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Iron Europe / Iron Europe v2.0 Patch 01 - released! LATEST DOWNLOAD
« on: October 05, 2019, 03:05:52 pm »
| v2.0 Patch 01

The long promised patch is here. Sadly not everything is fixed, however those that weren't fixed are pretty insignificant
anyways. Check the changelog to see what changed, IE_Frontlines_Roleplay is updated and can be played on.

| Download
Full - Mega
Full - Google drive - RECOMMENDED
Patch - Google Drive (6,01 Mb)

More platforms coming soon

(0. Install the BETA first) - do not do this if you installed the full version
1. Open the .exe
2. Click through, and accept the license
3. In the path change the folder to "Iron Europe v2", for Steam users:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules\Iron Europe v2

| Changelog

Fixed artillery particles

All bayonets are visible now

Removed Angry elephant

Uniforms of the French are fixed

Class limits of the French are fixed

Added bagpipes for the British and removed the drummer

SMLE speed is nerved, it is now equal to the lebel and gewehr

More shrapnel for howitzers

Fixed ' is missing' bug

Added 5 custom map slots for 'Battle' and 'Conquest', to make it easier for server
to have custom maps

Renamed the United Kingdom to British Empire

- Woeski

Iron Europe / Iron Europe v2.0 Public Beta RELEASED
« on: August 16, 2019, 07:06:14 pm »
| Public Beta

So here it is. This is the PUBLIC BETA of Iron Europe 2.0 - this means that there might be some problems. If you found any of them please report them on this topic.

IE_Frontlines_Roleplay server is updated and set for this update - other servers can follow suit later.

| Download

(Steam workshop might also be updated later)

  • Download the file
  • Unzip it in your modules folder (for Steam users: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules")
  • Play it! - be sure to launch the mod called "Iron Europe v2" and not "Iron Europe" since that's the old one.
  • optional: delete the old Iron Europe version

| Changelog
I will keep it short.

Ypres Salient map - Day & Storm variants

Zennebrug map - Day variant

British Empire - English, Scottish, Canadian, Australian and New Zealander units

New French units - Belgians, Foreign Legion and Drummer units

New German units - Uhlan Kavallerie, Jäger bataillon and Drummer units

New troop type - Recon (Jäger bataillon and Highlander) -> faster movement speed
                       - Cavarly assault troops (Uhlan Kavallerie) -> equipped with a sword
                       - Drummer (all factions have a drummer now) -> can play music

New weapons - Short magazine Lee Enfield + scoped version
                     - Webley revolver
                     - Lewis gun
                     - Karabiner 88
                     - Browning automatic 5 (shotgun)
                     - Vickers Machine gun
                     - Stokes mortar (WIP)
                     - Ross straight pull rifle

Smoke grenades - support units (and the Stormtrooper officer) can choose them

New Gramophone tunes

Some guns have new sounds

Carbines are (slightly) faster than regular rifles

Regular rifles shoot slightly slower now

All LMGs shoot faster now

Howitzer angle decreased (from -15 to -4) -> this will make it easier to hit closer targets

Massive dirt artillery particle removed

New sandbags texture

Grenades explode faster


<!> Double shift-bug (where you could aim with normal speed) should be fixed

New model for the lebel rifle

New uniform textures for the Germans (+ camo helmets for Cavarly and Stormtroopers)

River of Death artillery position fixed


Stokes mortar model does not look nice

Crashes can still occur

Artillery particles are still WIP (because of some bizarre bugs)

Angry Elephant doesn't work

Belgian support uniform is bugged (LOD issue probably)

French class limits are not correct

Browning automatic 5's ammo display is bugged
There has been a lot changed - could be that I forgot to mention something


click me
  • Woeski - developer (coding + openBRF)
  • Sir Kydric - developer (texturing + openBRF)
  • Beton - 3d modeling
  • Bourne - historical advise
  • DanyEle - (former dev) coding help
BIG thanks to:

Did I forget you? Please let me know.

Tuesday events (20:00CEST) are still running !
Spread the word !

Thursday event (20:00 CET) are still running !
Spread the word !

