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Community / it would be nice if people could get along.
« on: July 29, 2015, 08:17:14 am »
I know i ton of you like being cunts, but for the sake of actually having a significant player base it would be really fucking nice if a large amount of you could hold your shit and actually act like decent human being for a little while. "this is the internet it doesn't matter" isn't a valid excuse. don't a degenerate. its very simple. thank you. yes im drunk but im still less of an ass than a lot of you. Get the fuck along. There was a time when being an asshat on the forums actually got you warned and then banned. clean your shit up.

Skins & OSP Resources / Dutch Infantry Skin (replaces KGL) *Released*
« on: July 16, 2015, 03:42:32 am »
2de Lijn Bataljon skin. replaces KGL on UK. also makes 33rd and 51st officer coats more scarlet.

Download Link:!a5c2TZwC!MMbDMg5CUFHQBldjt7JfebmHXHuukDJeEoh-DJLhbJs



Regiments / 2de Lijn Bataljon *Recruiting 17+* NA
« on: February 28, 2015, 09:26:47 am »

With drawn sword "General Bayonet" marched forward into the gap, which appeared between the Brunswickers and the 5th British Brigade. He called upon the Dutchmen: "Forward colonel Detmers and charge with the bayonet !" Chasse wrote: "... there were no troops, not a single man of the allies between my division and the French Guard ..." Drumming and shouting, with their shakos on the top of their bayonets they dashed into the fray cheering 'Long live the House of Orange! Long live the king !'

        Life in Amsterdam was tough, especially for a veteran of the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War. When the War against France broke out I remember seeing rows of soldiers in the streets, music playing flags waving in the wind and soldiers saying goodbye to their wives and sweethearts. I knew I would have to list and fight again. One day on the streets I intended to join the 2de Lijn Bataljon. Before I enlisted I wore my old Blue Guard uniform to the recruiting officer and got many confused stares in the street. I walked up to the wooden table where the adjudant stood. I enlisted and got a new uniform within a week. Later we were to be trained, I had an excellent shot due to my previous military experience. Luitenant Frederickson, our leader is a very harsh commander, but is balanced out with his sense of humor. He lead the regiment to many victories in which we were praised by the towns people of Holland in drinks, whores and fame, and not to forget a shiny taller from the Dutch state. You too have a chance to join Holland's most prestigious regiment and meet great rewards! Enlist today!!

        Calling all young men or women willing to fight for the Glory of the Netherlands!!! The 2de Lijn Bataljon is recruiting men and women who will take up arms and fight for the Prince of Orange against all our enemies, to fight for the sovereign nation of the Netherlands. We are the wide eyed sharp light infantry of the great army of the Netherlands, and we fight for William Prince of Orange with his allies against the scourge of Napoleon. Me and my second have crossed endless battlefield in search of glory and honor to our beloved nation! we storm the breach with no thought of Retreat! if you wish to fight with Valor and Bravery stray no further kameraad for we shall bring you your beloved violence! Our founding player base is comprised of Veterans of the 1er Grenadiers which had been active for 5 years in Mount and Musket and Napoleonic Wars. Come enlist into our brave ranks and take up Musket and Bayonet against all who oppose our cause! thank you for reading and good luck in your future endeavors.

Commissioned Officer Ranks
Luitenant - Lt
Seconde Luitenant - SdLt
Vaandrig - Vng

NCO Ranks
adjudant - Adj
Sergeant-Majoor - SgtMaj
Sergeant - Sgt
Korporaal Fourrier - KplFo
Korporaal - Kpl

Enlisted Ranks
Drager de Vlag - DdV
Fuselier van Eerste klas - Fvk
Fuselier van de Lijn - FdL
Soldaat van de Lijn - SdL

Recruit and Volunteer Ranks
Rekruut - Rkt
Vrijwilliger - Vjlr

Luitenant Frederickson

Sergeant Baril
Korporaal Holmes

Drager de Vlag Blainosdias
Soldaat van de Lijn De Camp
Soldaat van de Lijn SmartMrT
Soldaat van de Lijn Richard
Soldaat van de Lijn Archer
Soldaat van de Lijn DarthTaco
Soldaat van de Lijn Nonzeromamoo
Soldaat van de Lijn Everette
Soldaat van de Lijn Roderick
Soldaat van de Lijn Shaggy
Soldaat van de Lijn Warrior
Soldaat van de Lijn NocturnalCB
Vrijwilliger Tea

-Inform an officer or NCO if you cannot make it to a training or event.
-Inform an officer or NCO if you have to go away for a longer period of time,
as in vacation or what ever the reason might be.
-If you leave the regiment notify us
-Follow orders! Do not question your superiors.
-Respect your superiors! Know your place and dont fuck around.
-Do your duty according to your rank. Do not take on the duties of higher ranks than yours.
-Be serious and act serious in trainings/events. Do not fool around.
-Do not abuse your rank & power in any way!
-Never give orders if you're not in command, not even as a suggestion as it can be mistaken as an order.
-No teamkilling during events ever, even if it's not live or the event is over!

