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Hunteh's Winter 3v3 Tourney


Hey everyone! As promised in my CR election post and as requested several times in the past week, I will be hosting a 3v3 Tournament for the NA community (EUs are welcome to join in on the fun) within the next few weeks. What I need to know from you guys is this: What format of 3v3 and what date? Tentatively I am proposing Saturday December 11th at 9:15 EST as the date for the single day tourney, however depending on the opinion of the community at large I can move that to another date to accommodate as many NA players as I can. The format is also malleable if so requested, but for now it remains a standard 3v3 bayonet only tourney. Oh and one more thing: I will be contributing a $30 (CAD) prize to the tournament winners. Best of luck and lets have a fun tourney!


Rule 1: Decent behavior is expected. No insults* and no trolling of any kind.
       *Rule 1.5: Banter is allowed, but ensure that it does not go into personal attacks
Rule 2: If you are not in a match, stay in spec. Any interruption of an ongoing game will result in an immediate temp ban for the player doing the trolling.
Rule 3: No teamkilling or cheating (see rule 1)
Rule 4: Groupstage Matches will be Ft5. Playoff matches will be Ft7, and Finals matches will be Ft10.
Rule 5 Use normal line infantry only. No lights, no guard, no cav etc.
Rule 6: Use the bayonet only.
Rule 7: A round begins after both Captains have written Ready or R
Rule 8: The usage of RP names is allowed, but you must include it next to your community name when signing up to avoid confusion. A player impersonating another will be told to change their name.
Rule 9: The usage of similar faces is forbidden. Keep a relatively noticeable difference.
Rule 10: The maximum Roster capacity is 4: 3 players, 1 sub. Emergency subs will be approved by host.

Referee Rules:

The Server will be password will be **NA_CS_1. In the event of greater than expected numbers OR if the server has any issues, **NA_CS_2 will also be used.
The password will be given out 30 mins before by the admin host. Referees will be given the admin password.
Map will be the standard 4 Arena tourney map
Melee speed will be set to fastest (NA Standard)
Nations will be UK and France
Referees will keep track of each match and report it. It is aimed to be a quick tourney, so refs must make sure that teams get to play promptly.

Team Applications
Team Name:
Team Tag:
Have you read and accepted the rules?

Referee Applications
Prior experience (If any):

Team Name: People who were at some point LG officers
Team Tag: LGO
Players: Theodin, Russian, Waste, Killershark

Team Name: Tsaheylu
Team Tag: Tsaheylu
Players: Viper (Son Richards), Wall (Don Richards), Vertildr (Jon Richards), Double (Ron Richards)

Team Name: PowerRangers
Team Tag: PowerRanger_Name
Players: James, Piktonss, Godfreid, Runepkyz

Team Name: 1KL nerds
Team Tag: 1KL
Players: Antidote, Jazz, Noob, BloodAndGuts

Team Name: The Girth-Kages
Team Tag: TGK
Players: Mikey, Yoshie, Horse, Risk

Team Name: Children of Chaos
Team Tag: CoC
Players: Iuff, Soulja, Glenn, Dio

Players: Achilles, Jakob, Python, Smallest

Team Name:Memeteam
Team Tag:[MT]
Players: Anthony, Vetro, Nickcole, Sanders

Team Name: whosinparis
Team Tag: aggin
Players: Cwater, Yoloswag, Ghostrider

Team Name: 3e Never Lose
Team Tag: [3eNeverLose]
Players: SteveUrkle12, Suzuki, Jadog2003, Dahan

Team Name: The Three Nonces
Team Tag: Nonce_
Players: HiReaper, Zenon, Giorno

Team Name: GOT2B
Team Tag: GOT2B
Players: LEVIS, tommy, Knives, Evan

Prior experience (If any): Do I even need to put this anymore YES


NA Community Representative Thread: February to April

Hello everyone. My name is HuntehPetros, more commonly known as Hunteh, and I am happy to have been elected NA CR for this term of November-January. February-April. First off, I'd like to say thank you to Tired_Jake, the outgoing NA CR- LadyMoraine- Best of fortune going forwards, as well as a big thank you to everyone that voted in the election. Now- There's no question that the NA community is in the worst position it has ever been in, with declining numbers across the board massively impacting our events and enjoyment of this game. I am not a miracle worker. I cannot fix all the problems with this game and with this community. But I can try, and to that end I will do my best to restore at least some of the magic that made this game so damn enjoyable for just a little longer so we can continue to have fun, be it in pubs, casuals, or competitive side.

