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Forum & Website / My resignation
« on: February 08, 2018, 11:31:25 pm »
Hello all,

It is with some pain that I announce my resignation as Head Moderator of this forum. Ever since I was a moderator under Blobmania, and later as a Head Moderator, I have worked to make this forum the best possible place it could be. I am proud to say that I was in charge of some important changes, like the Community Representative, the introduction of subboards for events and a fair few other changes. I know that many of you not always agreed with my decisions, but I look back with confidence in all I did and decided.

I am unable to dedicate the time this forum and its members need and deserve from a Head Moderator. I ought to admit that I have been for some time now, but I continued as Head Moderator as best as I could. I did not want to leave this forum without a suitable replacement. I care strongly about this forum and its community, and I did not want to leave it 'unguarded'. Some development, both negative and positive, both on the forums and in my personal life, have led me to, finally, taking this decision.

To make at least sure bans can still be issued, I will make Thunderstormer and MrTiki Senior Moderators until the Developers decide otherwise.

I leave it entirely up to the Developers how they want to proceed, either naming a new Head Moderator or leaving the position vacant and taking the responsibility themselves. I will not be a part of the process, nor will I be part of the Forum Administration Team in any capacity. I will still be active on the forum from time to time, but purely on a personal basis.

Serving as Head Moderator was a pleasure, and taught me a great deal. Thank you all for that experience.

Friendly regards,


In Development / MOVED: [NW] [M] Pike & Shotte (RELEASED)
« on: October 04, 2017, 07:53:28 pm »

War of 1812 / Removal of this subboard
« on: October 04, 2017, 07:51:39 pm »
As there has been no post in this subboard for almost a year, this board will be removed in its entirety on Friday. Its original thread will be moved back to the general Modifications-section.

Off Topic / The General Political Thread
« on: January 29, 2017, 05:40:36 pm »
So, as we already have US Politics and UK Politics threads, and 90% of off-topic activity is on politics anyway, we might as well make this one about the upcoming elections.

March 15 - Dutch General Election. Polling puts Wilders at a win, but followed by current Prime Minister Rutte's (right-wing) Liberals. After that are pretty much all parties polling at anything between 15 to 5 seats, followed by a scatting of new parties wanting to get into parliament. It sure is a mess, and nobody really knows what we'll be waking up to on march the 16th.

April 23 - French Presidentiel Elections. Le Pen. Yeah, this needs no introduction.

11 & 18 June - French parliamentary elections

24 September 2017 - German Federal Elections. To Merkel, or not to Merkel?

I wonder, how many fellow Dutchmen or French and German members of our forum are eligable to vote?

And of course, no political thread is complete without a contest:

One free Custom Title for the period of a week for the non-Dutchman who can accurately guess the number of parties that will be on the Dutch ballot.

Hello all!

As some of you might already be aware of, Olafson, Vincenzo, Admiral and me have started our own American Civil War impression around a year ago: The 110th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Its creation has been quite succesful and we now have a solid core of around ten people, though we have managed to get as many as fourteen on our latest event. Many of us, including myself, are in the process of getting high-quality gear and uniforms to replace our old equipment.

Why the 110th?

We choose the 110th Pennsylvania for the very simply reason that it's just one of the hundreds of plain simple infantry regiments in the civil war. They didn't have a fancy uniform, a distinct (national) identity or a special story; They were just Americans from Philidelphia and central Pennsylvania who answered the call to serve their country. When looking for a regiment to re-enact, we came across a photograph of small Union company; the men were wearing regular sack coats and forage caps, with only the corps badge as decoration. This photograph had been wrongly identified as being the 6th Maine. We did one event as the 6th Maine, but when realizing these men were actually of the 110th Pennsylvania, we changed our name accordingly.

Our Impression

Our impression is based on the later half of the war, approx. from spring 1863 to the end of the war. However, we also do events in an earlier timeframe and try to adapt our impression as best as possible when doing so. We are a progressive unit: This means we attempt to do our best to get the best possible impression. In practise this means we drill often, use modern items to a minimum and only when necessary, have the smallest cadre possible and try to march and do battle with all our gear carried. We also do not use A-tents, using only shelter halves or simply creeping up to a fire.

Photos and videos

Civil War event in Walldürn in early spring. Great weather and great event. Excuse our Paki gear tho.. Were getting it changed.

Our camp, cooking breakfast (i.e. warming up the remains from dinner) and rolling cartridges.

Doing evening skirmish drill (Sadly we were doing it wrong, but some people of the German mess have trained us properly at a later August event)

Big album: Civil War Event in Venlo/Limburg. It was really fun. We had the ability to dig and construct our own trench, which was super great, we set up camp in the woods behind it, overall we had a very good time.

