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Community / Are light infantry a viable choice?
« on: April 06, 2013, 12:04:42 am »
This is more or less a continuation of the small conversation that took place on the 44th thread in the aftermath of them deciding to play mainly light infantry.
I personally am of the mindset that lights are utter trash, and are completely outclassed by their competitors(being line infantry and riflemen).
My main points:
Yes, they are kind of the bastard child of line infantry and skirmishers, but they don't exceed at shooting, they are for most intents and purposes almost identical to line infantry when shooting, get your hand on a rifle and its a different story however. Their melee stats are shoddy at best, very comparable to riflemen in that regard. But honestly, if a commander has any degree of situational awareness he shouldn't be without line support at any time, unless of course said lines have the "RUN MOTHER*******!!" sentiment.

My point is: Lights don't really outmatch line infantry in either shooting or melee, and they get trounced by rifles at range, and are still comparable in the melee if rifles get their hands on muskets, and even with rifles if they are competent enough. They are inferior skirmishers in most situations due to the significantly more harsh restrictions in most lbs. I just don't see the damn point of them. In the end I guess I'm a bit more biased than most, but still. Stay line, play rifles or nothing at all. Let us not spam this thread any further, there are other mediums we could use.
To add to that, firing in the charge being allowed renders lights completely obsolete. As well as the practise of an unorganized retreat. (Example: Get shot at, realize that staying will screw you, and order your line to run for it in true rabble fashion.)

What I want is some sort of a justification for their usage.(In game only that is)

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