-Respect the members of enemy armies. This is to avoid 2 peoples conflict growing into a huge problem which can affect the regiment.
-Any actions which puts the regiment at risk of any kind. Remember, wherever you wear our tags that you represent the regiment with your actions.
-Do not inform the enemy sides regarding confidential information within the regiment.
-No double or multiregimenting.

Breaking any of these rules can result in your immediate removal from the regiment.

Event Schedule:
Warmup at 5:30 PST (8:30 PM EST)
Linebattle at 9 PM EST (6 PM PST)
Training at 3:45 PM PST (6:45 PM EST)

If you are interested in joining please go to our website and make an account, you should be able to see an application section on the forums.
It should contain stickies to explain the enlistment procedure for you.
Our website:

Voor Den Nederlanden!!!!!

Optimates / Sons of Ares (Greek Mercenaries) Actively Recruiting NA/EU
« on: September 29, 2013, 11:04:49 pm »

Place holder. Thread to be constructed.

Roster: (text to be formatted)
Lokhagos Diokles The Mighty - Preferred Weapon: Kopis
Lokhagos Mankios - Preferred Weapon: Anything...

Hoplite Gelasius Yomamais - Preferred Weapon: Kopis
Hoplite Herakleios - Preferred Weapon: His bare fucking hands...
Hoplite Cyrus Glaros - Preferred Weapon: Dori
Hoplite Aristophanes - Preferred Weapon: Kopis
Hoplite Proteus  - Preferred Weapon: Kopis and Javelin
Hoplite Alexandra - Preferred Weapon: Kopis
Hoplite Hippaforalkus - Preferred Weapon: Kopis
Hoplite Heron - Preferred Weapon: Sharp things
Recruitment Form:
[b]Name:[/b] (Realistic ancient greek name)
[b]Steam Login name:[/b] (so we can contact you)
[b]Prefered weapon:[/b]
[b]Country of Residence:[/b] (used to determine time table)
[b]Do you agree to listen to the Captains and obey their commands as well as respecting fellow members?[/b]

The Mess Hall / Punk thread.
« on: February 07, 2013, 03:45:17 pm »
I cant be the only one on the forums deep into Punk Rock.

Pictures, music, bands, etc etc etc post shit about punk stuff here...

I Personally like Ska-Core punk and Crust punk...

Leftover Crack, Choking Victim, Against all Authority, Capdown, and similar bands.

I highly suggest Daycare Swindlers, I have purchased two of their CDs myself! Support bands if you are able!

Forum & Website / The Community. What is it to you?
« on: January 28, 2013, 07:22:16 pm »
What is the community in your eyes? who does it contain? who does it exclude?

In my eyes the community is everyone who plays NW and interacts with more than just members of their own regiment.
This includes EVERYONE who enjoys the forums and keeps up on current issues.
THIS INCLUDES the trolls. the trolls are WITHIN the community, they are the BAD part of the community but they are still part of it.

Use this thread to discuss in a mature and professional manner what this community means to you, and what it is in your eyes.

if anyone has the link I would really appreciate it... thanks...

PS. i have already tried using the search function. no smart ass remarks please.

North & South: First Manassas / generic 1st georgia battle report.
« on: December 01, 2012, 09:02:36 am »
The union was camping and we were all just sitting about. so i charged the regiment over open ground.

what happens a couple times. we kill or route a regiment.

What happens most of the time... i get cut down in seconds after leading the glorious charge and we all die charging up hill at 3 regiments that i only saw one of because i dont wear my glasses...

Confederates / List of Confederate Regiments. (Official)
« on: November 20, 2012, 04:19:05 pm »
If you want to create a new regiment and you still dont know what regiment you can create take a look at this.

And if you want to create a coalition with some other regiments you should start as a brigade or division, so later you can join with other brigades in a divison or army.

- 1st Georgia Volunteer Infantry [NA|EU]
- 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment [NA|EU]
- 1st Virginia Infantry [EU]
- 1st Lousiana Zouaves [FR]
- 1. Confederate States marine Corps [EU/NA]
- 3rd Louisiana Infantry [EU/NA]
- 4th North Carolina Infantry Regiment [EU]
- 7th Georgia Volunteer Infantry [EU]
- 8th Georgia Volunteer Infantry [NA]
- 8th Alabama Volunteer Infantry [EU]
- 8th Mississippi Infantry Regiment [NA/EU]
- 10th Georgia Infantry [NA/EU]
- 11th Georgia [NA|EU]
- 11th Mississippi Infantry [?]
- 14th Louisiana Regiment [EU]
- 15th South Carolina Infantry Regiment [NA/EU]
- 18th Louisiana Infantry [NA]
- 22nd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry [NA/EU]
- 24th Georgia Volunteer Infantry [NA/EU]
- 25th South Carolina Infantry Regiment [NA/EU]
- 27th Virginia Volunteer Infantry [NA]
- 33rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry [NA]
- 58th Louisiana Infantry [NA]
- Mosby's Rangers [NA]