Beginning of a trench

Counter charging dem Rebs

Preparing for the Rebel Attack

Exchanging coffee for bread


Captured Rebels

Getting mowed down by a Confederate volley


Instructing the new recruit

Vince, the sniper

Food time

We are always looking for enthusiastic new recruits! Loaner gear will be provided at no extra cost for new people, as well as firearms (with provided training).

However, due to the nature of ACW re-enactment and our approach to re-enactment in general, we are obligated to have some restrictions:

- While unexperienced people are welcome, we do have a preference for experienced re-enactors.

- Our events are mostly in Germany, the Netherlands and Flanders.

- We cannot allow people under the age of 18, mostly due to logistics: Minors do not have their own transportation and usually limited financial possibilities. We have made an exception to this rule, but this exception is someone we know personally. Besides this, we also want to keep the number of unarmed soldiers, such as musicians, to a minimum.

- Our approach to re-enactment is, as mentioned earlier, progressive: Recruits should be aware that a degree of physical fitness is necessary.

Our next event is Walldürn in May 2017! We will be part of a larger unit, re-enacting the 110th in its very first campaign: The 1862 Valley Campaign, against Jackson.

Off Topic / On Political Discussion in this Board
« on: November 11, 2016, 11:40:44 pm »
As you may have noticed, we have removed some threads here and in the Mess Hall with political subjects. While we allowed these threads for a period of time, we have come to the conclusion that we do not want FSE Forums to a place where people come solely to post political memes and other non-serious content. We do not mind non-serious content (It's what the Mess Hall is for), but when it contains political subjects it becomes a different case. The rules of this forum and the work of the Moderation Team is to protect the reputation of FSE. The content of these threads are at odds with that.

We will allow political discussion when it is done with a degree of seriousness and with respect to other views. Anything that is meant to insult, instigate or in any way could hurt the reputation of this forum, will be removed. The same goes for similair images or texts used in Profile Pictures and subtexts. Repeated failure to accept this new and stricter policy will result in a ban. A new rule describing this new policy more clearly will be added to the Rules as soon as we have finished writing it.

Because we seem to scatter generic discussions on re-enactment on a handful of threads, we might as well have one with that distinct purpose. As always, I'll bitch about stuff. Please, join me in my bitching

Discussion topic to start us off (You can completely ignore it and start another one): Tents. A necessary item or a sheer unhistorical luxury? I haven't used an A-tent since 2014, and it's really do-able. ACW and WW1 have shelters, and in Napoleonic you just sleep next to the fire with your whole uniform+blanket and you're fine. No, it's not comfortable, but re-enactment isn't supposed to be that - isn't it all about experiencing how these men lived?

Forum & Website / Return of the Shoutbox - Shoutbox Moderators may apply
« on: September 19, 2016, 12:12:12 am »
I have decided to re-open the Shoutbox, a popular feature of our forum that we had to close due to bad behavior in it. As a way to fix that, I've decided to create a new junior Moderation position, called the Shoutbox Moderator. It's only duty is to remove messages that are against the rules, and (temporary) ban members that do not follow the rules. Their exact duties, when to ban and for how long, will be further specified by me later.

As for now, I already have a few people I asked for the position, but I also will open the position for free application to all members. You may post your application here, or PM it to me. Applicants should be reasonably active, be able to wield the ban-permission with respondsibility and preferably have been on this forum for a while.

Head Moderator FSE Forum

Off Topic / MOVED: Alternative Right Thread [SAFE SPACE]
« on: September 14, 2016, 07:02:16 pm »

Apologies for the delay.

candidate format
EU or NA?:
Are you aware that the position of Community Representative is one of trust and confidence, and do you understand you can be punished for breaking that trust? :
Why should you become CR? :

Candidates EU:

Having been part of this community for over 4 years, I have seen it all. I have taken my breaks, but am now here to stay. I was there when the first round of community reps was there and I was sceptical, but in its current form I can almost smell the potential.
I can put up a long and morally pleasing story here, but I will get right to the point. The list below will be the spearpoints on which I will be focusing, would you grant me the everlasting favour of choosing me as your EU Community Representative:

 - Carefully take into account the critique former CRs have received. In particular about communicating closely with the community. I plan on visiting the TeamSpeak servers of the Larger regiments frequently, but also keeping in touch with the smaller clans out there. My focus, however, will lie with the forums and the larger clans, I am a mere human and cannot visit everyone.
I will also go around 'open' TS servers where multiple clans are situated.

 - I will do my utmost to inform the community of any matter I deem serious enough to share. I will publicise what I am working on, what suggestions I have received and what the status is on any projects I will be working on.

 - I will keep lines to the moderation staff close and try to convey the wishes, woes and grievances of the community as best as I can.

