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Regiments / 16th (Bedfordshire) Regiment of Foot [EU / Est. 2014]
« on: April 18, 2020, 05:33:00 pm »

The Regiment

The Companies

The Staff

Colonel ArtOfKilling

Regimental Serjeant Major Antonis

Centre Company
Sacred Band
Light Company
Lieutenant Cammis

Captain Blee

Captain Cyrus

Cavalry Squadron
Guard Company
Horse Artillery Battery
Captain Dias

Lieutenant Nejtro

Lieutenant Tanaa

Other info

Follow our sophisticated memes on Instagram

Join our teamspeak:

Or check out our Steam group:

Ελληνικό Forum / Sacred Band Reboot, Σεπτέμβριος 2019
« on: September 01, 2019, 02:31:04 am »
Ενημερώνω πως από 27 Αυγουστου 2019 ο Ιερός Λόχος κάνει και πάλι ενεργά events. Για πληροφορίες κάντε με add.



General Information

Teamspeak3 IP in case you need to contact us by voice:

Day of the event: Wednesday (Weekly)

Classes Allowed: Line Infantry, Light Infantry, Cavalry And Artillery

Server Name: 16th_Wednesday_Event

How to sign up to our event:Post on this thread
with the sign up format answering every question! After that
keep an eye to check if you are accepted or not. More info
can be given on steam before making a sign up.

Event Time And Rounds: We start at 7:00 PM GMT.
We will be playing 2 rounds on a random map and then 2 or 3 rounds on a custom map (Depends on time left)

Sign Up Format

Regiment Name:
Class you wish to play as:
Estimated Amount of players:
Steam URL of at least two contacts:
Do you want to come weekly?:

Class Limits Per Team

Line Infantry - Minimum 8 to an Unlimited maximum.
Light Infantry - 8-15 Light players per team,
 if more the rest of players can make their own line or join another.

Cavalry - 8-15 Cav players per team,
if more the rest players can make their own line or join another.

Artillery - 2 Cannons Per Team. 6 players maximum per cannon (including guards)

*May only fire when in a line formation or a properly formed anti-cav formation.
*No firearms may be fired during the charge.
*May not crouch except when formed in an anti cav formation, a double rank or a man made cover in the case of Custom maps (Still have to be in a line!)
*May not reload out of formation or during a melee (at least one member of the regiment engaged).
*May not aim for any officer. (NWL Rules apply for officer aiming)
*May use Light Infantry Rules AND reload during charge in the case of protecting or assaulting a building (For the custom map rounds)

*May use 3-4 man spacing in the formation but should maintain a cohesion.
*May crouch.
*May fire in charge
*May not aim for any officer. (NWL Rules apply for officer aiming)
* May reload during charge in the case of protecting or assaulting a building (For the custom map rounds)

*Must maintain some cohesion.
*Must dismount once they are 3 or less
*Dismounting in the middle of a melee is not necessary even if 3 or less
*May not aim for any officer. (NWL Rules apply for officer aiming)
*Dragoons have to form a perfect line in order to fire while mounted. Dragoons operate as light infantry when dismounted.
*Other cavalry units have to form a LINE, following the line rules, if they decide to dismount en masse.

*May use 2 artillery pieces per team in total. Both cannons and howitzers are allowed.
*Artillery Crew and Guards act as Light Infantry near their guns or when they have to retreat from them.
*May have a sapper per artillery piece, respecting the limit of 6 players.
*May not aim for any officer when using firearms. (NWL Rules apply for officer aiming)
*Officer aim doesn't apply for Cannot Shot, shell or cannister

Main Event Rules
*Anyone who gets a KILL by breaking any of the Event
Rules will be slain immediately!
*Anyone who repeatedly breaks the rules without inflicting casualties will be slain!

Obvious global rules that should be stated.
*No teamkilling!
*No Ramboing!
*No trolling!
*No abusive behaviour!
*No Spamming!
*No glitching! (Including floating planks)
*Obey the admins!