Being a CR I will also make sure to moderate the NA side of the forums (thanks Scottish Unicorn for doing it the past months) and the events of NA to make sure there's as little drama that can quickly go out of hand that might negatively affect the members of the community.

What's happening around the community?

The North American 6v6 Draft League hosted by James is in the Semifinal stages of playoffs now, with #5 seed Vindica playing #1 seed Cult of Popes, and #2 seed Tekkaden playing #3 seed StwykeFowce after some tense Quarterfinal matches. Best of luck to all!

Nov. 19th update: The Draft League is over, with StwykeFowce winning 2-1 in maps over Cult of Popes! well done to all and a big thank-you to James for hosting the tournament.

The 93rd Sutherland Highlander Regiment of Foot recently reformed again! Keep at it :)

December: The promised Winter 3v3 Groupfighting Tournament was hosted on December 11th, and went extremely smoothly! Team whosinparis took the win, with The Girth-Kages coming in second and LGO taking 3rd. Well done and thanks for participating everyone!

January: The Napoleonic Wars Champions League Season 2 is on! Good luck to all teams involved.

February: The release date of BCOF has been announced as March 1st, meaning that there will likely be an influx of new players to the FSE forums. Welcome! Please read the FSE rules and play fair!

February 26th update: The Napoleonic Wars Champions League Season 2 has concluded its season with team Convicted Hatecrimer and Friends winning both League 1 and League 2! Runners up were teams BoomerBus Gaming and Bromen respectively. GG, well played and great season!

March: Battle Cry of Freedom is out!!! Available now on steam, purchase the game and support the BCOF team here: The game is currently still a work in progress but has good attendance already- 400 player linebattles and sieges are now a thing!

March 21st update: The Napoleonic Wars Championship Series draft is taking place on the 25th- 4 days away! Get excited for this next iteration of the NA draft scene, this time featuring a 4v4 standard!

April 28th update: My time as Community Representative has come to a close. It was certainly an enjoyable experience for the two terms I served, and I'm glad I did it. I will continue of course to be in the community and participate in it, acting as a ref and advisor when I can. I will note this however- The release of BCOF has changed things. A CR cannot be simply an NW rep, they must talk with and play with BCOF players to be their representative as well. If I were to change one thing about my time as CR, I would have more actively discussed with and participated with BCOF devs and the community at large. In any case, thank you for my time as CR and best of luck to the next one!

Goals for the term (November-January):

- I will attempt to host several Zombie Survival nights and potentially a Commander Battle night for the public/casual regimental sides of the community, aiming to provide a low stress environment for players to chill out on Sunday nights

- Help organize and facilitate the continuation of the remaining weekly events working in close cooperation with the event hosts looking to maximize attendance on one day of the week especially, as well as provide my utmost support to any prospective would be event hoster (Casual or competitive)

- Host a Groupfighting or Duel Tournament on a night of the communities choosing after the current draft league is over

- Be an active admin on the BBG servers, helping pubs have as much enjoyment of the game as they can!

- Moderate the community and provide as much support as I can to regiments and the regimental leaders: Feel free to ask me for assistance no matter the issue!

February - April updated goals for term

- Moderate the FSE pages heavily now that there is an influx in BCOF regiments and players to FSE once more. Focus will be on informing players and aiding in keeping forums clean

- Advise to an extent BCOF players with the release of BCOF on March 1st

- Continue with admining/reffing community competitive events in NW

- Continue to advise NW players and leaders regarding remaining events

Here is my contact info- Feel free to add me and ask for anything on any one of these!
This is my Steam
This is my FSE
Discord: Canadaquistador#3055

Regiments / 41e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne [NA]
« on: January 18, 2021, 05:13:09 am »
“Les Bretons”

Regimental Introduction

The 41e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne is a mostly casual North American regiment which was active from mid 2019-late 2021.

Service -
Strive for excellence at all times, but do note that we don't require people to be super strict and on the nose about everything! We are here to have fun after all!
Ranks -
Major/Chef du Battalione
Sous Lieutenant

Attendance -
As per our casual nature we are chilled back about regimental attendance- Come when you like to!
Maturity -
Don't be too immature please :).