 - I will also set myself an objective to come in closer contact with isolated branches of this community, in particular NW-ers who are not fluent in the King's English (this is not a jab to the U.S.)
I know that there are (sometimes large) pockets of community out there hwo are hesitant to get on the forum due to the language barriers. I will be able to get into contact with Dutch and German pockets myself and will try others if possible, hopefully finding translators.
Why do I find this important? It is apparent that NW's popularity has decreased over the years. In a game that is losing popularity, every community member is valuable. My focus, however, will still remain at the already active (regimental) side of this community.

One thing that I will not be organised myself, but would most definitely be willing to help with, is organising community events in terms of gameplay. Why? I do not think it is the duty nor the job of a CR to host such events, as this may potentially lead to controversy. As mentioned I would be willing to help, but I will try to never put me in a position where my objectivity can be doubted.

I sincerely hope this community sees me fit to be a community representative.

At your service,

UPDATE: I have intitiated contact with a number of regiments. I hope to get replies soon and to get into more permanent contact. If this community grants me the honour of representing them, I will be open to be contacted via their TS servers, amongst other channels, of course

I have been in this community for the past 4 years now. I always loved the community and it's great people and that's why i want to represent this glorious community, full of political experts, advisors and feminists.

Me and my family were really poor. We were living in berlin where we had to experience how harsh life can be. My father left my mother before i was born, but my mother never got over him so she decided to be a transgender. But i still loved her, because she was my only family.
My mother told me when i was a kid: " do what you want, it doesn't matter what you do, but be great at it so you can share your potential earnings with me". I respect her for that. My mother was always like a father to me. Thanks to his support i am who i am today. And even though i don't make any money as a community representant, he respects my decision. She decided to let me live at my grandparents house if i get this post, because there i have a working wlan connection, a bed to sleep and a bathtub. But i'm not here to talk about my family, let's get back to topic.

Because i never went to school and because i know a lot of different languages i have a lot of contact with all kinds of people, in real life and in this community. I speak fluently english, german and my french and japanese are also acceptable. People respect me and i respect them, mostly because I am a really serious person. People always tell me:"you must be fun at parties". I would like to agree but i get drunk after 2 shots or 3 beer so usually the security has a really hard job with me.
But apart from all of that, i have a lot of knowledge about all kinds of different people and know how to handle them.
I've dealt with racism, homophobia, Trump Supporters,Hillary Supporters, People who think the earth is flat and most importantly: trolls.
People dislike me because they can never win an argument against me, but a little bit of disliking is also necessary to build a healthy relationship between the different communitys and people.
Like i already said, i have a lot of free time available for this board and i really like this community, so i would proudly represent you in all kind of things.

If you have any question related to me or my past or any other theme feel free to ask them.
I wish all other candidates good luck

I have been playing Napoleonic Wars for at least 3 years now taking decent breaks every now and then, During that time I really didn't focus on getting a
FSE account as I thought I didn't need one, When I created one (Last Year in 2015 July) I noticed that this is a community that I would enjoy to be apart of,
Again during that Month I took a break that well lasted to October when I finally decided to get back into the game and created a new FSE account back in February.
I would say that I have gotten to know the Community quite well and the members that lie within it.
I have alot of spare time that I usually just spend on FSE and am willing to spend as much time possible to help this forum out by interacting with everyone as much as possible.

Candidates NA:

Why should you become CR?: I am incredibly active on the forums and not much drama starts without me knowing about it (NA side, at least). Ive also been around for a while, and I feel like I could do a pretty decent job representing the community. I also have some things I would like to accomplish on the forums/in the community that I feel I would not otherwise be able to accomplish without being CR.

I am a person who stands good with many forum users and regiments and browses the forums on a regular basis. I've not been around an incredible amount of time (not a mount and musket person, sorry) but I have been around long enough to see some things happen in the forums. I will be able to actively communicate between the player base and the moderation, and will unbiasly attempt to enact what the community requests of me. Although I have no current "agenda" I have full confidence in myself that I will be able to handle issues in the community quickly and effectively. I will be open to people if they need to talk to me on steam and these forums!

Well people are telling me to run so Ap0c isn't elected. I've been playing this game active on and off for 4 years now. I led a decent regiment and have never given anyone a reason to hate me in my opinion. I was very active on the forums but not anymore, I'm able to get back into it however. In case you want some info on me I am Minnesotan so Minnesota nice and I am a senior in High School this year and am active in theatre. If you have any questions PM me!



Groupfighting Teams / Groupfighting Team Board
« on: July 25, 2016, 09:48:07 pm »
This board is intended for Groupfighting Teams and any discussion related to Groupfighting. Groupfighting Events threads will stay in the respective NA and EU Event boards.

We're moving over the already made threads as we speak. Please be patient. If your thread still hasn't been moved after a few days, you can PM me or any other moderator.

Regiments / MOVED: Groupfighting Team List
« on: July 25, 2016, 09:42:59 pm »

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