Current week attending regiments

Team 1

16th Regiment of Foot 10-12

Team 2


Current Attending Regiments
Line Infantry (10/~):

Light Infantry (2/2)
16th Regiment of Foot 12-15

Cavalry (2/2)

Artillery (4/4)

Event Contacts



Event Description

After 6 Months of inactivity on the Bello Civili the last members of the community and I
decided to  relaunch weekly events,starting with this special revive shieldbattle!
The mod has seen great community events with more than a hundred players
clashing against eachother over the rule of the Roman Empire. Either they were
a proud legionnaire or a foreign mercenary they were enjoying awsome organised
battles in ancient european setting!

Now we attempt to bring these battles back!

Will the POPVLARES team follow their ancient counterparts in triumph
or will the OPTIMATES players change the course of history?

Event Date and Time

The event will take place every wednesday at 20:30 GMT so that regiments can join after Line Battles and also have some time to warm up.

Classes and Rules
Roman Infantry: No Limit
-min 8
-max No Max for Basic Infantry
-must have 1 Officer/Centurio (also can have max 1 officer)
-max 2 NCOs/ Optiones
-MUST have 1 Eagle bearer/ Aquilifer (also can have max 1 Eagle)
-max 1 hornist/Cornicen

Light/Auxiliary Infantry (Including naval Infantry) 1 Company per side  (or 2 Companies per side if we get more than 100 average sign ups)
-min 6
-max 12
-must have 1 Officer/Centurio (also can have max 1 officer)
-max 2 NCOs/ Optiones
-max 1 hornist/Cornicen

Archer/Slinger Infantry 1 Company per side (or 2 Companies per side if we get more than 80 average sign ups or 3 Companies if we get more than 140 average sign ups)
-min 4
-max 7
-must have 1 NCO/Optio (also can have max 1 NCO)
-may NOT have an Officer/Centurio  (Archers and Slingers act as support companies thus the no centurio rule)
-max 1 hornist/Cornicen

1 TOTAL CAVALRY Company per side (or 2 Companies per side if we get more than 100 average sign ups)

Light Cavalry
-min 4
-max 9
-must have 1 Officer/Centurio (also can have max 1 officer)
-max 2 NCOs

Heavy Cavalry
-min 4
-max 7
-must have 1 Officer/Centurio (also can have max 1 officer)
-max 2 NCOs

Mercenary Cavalry (Germanic and Numidian)
-min 4
-max 9
-must have 1 Officer/Centurio (also can have max 1 officer)
-max 2 NCOs

Mercenary Infantry (Germans, Greeks and Numidians) 1 Company per side (or 2 Companies per side if we get more than 100 average sign ups)
-min 6
-max 15
-must have 1 Officer/Centurio (also can have max 1 officer)
-max 2 NCOs/ Optiones

Artillery 2 Balista pers side (Split into 1 or 2 companies)
-min 3
-max 7 (Including train, loaders, officer and engineers)
-max 2 Artillery Pieces

Praetorians and General Stuff 1 Company per side
-min 6
-max 10
-max 1 General or Praefecto
NOTE: This general has no command over the rest of the legions if they sign up seperatly

Please read the following before joining our event on Bello Civili tonight

-If a cohort drops to 4 they must join another friendly one

-Each Roman Cohort MUST have an eagle bearer

-Every Infantry unit apart from javelin men archers and slingers MUST move in a line or shieldwall, like NW

-These light troops MUST too maintain a cohesion, namely a loose skirmish formation

-Light Troops also if they drop to 3 they must join a friendly cohort or other light troop,
they can still use their ranged weapons though

-Light troops are not obliged to follow normal infantyr, they can act seperatly

-Pila, Javelins, Arrows and stones CAN be projected during melee fighting.