Iron Europe / News announcement - JUNE 2019
« on: June 01, 2019, 01:02:23 pm »


Good day Iron Europe followers,
I'm here to inform you about the latest progress on Iron Europe v2.
To begin with, we won't be making this a very well formatted post just like the previous one, back in April.
I am pleased to announce that Iron Europe v2 is almost finished... the finishing touches are being made!
We've added many new things, as well as scrap a couple plans that were previously announced.

Big thanks to Sir Kydric for texture help,
BNS Marko for his OSP pack,
Yebenoso for letting us use resources,
Beton for helping with 3d models,
DanyEle & Duke Longtree for support,
Thomas for the 1.22 Steam workshop
and all regiment leader who keep the mod alive!

Public play is returning to Iron Europe, IE_Frontlines_Roleplay server is often populated, please drop by!

Regiments / EU| Première Brigade [1B] < 9eZ + 2Ch + 34plk
« on: June 01, 2019, 11:37:33 am »
We stopped with this Brigade, was a great time. - 02/06/2020

The 1e Brigade [1B] currently consists of 3 regiments, 9e Régiment de Zouaves,2e régiment des chasseurs à pied and 34 polk.
The 9eZ is a French speaking community whilst the 2Ch is international, meaning English speaking. 34 polk is only for Bulgarians.
We are also planning on uploading our media on the 1e Brigade's Official YouTube channel.
Read on to know the details about each regiment.

| 9e régiment de Zouaves

Le 9e Régiment de Zouaves, est le 1er Régiment de la 1e Brigade, composer de 2 régiments Fondateurs, plus d'un 3eme régiment d'un Ex-Membre du Nr41, puis d'un 4e régiment.

Commander par le Capitaine Toussaint-Hache
le 9e Zouaves est un régiment Francophone, "qui a exister en 14-18"

La Devise du 9e Régiment de Zouaves = Chacal en Algérie, et Tigres a Verdun.

Roster =

Officiers :

Sous-Officiers :

Hommes de rangs :

Hiérarchie :

Rsv - Réserviste = 1 event par mois Min.

Homme de rang :
Volontaire - Vlt
Soldat - Sdt
Soldat Vétéran - SdtV

Caporal - Cpl
Caporal-Fourrier - CplF
Sergent - Sgt
Sergent-Chef - SgtC

Sous-lieutenant - SLtn
Lieutenant - Ltn
Capitaine - Cpt
Commandant - Cmd
Colonel - Colonel

| 2e régiment des Chasseurs à Pied Belge

The 2Ch are international, the regiment has a Belgian theme. Therefore it has a proper hierarchy of ranks, which you can view below.
We have plenty of experience in Iron Europe events already,
having started the IR Nr41 back in early August 2018. Many of our members are ex-Nr41'ers.
After Nr41 disbanned due to lack of activity some old veterans joined up with the 1e Birgade to form the 2Ch.
Most importantly,we'd like to have a better atmosphere and preform better on the field.
We're also playing other mods and a game called Darkest Hour though it doesn't have weekly events.

| Hierarchy
Officers | NCOs | Enlisted

1. Kolonel (Kol)
1. Adjudant-majoor (AdjtMaj)
1. Eerste korporaal-chef (1KplChef)
2. Luitenant-kolonel (LtKol)
2. Adjudant-chef (AdjtChef)2. Korporaal-chef (KplChef)
3. Majoor (Maj)
3. Adjudant (Adjt)3. Korporaal (Kpl)
4. Kapitein-commandant (Cdt)
4. Eerste sergeant-majoor (1SgtMaj)4. Eerste soldaat (1Sdt)
5. Kapitein (Kapt)
5. Eerste sergeant-chef (1SgtChef)5. Soldaat (Sdt)
6. Luitenant (Lt)
6. Eerste sergeant (1Sgt)6. Klaroen (Klaroen)
7. Onderluitenant (OLt)
7. Sergeant (Sgt)7. Vrijwilliger (Vrij)
Kapitein-commandant is the highest rank - 1-10 members
Majoor - 10-20
Luitenant-kolonel - 20-25
Kolonel - 25-∞

