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Hey guys, if you do not know, I run a history podcast called The People's History podcast. The latest era I decided to cover was the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. I've primarily been using one or two book sources as a I go to tell the story but I feel as though it's slow, unenjoyable, and sloppy

I figured if anyone knew good websites that gave narrative history, military specifics, or first hand accounts I could quote, it would be FSEers

The next episode I'm doing is planning to go from the Egyptian Campaign to Austerlitz so any sites that focus around there would be appreciated

Thanks for your help, it truly is appreciated

Other Games / Games and Mods About Poorly Covered History
« on: October 31, 2015, 03:54:11 pm »
This thread is for people to ask about or share games that cover parts of history that are usually ignored or just poorly covered.

I'll start this off with a request: does anyone know any games or mods that cover the Russian Civil War? I'm interested in the topic right now and AEGOD's Revolution Under Siege is being a pain in the ass for me to learn. Thanks for any suggestions.

Off Topic / Performers Thread (Musicians, Comedians, Poets, etc)
« on: July 21, 2015, 09:06:43 am »
this thread is for FSE's performing artists

If you have any recorded stuff of yours from the stage, don't hesitate to share it

Personally, I do stand up and am trying to do it professionally.

So, my performing brothers, what do you do to entertain and bring joy to the lives of other people?

The Mess Hall / Hot Guys Thread [NO COOTIES ALLOWED]
« on: July 10, 2015, 02:22:17 am »
courtesy of a nord. leaders in cancerous ideas and racial purity.

This is for the hot guys. No girls allowed

To emphasize, this is 100% straight and just for manly men to appreciate other manly men.


Yay, now all sexualities on this forum have a chance to be superficial

in the title.
Looking for any website that gives a good, general overview of how the armies organized themselves, what kind of uniforms they wore, etc.

Other Games / Assassins Creed: Syndicate
« on: June 17, 2015, 06:50:34 pm »
start meh bashing and undeserved hype

Don't get me wrong, I like AC but I'm not going to pre-order or buy on release or get excited like I did with Unity. This one looks interesting, though I think they should be going back in time, not forward.

The story also seems to be about classism though so gud Ubi

Off Topic / Greatest Rappers and Singers OF ALL TIME
« on: June 08, 2015, 10:51:25 pm »
kill me
u can't stop the music cuz its the gr8est


(must be 5 yrs old or younger to be valid)

« on: April 16, 2015, 07:34:54 am »
I have assumed the presidency and will direct all USNAVY-related activity from here on out

Off Topic / Contest: Walko...Sexiest Person on FSE?
« on: April 16, 2015, 06:55:34 am »
Dare I say universe?

Other Games / GPU Help
« on: March 04, 2015, 09:29:21 pm »
With awesome games like the Witcher 3 and stuff coming out, I'm starting to save up for a new Graphics Card. getting the card will take awhile considering

Make about $100 a week
-$40 for insurance
-$20 for gas
And my bank account that has about $500 dollars saved in it, need to pay a tax on my car which is $300.
So the saving up will take a bit of time but I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on good GPUs and stuff I should know about before buying and installing (which i would want to do myself). To my understanding, it should just pop in right?

This is card I was thinking of getting: msi v320-005r nvidia geforce gtx 960 2gb

Off Topic / Poetry Thread [Created by FSE Users]
« on: March 03, 2015, 05:25:22 am »
Some people on this forum like myself may enjoy creative writing and along this topic, the sub-topic of poetry. This is a place to share the poetry you make and to help others in peer reviews.

Important: Fellow critique is not about calling a person's world view or other philosophies into question, it's meant to help out with the poem's structure and word choice and tone. Poetry usually is very personal and comes from a sincere place, so calling each other stupid, overly emotional, or insulting a person's character will not be accepted. The poem itself is the only thing under criticism.

Enjoy you sonsofabitches.

Historical Discussion / WWII Red Army Porn (Homemade, Post Your Own)
« on: January 25, 2015, 02:47:27 am »
That cold will make your nips hard

Watch these lesbians double penetrate German officers

I like my flags how I like my women, colored

The Mess Hall / Greek Supremacy Thread
« on: January 23, 2015, 02:45:33 am »
we have Anglo danks but Greeks master race EU

Only 480's BC kids will remember this one

P.S. I'm probably not even Greek....probably

Historical Discussion / History Books Circlejerk
« on: January 12, 2015, 10:49:28 pm »
This is a thread to name and recommend your favorite history books. Also, feel free to ask if anyone knows any good books about certain topics or time periods to expand your knowledge.

I would recommend the books:

Shelby Foote's 3-volume narrative history of the American Civil War. The man is a great writer and the books read like novels, not droning content.

Napoleon: A Life by Andrew Roberts. A full, 1-volume biography of the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. Roberts is English but goes to great lengths to fight the old resentment of his British contemporaries that Napoleon was a mass-murdering, offensive maniac on par with Hitler. Great book that gives great insight and provides much needed context of one of history's greatest conquerors and statesmen

Other Games / HistWar: Napoleon
« on: December 17, 2014, 02:34:18 am »
Full Feature and summuraziaton from the Greenlight page. Believe this would interest FSE members greatly

HistWar, a unique gameplay for demanding players.