-If your group signed up for ANY other class except roman cohor can switch to roman cohort without asking an admin

though any group signed up as cohort MAY NOT switch to any to any other class without permission from an admin

-No one can venture/fight alone (rambo) obviously, this includes support infantry and cavalry

-Keep public chat clean, warband feed is annoying as it is, no need for more messages

-Admins word is FINAL during the event, please take any complains to me directly on steam, or the forum page.

Current Sign Ups


Sign Up Format
[b]Name of Legion or Company:[/b]
[b]Steam URL of Leader:[/b]
[b]Estimated number of Players:[/b]
[b]Prefered Faction:[/b]
[b]Prefered Class:[/b]
[b]Any specific question or comment?:[/b]

Contact Info: AlekoTheGreek  , or you can join the 16th Teamspeak Here , i'll be on most likely

Community / "Nicos Doodle" Single by the 16th, ft.Kostis21, AMP
« on: June 08, 2015, 04:29:40 pm »
After the very succesfull "Children look Strange" AMProductions
present to you,

a music video by AlekoTheGreek,
lyrics by AlekoTheGreek and Kostis21
vocals by kostis21
music by some random 18th Cent. Brit

"Nicos Doodle"

Nicos Doodle went to camp
A-cursing on the Arty
he called the men over to fight
turned out to be a party

Nicos Doodle keep it up
Nicos Doodle lucky
Mind the line and the men
and with the trolls be handy

Kostis and I went down to camp
Along with captain Killing
And there we saw the edgy teens
shouting charge and screaming


And there was major Aleko
getting shot by cannons
calling out his name wrong
i guess it is Aleko


An LB then was fought and won
But Nicos was defeated
The 16th Doodles led the cahrge
to which their foes retreated


Welcome to 16th Regiment Of Foot!
We are a British Line Infantry Regiment based on melee.We will try to provide a great community for our members that will make them feel welcomed here.Our main goal is not just playing Mount&Blade but having fun playing without trolls and very strict rules either.Also we want to imrpove the skills of every member of our regiment so they can enjoy more the game and feel better for themselves.As every regiment we have a rank system, that will be shown below.Ranks will be given to those who try to imrove themshelves and the regiment using their own ways.Being in the regiment for quite sometime will help you a lot but if you show your loyalty you will be awarded soon.Thanks for passing by our thread and reading about us.

The regiment that would become the 16th Regiment of Foot and later the Bedfordshire Regiment was initially raised during a period of turmoil in Europe. In the late Seventeenth century, Europe was in the grip of religious, military and political upheaval, with several major powers vying for supremacy and the emerging American continent about to rear its head. Not four decades earlier the English Civil War had been fought, the Thirty Years War in Europe had finished as had an eighty year war between the Netherlands and Spain. The Ming Dynasty had come to an end in China, war, famine and plague swept Europe and the New Worlds of America, killing huge numbers of people. Only two decades earlier the Bubonic plague swept London, killing an estimated 100,000 people, closely followed by the Great Fire of London one short year later.

Until the English Civil War, no standing army existed in England, with armies being raised on an ad-hoc basis when needed. Parlaiment's 'New Model Army' was effectively the first permanent army but was disbanded when King Charles II reclaimed the throne. 1661 saw the first permanent Regiment of Foot raised by Royal Warrant, and several more followed in the next few years, which would form the foundation for the growth of the English, and later the British Army. 1685 saw ten new Regiments of Foot raised in England, which would later become the 5th to 15th Foot inclusive.

Despite many achievements and much progress being made, including Isaac Newton's "Mathematical Principles" being published, the 1680's saw numerous wars, sieges, plots to overthrow and assassinate various royalty and heads of state. By 1688 King Louis XIV of France had the Grand Alliance of England, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Savoy and the Holy Roman Empire arrayed against him and was at war with almost every European power.