| Roster

Maj. WoeskiAdj. DamnhayelKpl. Samuel
/Sgt. HussarSdt. Zembrax
//1Sdt. Piggu
//Sdt. Bartosz
//Vrij. Josh
//Sdt. BusyHead
//Vrij. La Bayard
//Vrij. Ghostkiller
//Sdt. Sandboi
//Vrij. Bruins
//Sdt. Dolas
//Sdt. Koen
//Vrij. Saulniv
//Sdt. Lapa
//Vrij. Muss
//Sdt. Kreg
//1Sdt. DarthVader
//Vrij. Radioman
//Vrij. Nate
//Sdt. Gemmy
//Sdt. Laxloopop
//Vrij. Kira
//Vrij. Yoghurt
//Vrij. Kroussainte
//Vrij. Nerevar
//Vrij. SoldierTree
//Vrij. ZdezLaw
//Vrij. Efthymis
//Vrij. Firdon

| About "Chasseurs à pied"   

Chasseurs are light infantry, their main task is
reconnaissance or small-scale skirmishing. Specially trained for service in less convenient environments.
This particular regiment was part of the 5th division, garrisoned in Mons.It was also part
of the attempts to push back the Germans from Antwerp.
Which ended in failure. On August 26th, the 3rd battalion was located at theVerbrande Brug.
This is where Private (after his death, Corporal) Léon Trésignies volunteered to maneuver the crutch of the drawbridge on the
enemy bank of the Willebroek canal. The brave chasseur was mowed down by German machine guns.
The regiment was also part of the Battle of the Yser in October 1914.
Belgium didn't go on any major offensives until late 1918, during the 100-days offensive,
the 2e Chasseurs also participated in this offensive.

March of the 2e régiment des Chasseurs à pied

| 34 polk

Only for Bulgarians, a small squad that strives to master flanking tactics.

Planning / Schedule [9eZ + 2Ch + 34plk]
Monday - ??
Tuesday - Iron Europe event 8PM CEST
Wednesday - Possible day for meeting
Thursday - ??
Friday - ??
Saturday - Possible day for meeting
Sunday - Possible day for meeting

We're playing a large variation of mods and even games on our "Possible day for meetings".
More on this is Work In Progress.

Decorations / Medals

How it works
To further allow members to be rewarded for their performance - the 2Ch regiment offers a decoration system.
Thanks to everyone who helped me with this task!
So, basically we will be using the names and ribbons of the actual Belgian army medals. These will be distributed among the members with each medal covering a specific in-game «skill». To add an extra layer of grind to the whole thing - each medal consists of 3 grades starting from the I - each grade will come with a different reward:
Grade| Reward
IYour name under the thread's recipient list
IIA [surprise  ;)] comment on your Steam profile.
IIIReceive a special role on discord.

recipient list
Discipline & service
Courage under fire
Dolas I
Lapa II
Sandboi I
Zemrax I
Antonio II
Samuel I
Jadore I
Kretinas I
Damnhayel II
Sandboi I
Jadore I
Darth Vader I
Medical aid
/Samuel IKoen I
Exeptional preformance
Active member
in other mods
Exeptional preformance towards
completing the objective(s)
Lapa I//

(Made by Darth Vader Our Official recruitment poster:

You can contact the following regiment administrators:
Woeski, commander of 2Ch ->

Toussaint, commander of 52e ->

Join our DISCORD SERVER aswell!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to add us on Steam or post below.

Modifications / Searching 3d modeler for weapon models
« on: May 14, 2019, 07:41:55 pm »
Hi I'm Woeski, I'm part of the new Iron Europe developer team.
We're working on an update (v2) but we lack 3d modelers, in fact we have none in our team.

Your main tasks would be to create weapon models,
  • Vickers Machinegun
  • Stokes mortar
The mortar and the vickers need to be modular, like artillery pieces already present in NW.