Built around a realistic AI, HistWar: Austerlitz immerses you in the Napoleonic battles of 1805 in an epic decorum where hundreds of uniforms shimmer on a sumptuous battlefield.

HistWar: Austerlitz will simulate the major battles of the Austrian campaign of 1805: Haslash, Elchingen, Dürenstein, Schrödingen and Austerlitz. These historically accurate maps will recreate the battlefields where the armies of the 3rd coalition met.
At Austerlitz, on a battlefield of 190 km², maneuver your troops and lead them to victory.

HistWar allows huge armies taking into account the historical chain of command and modeled after the orders of battle relayed by historians. It will have three different scales, 1/6, ½ and1/1. In the latter, each soldier will be represented by its own model (1).
Watch a charge of 1200 cuirassiers.... or observe the firepower of a deployed artillery battery where each canon is represented by a model.

HistWar, play by email (1 vs 1) or multiplayer (8 players), offer unique features.
In multiplayer, players can use dispatches to communicate among each other where delays in order transmission are taken into account for more realism.

The game difficulty is determined by many options:

Fog of war: There are multiple levels of fog of war that can be applied to enemy as well as friendly units. In the most advanced setting, the commander in chief will only learn the position of enemy troops after a certain delay. This delay represents the time needed for a messenger dispatched from the scouting unit to reach him. This unknown adds to the uncertainty to what Von Clausewitz, military theorist, referred to as “friction”.

Order delay: Although it is possible to play without delayed orders, adding delays is more realistic. The order is not executed when it is thought of but when it reaches all its target units. This can take some time, even a long time…the delay is affected by the value of the commanders, the number of units in a Corps, division or brigade, and language barriers. In the advanced mode this could take more than an hour; you will have to anticipate enemy movements or let your Marshals react.

Interception of messengers: What an opportunity it is to intercept enemy dispatches. Take full advantage of that and exploit the weakness revealed by the enemy plan.

Loss of corps commanders: This option allows the loss of corps commanders. This will greatly affect your army.

Ammunition: unlimited or historical. This will change how you manage your units. If artillery runs out of ammo, it will leave the field.

There are many other options… A gameplay video details each of these. This video is subtitled in English.

There are multiple levels of AI that simulate the chain of command:

Army: This AI formulates an initial tactical plan at the beginning of each battle. As the battle unravels, it will adapt to take advantage of any weakness your army might have. Although the AI does take initiatives, it might decide to avoid a battle if its enemy is camping on good defensive ground.

Corps: This AI takes orders from the player or the Army AI. These orders are on a tactical level: To deploy or engage in diversionary actions along a defined line, defend a sector, support another corps to synchronize their progression, or to march to concentrate troops easier in a defined sector. Each order can have many parameters such as time of execution, formation, organization, and reserve ratio. Thus one can try to best simulate the engagements of the era.

Division or Brigade: This AI facilitates more complex movements. A good commander would use it sparingly.

The Corps, Division and Brigade AIs ensure a good cohesion and a synchronized movement to the front. They will also help determine the units that are in difficulty and replace them as best as possible with fresher units as to try and maintain the moral and cohesion of the whole.

Regiment: This AI will try to carry out the orders received. The unit moral will be crucial in determining the outcome. Each regiment has its own characteristics (valor, initiative, retreat and rout thresholds among others) and its own attributes (moral, fatigue, cohesion…) that regulate its behavior. Thus, a unit can sometimes rout with little casualties if it sees a friendly guard unit retreat or rout. This AI is quite complex; for example, an infantry unit will form a square when threatened by an enemy cavalry. The latter will ask for artillery support to blow wholes in the square before charging it…

While the default behavior is for these AIs to be active, they can be all disabled to the point where a unit will look out for itself but wont take any initiative. In this setting it will be up to the player to micro manage these tasks.

Lines of operation: Each side relies on two lines of operation. Defending them should be a major objective in any plan. To this end, you should detach some units of chasseurs or hussars to scout for major threats. To lose one, is a major blow, to lose both is critical. In the case both are lost, it is possible for your whole army to rout and for all control to be lost.

Reinforcements: Reinforcements play a major role in how a battle is managed. They usually arrive to a specific sector at an approximated time…

Tutorial: HistWar: Austerlitz has three tutorials. In addition, « gameplay » videos will ease the learning curve. Two of these are currently available; two more are planed for the two coming months.

Guide: At the beginning of each battle, at the request of the player, a check-list will help the player review and change his preferences prior to starting the battle: Activation of the different AIs, initiative level, scouting orders, detached units, level of reserves …

Season and weather: HistWar: Austerlitz allows you to fight the battles in the historical season and weather conditions as well as weather conditions of your choosing: sunny skies, rain, fog, snow… Different weather conditions will affect the battle due to different visibility, movement speeds, as well as fire efficiency. Similarly, different seasons will also alter visibility by altering the length of the day.

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