀
Gegründet hat sich das Pontonier-Korps zu Klosterneuburg am 30. Oktober 2017 unter dem Oberoffizial Wüstenkrieger.
Am 23. April 2018 gründete sich dann erstmalig das Handlangerbataillon im Pontonier-Korps unter Flügeladjutant MaikderIV. Eine Linieninfanterie, welche sich nun ihrerseits langsam eine feste Mannschaft aufbaut.
Das Handlangerbataillon wurde nach einiger Zeit der Reserve am 23. Juli 2019 wiedereröffnet und am 25. Juli wieder geschlossen O.o

Am 22. August 2019 gründete sich dann endlich die II. Compagnie, ein Artilleriebataillon unter der Leitung von Unterbrückenmeister Mustern.

Am 07. Juli 2020 gründete sich die III. Compagnie im Korps, ein Kavalleriebataillon unter der Leitung von Wachtmeister Lenn0.
Am 07. April 2021 löste sich die Compagnie unter Corporal Killer wieder auf.

Weiterhin unterhält das Pontonier-Korps eine Quidditch-Mannschaft, das Haus Hufflepuff, zur Zeit Inhaber des Quidditch-Pokals nach dem Sieg in der ersten Saison der Quidditch Napoleonic Wars League.

Wir dienen dem Kaiser und seiner Standarte.
⠀  ⠀  ⠀  ⠀  ⠀  ⠀  ⠀  ⠀


Gameserver: kk_Klosterneuburg

Montag 19:00-20:00 Uhr
Donnerstag 20:00-21:00 Uhr

Montag 20:00 - 21:00 Uhr
Mittwoch 20:00 - 21:00 Uhr (1. und 3. Mi im Monat)
Freitag 20:00-21:00 Uhr




Hello Cavalry Community,

I am happy to announce another edition of the 2v2 Cavalry Groupfight EU Tournament!
After several years here it is back. The date is coordinated with the host of the Cavalry Nations Cup Erik.
Use the tournament to train and show your teamplay with your personal assigned buddy for the CNC.
The Tournament will be a short and hard K.O.Tournament. Every match will be played on the Cavalry_Groupfight_EU Server on a special map!
We aim for the normal Groupfight-Atmosphere. So be aware of mixed and changing teams (regarding the classes).
So get ready and show us your skills.

Note: As we have 3 arenas at the same time, we will use as nations: Austria and Russia (both have heavies with armor, lancers, hussars with same stats).
Which nation you will be, will be random assigned (in the brackets first named team plays in the match austria, the other russia)


- Saturday 04.11.2017
- 3pm GMT / 4pm CET
- K.O. matches
- First to 3 each match
- Semi-Finals and Finals first to 5
- 16 32 teams (2 players each)
- Brackets(TBD)
Tournament Rules

- Only cav-rankers-officers allowed
- Changing the class is allowed!
- Having different classes is allowed!
- No wallhugging and shooting
- No Offensive speech
- No delaying
- No Glitching
- No Trolling in general
- You have to use the names you applied with

1st Player:
2nd Player:

Referee Application:
Current Regiment/Clan:
Why do you want this role:
Wüstenkrieger || Tardet || Erik

Special thanks to
The Cavalry_Groupfight_EU Team for providing the server again


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