- The 5th Texas Rangers [EU|NA]
- 13th Virginia Cavalry "Petersburg Light Dragoons" [EU|NA]

- 1st Rockbridge Artillery [EU|NA]

Armies, Corps and Brigades

-- The Army of the Shenandoah

-- 1st Tennessee Brigade
- 24th Tennessee Sharpe shooters
- 1st Tennessee Zouaves
- 17th (Sanders) Cavalry Battalion
- Washington Artillery (Bibb's company)

If you want your N&S regiment in the list write down following things:
- Regiment name :
- Faction :
- Class :
- Based :
- Thread Link :

For brigades/armies/corps:
- Name :
- Faction :
- Thread Link (optional) :
- Regiments


The regiment was first organized May 1, 1862, with men recruited from Fulton and other counties. The companies first named were twelve months' troops (regulars), a majority re-enlisting for the war, while others were mustered out when the twelve months expired. In 1862, they were led by Col. William J. Magill (wounded at Antietam), and then by Capt. Richard A. Wayne. By September 1863, they were led by Maj. James Clarke Gordon. They were surrendered along with Joseph E. Johnston's army at Bennett Place in North Carolina on April 26, 1865. Sometimes confused with Colonel James N. Ramsey's 1st Georgia Infantry, which was formed in Macon on April 3, 1861, and mustered out of service in Augusta on March 10, 1862.

List of Engagements:

    Battle of Antietam, Maryland (9/17/62) in George T. Anderson's brigade
    Second Manassas, Virginia (8/28/62 - 8/30/62) in Anderson's brigade (called "Jones' Brigade")
    Fredericksburg, Virginia (12/11/62 – 12/15/62) with Anderson
    Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia (9/18/63 - 9/20/63) in Jackson's Brigade in Cheatham's Division
    Chattanooga, Tennessee (11/23/63 - 11/25/63) in Jackson's Brigade
    Franklin, Tennessee (11/30/64) in Henry R. Jackson's Brigade in Major General William B. Bate's Division
    Battle of Nashville, Tennessee (12/15/64) in Jackson's Brigade (joined to the 66th Georgia Volunteer Infantry)
    Battle of Bentonville, North Carolina (3/19/65 - 3/21/65) in Col. John C. Fiser's Brigade in McLaws' Division

Muster Roll
Lieutenant Colonel Francis James Corcoran
First Lieutenant Terry Charles
Sergeant Louis-Joseph de Montcalm
Corporal Sigvart Pran (Colour Bearer)
Corporal Desmond Donnelly

Colour Guard Eirik Kristensen
Colour Guard Karel Hetzinger
Private William Iversen
Private William Carnegie
Private Kelly O'Doherty
Private Christopher Oaks
Private Adam Marshall
Private Warren Johnson
Private Neal Fitzgerald
Private Henry Smith
Private Thomas Kilbane
Private Nolan O'Connell
Private James Wheeler
Private Angus MacGrigor
Private Rufoote Henry
Private Connor O'Brien
Private Mariah Olson
Private Daniel McAlary
Private Iain Kelly
Volunteer Daniel Flynne
Volunteer Pier Donia
Volunteer Bartley Jackson
Volunteer Sean Murphy
Volunteer Abraham Walker
Volunteer Tristan Waller
Volunteer Gordon
Volunteer Walter McNeil
Volunteer George Anderson
Volunteer Lucas McDowell
Volunteer Aronsen
Volunteer Edward Drown
Volunteer James Connally
Volunteer Douglas Finnegan
Volunteer Nutterz
Volunteer Patrick O'Neil
Volunteer Sean Tracy
Volunteer Nathan Algren
Volunteer Janos Hunyadi
Volunteer Caldwell Munk
Volunteer John Doyle
Volunteer Cullen Kennedy
Volunteer John Boyle

EU - 21
NA/SA - 26

    Volunteer (Vol)
    Private (Pvt)
    Veteran (Vet)
    Corporal (Cpl)
    Sergeant (Sgt)
    First Sergeant (FSgt)
    Sergeant Major (SgtMaj)
    2nd Lieutenant  (2ndLt)
    1st Lieutenant (1stLt)
    Captain (Cpt)
    Major (Maj)
    Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol)

Linebattle Wednesdays at 5:10 PM PST / 8:10 PM EST (12:10 AM GMT) Cancelled
Linebattle Saturdays 1:00 PM PST / 5:00 PM EST (9:00 PM GMT)

How to Join
Post this application filled out on the thread.
[b]What is your ingame name?:[/b]
[b]What is your steamname?:[/b]
[b]Desired name:[/b] (must be Realistic)
[b]What is your age?:[/b]
[b]Where do you live? (Timezone + Country):[/b]
[b]Why would you like to join the 1st Georgia?:[/b]
[b]Are you going to be active? (meaning attending linebattles):[/b]

Teamspeak Server.
Our channel is in the Games section.

Banner: The harp of Erin


Volunteers, Contact me after you attend 3 battles to be promoted to private.
Privates, Contact me after you attend 15 battles to be promoted to Veteran.

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