If you think you're up for this, please contact me on Steam:

-The IE dev team

Iron Europe / News announcement - APRIL 2019
« on: April 09, 2019, 12:44:06 pm »


Good day Iron Europe followers,
I'm here to inform you about the latest progress on Iron Europe v2.
On the 10th of April 10, 2018 DanyEle announced that there would be a new development team to finish the mod's highly anticipated version 2.0. Mainly Duke Longtree has been working on the mod since then, however due to circumstances he lost most of his files related to Iron Europe and has therefore quit. He is back!

All this however does not mean that Iron Europe has stopped development, as you may have noticed there has been a new patch (1.22). Work has continued after that, and today I will show the progression made, aswell as sharing possible ideas and asking for your help. 

Let's begin with what's added so far;
  • The British Empire  Although it still needs some work, the "essence" of the faction is already complete.
    What this will add is new weapons and uniforms,
    - Lewis Gun - LMG
    - SMLE (+scoped version) - boltaction rifle
    - Webley - revolver
    - Browning Automatic 5 - shotgun
  • Smoke grenades  units from the grenadier squad will now be able to choose smoke grenades to cover an advance!
  • New particles  again some new particles,
    - Bullet casings fly out when firing an HMG
    - (Again) a new artillery hit particle
  • New maps  including:
    - a new Passchendaele map called Ypres Salient
    - Argonne forest map with village called Bois D'Argonne
  • Fusil Automatique Modèle 1917  a new french semi-auto rifle
  • Many new scene props  for mappers including things such as;
    - new trenches
    - a tank
    - trench props
    - modular bunkers

That is mostly what's done, or almost done, text marked in red are not 100% done yet.

So what still needs to be done;
  • A new german weapon/unit  I want to make every faction feel a bit more different, this is why I added some new weapons like the French semi-automatic, the british trench gun but we also need something for the Germans, now I was thinking of maybe doing a flamethrower, however this won't be easy to make. Please give me your suggestions!
  • New models  the reason why the french semi-auto and the british trench gun aren't 100% finished is because they don't have a model yet, only a place holder one, all the models that I currently use are those that were made by the previous developers, but for new ideas we need new models and so I am searching for someone to make them, and if possible also a new reload animation for the shotgun.

Those are the things that need to be made for sure, however there are also things that I need the community's opinion for.

  • What is your opinion about off-map artillery? Is it necessary? I have already increased the power of the howitzer, since I've noticed it's really under powered.
  • Cavarly? Honestly I think it's really pointless, but a lot of people would like to see it for some reason
British lewis gunner on the new Passchendaele map

British sniper on the new Passchendaele map

Smoke screen to cover an advance

If you have anything else you would like to suggest, don't be afraid to post it here.

If you want to help Iron Europe, get in touch with me:
FSE contact | Steam contact | Discord contact: Woeski#0385

Also events are still running, currently deciding between Mondays or Tuesdays. (We tried Monday first)FSE thread

Red and Blue 1936 / Tanks & Armoured Cars?
« on: January 16, 2019, 04:36:39 pm »
I just wanted to know how they work? I can't really seem to spawn them.

There also isn't really a guide for Red & Blue I could find.

If there are any other tips & tricks you want to tell me about, go ahead :D

General Discussion / What is Mentos doing in NW?
« on: January 12, 2019, 12:44:50 pm »
ingame picture of Mentos, no I didn't mod it in
real Mentos picture

So I was just putting down the pebbles texture, I suddenly noticed some weird colours...

Iron Europe / Patch 1.22 Released!
« on: January 06, 2019, 02:04:21 pm »

Maybe not the 2.0 update you have been expecting, however Iron Europe gets once again updated after almost 4 years. IE_Frontlines_Roleplay server is updated and can be played on.
The 18:00GMT Tuesday event is also still running, however it could use some new regiments.

• Shooting bots
• Map changes
- Somerby Farm, added more props & detail for cover
- Canal Du Nord (Bot), fixed spawn and more detail & props for cover | map made for bot conquest
- Canal Du Nord (Day), fixed spawn and more detail & props for cover
- La Haye Sainte (Day), renamed to Poelcapelle: new siege map (see screenshots)
- Beach (morning) & Beach (evening), removed the mm_schrine objects blocking the map
• New artillery particle (see screenshots)


New artillery particle

Bots in action

New map, attacker perspective

New map, defender perspective


Github download:
         Moddb download:

How to install?


