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This is the official post of the Petersburg Light Dragoons "PLD". We are a NA EU regiment that is very time friendly when we can be as far as LBs and Trainings. We currently attend the 7th Tns Lb and are looking for some more.
1st Sgt.
Capt. Hall
1st. Sgt. Garrison
Provost Evans

The "Invincible" 13th Virginia cavalry was formed in the Tidewater region of Virginia in 1861 under the name 5th Virginia Cavalry. The Petersburg Light Dragoons who were company B enlisted with only 58 men at the beggining of the war. The regiment was reorganized into the 13th when the army was reorganized after 1st Mannassas. For the first 2 years of the war the 13th was stationed outside of Petersburg to protect the city and Richmond from raiders. The 13th was deployed at Fredricksburg on Jacksons flank as sharpshooters getting several kills with shotguns and carbines at range. After the battle the 13th Virginia got its name from a small skirmish at Beaverly Ford on the Rappahannock on April 15th 1863 which the Commander John R. Chambliss Charged with only 15 men acrossed a ford driving back 1500 Union troops killing and wound several and capturing around 30 cavalrymen and there horses. The Brigade with the 13th in the lead Charged against Stoneman on a raid and stopped him in his tracks and making him run back to Washington. At the battle of Gettysburg the 13th armed with a few lances that they captured from a skirmish a few days earlier put the regiments 1st national flag onto a lance using some to fight. During the fighting on the 3rd the 13th Counter charged Custer and stopped his charge. The 13th was then dismounted and spread out to act as sharpshooters once again. Upon seeing a full size Confederate 1st National flag Captain Newall of the 1st NJ Cavalry decided he would attempt to capture the colors of the 13th. Sergeant Harrison upon seeing this lowered the lance on the flag pole while drawing his saber and stabed Newall in the mouth and also stabbing his orderly in the stomach with the lance right after that. Harrison then grabbed the Captains horse and rode away casually. After the battle the 13th helped cover the retreat of the army. During this retreat one of the 13th Colored troops Regimental cook Dick Poplar was captured. When told that he could be released if he renounced the south he looked around and said "Im a Jeff Davis man" and was thrown in Point Lookout until the end of the war. At the 2nd battle of Brandy Station the 13th was to support a charge by the 9th Virginia against sharpshooters and artillery. the 9th pushed the sharpshooters to the guns but fell back to the 13th. The 13th then charged the artillery and sharpshooters in what is called one of the greatest charges of the war. The 13th drove the artillery which was firing double canister and the sharpshooters as well as the arty guards back. The regiment then fought at Spotsylvania and the Wilderness. At the battle of Fishers run the regiment lost its commander John R. Chambliss. The Regiment continued fighting until the surrender at appomatox with 8 officers and 79 men. Several men tried to even escape through Union lines in groups of 2 with groups being captured in Wellville, Laurel Spring, Cooks Farm, and 5 where captured at Blackstone. 2 soldiers George Tucker Mason and Robert L. Judkins did get through the lines and joined General Johnston in North Carolina. Lieutenant Samuel J. Birdsong made it to Mississippi and joined General Richard Taylors army  and surendered on May 4, 1865.

Rules of Enlistment
Must be 16 years of age and or Mature
Must have TS3
1) Respect for all members, do not insult others in any way
2) Respect for other regiments
3) Be relatively active and attend trainings when possible
4) Do not over talk other people on Team Speak, wait your turn
5) Listen to line commanders and all officers, their normally saying something important.
6) Conduct yourself in a mature manor.
Want to Enlist?
Steam name:
In game name choice:
Will you get Ts:
Will you obey the rules:
What timezone/ Country do you live in:
Will you be able to attend the linebattles and trainings:

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