During the autumn of 1688 and following his "Declaration of Indulgence" towards Catholics and nonconformists, King James II was facing the threat of the Dutch William, Prince of Orange who had brought an army to England on the behest of seven English Lords. The King was in a precarious position and, in response he authorised the raising of more new battalions of Pikemen and Musketeers. The first of these was raised by the distinguished veteran Scottish soldier Archibald Douglas and, although initially named after the Colonels who commanded them, this regiment would in time become the 16th Regiment of Foot.

French and Napoleonic Wars

In 1809 titles were exchanged with the 14th (Bedfordshire) Regiment of Foot at the request of its colonel who held substantial lands in Buckinghamshire, after which time it became the 16th (Bedfordshire) Regiment of Foot. The regiment took no part in the Napoleonic Wars that was being fought on the continent of Europe, being stationed in England, Scotland and Ireland before sailing to Canada in 1814. It returned to England in August 1815, moving directly to France to form part of the army of occupation following the final defeat of Napoleon. In 1816 the 16th Foot moved to Ireland, remaining there until 1819.

In 1820 the regiment began a long term of colonial service. It was stationed in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) until 1828, when it moved to the Bengal Presidency. It returned to England between December 1840 and January 1841. In 1843 it took up garrison duties in Ireland, remaining there until 1846 when it moved to Gibraltar. In the following year they moved to Corfu, forming part of the garrison of the United States of the Ionian Islands, a British protectorate.

In 1851 the 16th Foot returned to Jamaica, moving to Canada in 1854. It returned to the United Kingdom in 1857, where it was initially stationed in Ireland and moved to England in 1859.

Regimental Command
Major - Maj

Center Company

Captain - Cpt

Lieutenant - Lt

Ensign - Ens

Non-Commissioned Officers

Colour Serjeant - CSjt

Serjeant - Sjt

Corporal - Cpl


Lance Corporal - LCpl

Kingsman - Kgm

Regular - Rgl

Private - Pte

Recruit - Rct
Light Company

Captain - Cpt

Lieutenant - Lt

Ensign - Ens

Non-Commissioned Officers
Serjeant - Sjt

Corporal - Cpl


Lance Corporal - LCpl

Chosen Man - Chsn

Private - Pte

Recruit - Rct

Artillery Company

Captain - Cpt

Lieutenant - Lt

Non-Commissioned Officers
Serjeant - Sjt

Corporal - Cpl


Lance Corporal - LCpl

Regular - Rgl

Private - Pte

Recruit - Rct

Regimental Command

Major AlekoTheGreek

Officers, Centre Company
Captain ArtOfkilling

NCO's, Centre Company
Corporal Max

Enlistees, Centre Company
Kingsman ngressens
Kingsman Morgoth

Regular DR
Regular luigi
Regular thanosm99
Regular Raffel
Regular Atrio
Regular Deadsjors
Regular Nikos

Private rymimer
Private Herocreeper
Private DanielG
Private JoSeF
Private Toby
Private AtomicChicken
Private JESUS
Private Colosus
Private Fletcher
Private Antonis
Private ChunkyCaptain
Private Rombow
Private Archelaos
Private Hiros
Private Dragonblazek
Private Elijah
Private Nasse
Private 7DaysTheory
Private Dobro
Private Dianelcraft444
Private DudaFudger
Private Hohenzollern
Private Ricky

Officers, Light Company
Lieutenant Kostis21

NCO's, Light Company
Serjeant DiglosGR

Enlistees, Light Company
Lance Corporal Zodiac
Lance Corporal Blox
Lance Corporal Spitfireboy
Lance Corporal ShadowDK

Chosen Man Sir_bananza

Private Rikers
Private samtheman
Private XxsneekypandaxX
Private Harry
Private Welsh
Private Saulniv
Private Whiskey
Private Milenium
Private Dalish
Private TobyTheNoob
Private LordLent
Private Hellcompany
Private Varagian Afro
Private Pasatsif
Private Geo4
Private DRE
Private Von Pig
Private TheGG

Officers, Artillery Company
Captain Jacob
Lieutenant Titus

NCO's,Artilery Company

Enlistees, Artillery Company


Signature made by EdwardTheGreat
Signature Made By FancyPants
Signature made by Kronox


Center Company Captain

Light Company Lieutenant

Thanks to the 33rd Regiment Of Foot For Letting us use some of their rank icons

Σε αυτό το topic θα ήθελα να συλλέξουμε το σύνολο του Ελληνικού πληθυσμού που είναι ενεργό στο NW.