  • Woeski
  • Old Iron Europe team

A few notes:
- Map updates will continue to be added, they will most likely just be changed on the server, instead of a whole new version.
- Sorry, there is still no fix to the crashes, though they only occur if there are more than 80 players on, and the server only has a capacity of 80 players.

Servers / IE_Frontlines_Roleplay SERVER [New Thread]
« on: December 30, 2018, 09:01:27 pm »

  IE Frontlines RP
The server is hosted in London and has 80 slots.

It is a public server but the rules[*] must be observed!
 We host regular events[*].
The default gamemode is battle.
This map also has custom maps. (I will post them here at some point)
If you'd like to make maps for this server please contact me. (via FSE pm)
View the server's updates here.





  • 1B_2Ch_Maj_Woeski
  • 24eRI_Capitaine_Weyland
  • XII.Aragorn the Thief of Keys
  • Nr41_Uffz_Zidius


  • limit the use of other languages other than English
  • Listen to admins
  • No trolling
  • No teamkilling or excessive teamhitting
  • One recruitement message per map
  • No insulting
  • Don't delay


  • Monday - /
  • Tuesday - Event
  • Wednesday - /
  • Thursday - /
  • Friday - /
  • Saturday - /
  • Sunday - /
Note: Most Roleplay events are not regular but on special occasions, they'll be added to the schedule when announced.


  • War Of Trenches (Morning)
  • Passchendaele (Storm)
  • River of Death (Storm)
  • The Village (Day)
  • The Village (Night) - CUSTOM MAP - Isonzo River
  • Siegfriedlinie (Day)
  • Battle of the Ardennes (Day)


Big thanks to: Dark (aka Weyland) and Rybon for helping with events.

Events / [RP] > Christmas Truce SPECIAL Event | PUBLIC
« on: December 20, 2018, 11:38:44 am »
IR Nr.41 presents:

Art by: Verdun


Around the time of Christmas in 1914, and even in 1915 in the cold winter soldiers came out of their trenches
to meet the "enemy". They exchanged gifts with eachother and even played a football match. Today this event is known as the Chirstmas Truce (read more).

This Friday (21/12/2018) at 8pm CET there will be a Roleplay event about the Christmas Truce of 1914.
The event will be public, the server will be IE_Frontlines_Roleplay (the same one as all recent events).
!! Keep in mind that this is a Roleplay event, and listening to the admin is essential.


- The event will be a on a custom map.

- The time will be set to 60:00, the first 10 minutes will be peace.
- At 50:00 all players will have to return to the trenches.
After that, both sides will charge into No Man's Land.
- The fighting will continue for about 5 minutes.
After that the Christmas is over, we do invite you to casually play some Iron europe
- The gamemode will be Team Deathmatch
- No killing during the peace time.
- Keep the event civil, no hate towards eachother.

Bury and honour your fallen comrades. (or a horse)


Play music and have fun in the bunker


Take some screenshots!

Build a weird shelter


Warm your hands


We invite everyone to join our Christmas Sermon discord:

Download the map

Iron Europe / [POLL] Move the Monday event to Thursdays?
« on: November 10, 2018, 10:35:48 am »
Due to personnal reasons, Mondays aren't a good day anymore for me to host an event.
Thursday do work a lot better, so I want to ask you guys: should we move the Monday event to Thursdays?
Use the poll to vote.

>Monday event thread<

Iron Europe / Iron Europe training map
« on: August 30, 2018, 02:16:17 pm »
Iron Europe training map

Map version: 1.0
I have made a very basic training map for Iron Europe regiments.
If there is anything I missed out or you want to suggest something, don't hesitate to make a comment.
However do know that you can also edit the map yourself, if you want something specifically for your regiment,
it's better to do it yourself.
It is a training map, so I did not make the most beautiful and realistic map.