Battle Record


41e 8-2 12e Huss
41e 1-9 25y
41e 3-7 1KL
41e 6-4 1erCAC
41e 2-8 34e
41e 4-6 1KL
41e 7-3 95th
41e 3-7 84th
41e 4-6 21st
41e 2-8 21st
41e 1-9 Nr49
41e 2-8 47th
41e 2-8 LIR
41e 6-4 3e
41e 5-5 3e


41e 3-15 RSL
41e 11-20 1KL
41e 15-7 1KL
41e 15-14 21st
41e 13-15 9th
41e 8-15 1KL
41e 15-9 1KL
41e 8-15 1KL
41e 15-14 1stRM
41e 11-15 21st
41e 15-6 24th
41e 2-15 4eme
41e 9-15 1tes
41e 5-20 4eme
41e 9-15 4eme
41e 2-20 1tes
41e 9-15 84th
41e 20-0 24th
41e 3-15 21st
41e 13-15 55e
41e 15-13 84th
41e 9-15 84th
41e 9-20 1tes
41e 15-9 3e
41e 15-5 84th*
41e 14-15 21st
41e 15-7 21st


41e/34e 9-1 7eL/DKK
41e/21st 2-6 RSL/DKK
41e/9th 5-3 21st/1KL
41e/1KL 1-7 12e/DKK
41e/12e 5-3 1KL/93rd
41e/84th 5-3 9th/1stRWY
41e/84th 1-7 12e/DKK
41e/1stRM 5-5 1tes/1tes

Regimental History

The 41e has been in a service as a regiment under different names since early 2016, founded and most notably as the 1stSL. The regiment reformed as the 41e under Colonel Fittens in September 2019, and have been attending weekly events ever since! We participated in the 2020 summer 2v2 tournament, scoring 3 wins and 3 losses respectively. After a period of relative inactivity, Hunteh brought the 41e back for a new competitive twist and competed in the Spring 1v1 league, where the 41e was placed in league 1 despite being usually severely outmatched by their opponents. Nevertheless, the 41e continued through the league and continued to grow, and competed in league 2 of the North American Regimental Groupfighting League with 3 other opponents- The 1tes, the 4eme, and the 24th. Despite once again being outmatched in skill by the larger 1tes and 4eme, the 41e put up a good fight to end the RGL with a 20-9 loss against the 1tes in the league 2 final. After that, the 41e was active for some more time until September 2021, where the regiment finally disbanded.

We did mostly casual, but we were welcoming to 1v1s and groupfights!

Monday: Off Day

Tuesday: Off Day

Wednesday: Wednesday Linebattle 8:00 EST

Thursday: Off Day/Training

Friday: Friday Linebattle 8:00 EST

Saturday: Saturday Linebattle 8:00 EST

Sunday:  Off Day/Potential GF or 1v1

Commissioned Officers

Colonel Fittens
Major Neanderthal
Capitaine Hunteh
Lieutenant Coolpenguin1
Lieutenant Simpson
Sous Lieutenant Katana

Non-Commissioned Officers

Adjutant Mr.Duck
Sergent Chef Frederick
Sergent HistoryNSzn
Aspirant James
Aspirant Silence

Commissioned Officers: 6
Non-Commissioned Officers: 5
Enlisted: 37
Current Count: 48


Caporal Fourier Helgraf
Caporal Fourier WhenBoarsFly
Caporal Fourier Waffles
Caporal Vaizer
Caporal Crustysocks
Caporal Shogun
Caporal Willie
Soldat Draughtfan0676
Soldat Caesar
Soldat Maelstrom
Soldat Cam
Soldat NightC
Soldat Mr. Goose
Soldat BlackIce
Soldat NILOB
Soldat Goober
Soldat Pickle
Soldat Turdler
Soldat Shawty
Cadet Charlie
Cadet Achilles
Cadet Bosnia
Cadet Swagner
Cadet Rai
Cadet Green
Cadet Swagner
Cadet Rayleigh
Cadet Jazz
Cadet Noob
Cadet Boof
Cadet TheDodgeyGoob
Cadet Brayden
Cadet Herr Kommisar
Cadet Lua
Cadet Noface
Cadet Cytiuz

"Special" rank: Superb*Pedro

credit to VetroG for the thread design

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