We are a newly formed EU light infantry regiment/company seeking to create an interesting, organised and fun environment.
We are recruiting everyone who can understand and communicate in basic English and can join our events , including NA players should they are ok with European time and ping.
Actual game skills are not required to join us, what we want from you is to be active and respect the rest of the members.

Our current Ranks:

Captain, Capt ~ First in command of the unit
Lieutenant, Lieut ~ Second in Command

Ensign, En ~ The Link between COs and NCOs

Serjeant, Sjt ~ The first NCO
Corporal, Crp ~ The lowest NCO rank

Lance Corporal, LcCrp ~ A Chosen man

Private, Pte ~ The core of the company
Recruit, Rec ~ Being tested, not fully a member yet

Our Structure:

Our company is split in two squads. The 1st Squad is led by the lieutenant and the 2nd is led by the Serjeant.
Each new member , once promoted to private, is assigned to a squad. The purpose of the squads is to split the work needed by COs and NCOs more evenly
and keep the company organized. Each squad leader's responsibility is to make sure every member of his squad is informed about our rules, schedule, events etc.
and most importantly making sure everyone is present at the event/train. Squad leaders are also responsible for providing important information about members regarding promotions.
All squads play and train together, the split is merely for organization reasons

If you are interested in joining please contact me or one of the members directly through steam.

Contact Info: AlekoTheGreek



Teamspeak Info:

Servers / Sacred Band ~ Public server [Currently Closed]
« on: October 07, 2014, 02:58:10 pm »
When the Bello Civili community is shrinking and there are no server hosters we, the Sacred Band, launch our first public server. We will try our best to keep the server active for as long as possible.

So far the server has only 50 slots, should the community raise in numbers though a better/bigger server will be purchased thats for sure.

We don't have a specific mode or scenario plan, we usually host TDM but would change to whaterver the current players wish.

Our server rules are very simple yet have to be fully understood.

(Commander Battle rules will be explained on the spot)

Our Current admins with steam contact info:
(Sacred Band 1os Lochagos) AlekoTheGreek
(Sacred Band 2os Lochagos) FrapesSalonika
We do look for more admins but please do not post asking for the position.

Keep in mind,The Sacred Band is an active EU company for the bello civili mod and we are always looking for new people!

The Mess Hall / Avanti Popolo!
« on: August 31, 2014, 01:28:31 am »
Enough! The Prussian-Capitalist occupation must be over.
Lets gather comrades, for a better NW community, for a better FSE Forum, FOR A PEOPLES FORUM
(join our party and gain a free I. Stalin stamp)

We, the Free Workers of NW demand the following:

-No more admins, moderators or owners. The forum belongs to everyone thus the law enforcers will be voted by the workers
-The updates/games will be made by the community as whole and the earnings of these games will be awarded to all workers equally
-The backrground of the forums will be changed to deep red.
-Every signature will contain at least 1 (one) refrence to a glorious workers leader (Lenin, Che, Mao ( :P ) etc)
-Every post must be written in pure russian accent  (50s Italian will be accepted in certain situations)
-The original developers will have to change their name according to the new era, (for example, Mr Marxson or Mr Vincenin)
-The name of the forum/company will be changed to PFSE
-The new official Logo of the Forum/company will be changed to the following:

-Also, every time a user logs in he/she will be welcomed by the new PFSE anthem


Enlist now, Marx is watching you

DISCLAIMER: The above topic is purely for comedy purposes and thus posted on the mess hall category :D

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