  • 2 trenches and No Man's Land
  • groupfighting/melee area
  • promotions area
  • artillery + dummies and dummy house to shoot



melee area

promotions area


dummy army


scn_mp_custom_map_11 mp_custom_map_11 256 none none 0.000000 0.000000 100.000000 100.000000 -100.000000 0x000000023002a1ba0004210900003ca000006a8900007a7b
(download link below)


2e Jagers te Voet has changed his name to Nr.41.
We are a regiment for Iron Europe, mainly European.
Eventhough this is a German themed regiment we speak English and the orders
are also given in English, so if you're not German no worries.
Trolling, teamhitting, disobeying orders, etc is not tolerated.
Remeber: the best order to give is "don't die!"
We're now playing Darkest Hour Europe '44 - '45 aswell. Check us out there too!

| Officers | NCOs | Enlisted

1. Hauptmann (Hptm)1. Feldwebel-Leutnant (Fwltn) 1. Hauptgefreiter (HptGefr)
2. Oberleutnant (Obltn)2. Feldwebel (Fw) 2. Obergefreiter (ObGefr)
3. Leutnant (Ltn) 3. Vizefeldwebel (Vzfw)3. Gefreiter  (Gefr)
                                      4. Unteroffizier (Uffz)4. Freiwilliger (Frei.)


  • Monday - /
  • Tuesday - Iron Europe 20:00CEST 
  • Wednesday - /
  • Thursday - /
  • Friday - / 
  • Saturday - Darkest Hour 19:30CEST
  • Sunday -  /

__| Officers |__
Hptm. Woeski
Ltn. Kolev
__| NCOs |__

__| Enlisted |__
ObGefr. Zidius
ObGefr. Fraude
ObGefr. Piggu
Gefr. GhostKiller
Frei. Veilja
Frei. Moody
Frei. Gemmy
Frei. Busyhead
Frei. Hans Timmermans
Frei. Altiris
Frei. Zash
Frei. Dawson
Frei. sir NICK
Frei. Saulniv (Rainbow)
Frei. Bóbr (DH only)
__| Reserve |__
Fei. Fruzhin
Frei. Calum
Frei. Kolo
Frei. GertBerg
Frei. Zoltan
Frei. papa Stalin
Frei. Darien
Frei. Javkopter
Frei. Damnhayel

1. Join the steam group                 
2. Join our discord server.
3. Add me on steam.
4. Add the tags I give you and change your banner:


The mobilization of the regiment took place on 2 August 1914. The regiment joined the Association of the 1st Infantry Division under the leadership of Lieutenant General von Conta.

1. East Prussian Grenadier Regiment No. 1 "Crown Prince" and the Infantry Regiment "von Boyen" (5th East Prussian) No. 41 together formed the 1st Infantry Brigade under command of Major General von Trotha. Other units of the brigade were the field artillery reg
The units of the 1st Infantry Division rallied on 8 and 9 August 1914 in the Gumbinnen-Stallupönen area. Already on 10 Aug. 1914, there were battles with enemy cavalry, in the area of ​​Uszballen. The regiment took part in the Battle of Tannenberg and the Battle of the Masurian Lakes on the Eastern Front. After advancing Russian troops on the line Jablinka Duklapass the regiment was transferred in the Association of the 1st Infantry Division to the theater of war of the southern front in the Carpathians. On January 11, 1915, the Regiment relocated from Thorn via Wroclaw and Vienna to Munkacz, where it arrived on the morning of the 16th of January. In March, the 3rd Guards Division and the 1st Infantry Division were combined to form the "Corps Bothmer" under the command of General Graf von Bothmer.
In the next few months, there were numerous enemy contacts in this difficult for man and material combat area. On March 5, 1916, the regiment left this front area due to the relocation order to the Western Front. After several days of train travel, the regiment was discharged a few kilometers east of Metz in Wendel. From here, the regiment moved quarter east to Metz. It followed the use in the battle for Verdun. On April 24, the regiment first came into contact with the gas warfare of the Western Front. Toward evening of the day, the French troops began to cover the staging area of ​​the regiment in the Hardaumont Gorge with gas grenades. It followed in May, the fighting for the Fumin forest, here were the companies of the regiment under constant barrage of enemy artillery. The foremost positions were completely leveled and many soldiers were buried in them.

Furthermore, the use in June against the main line of defense of the French on the eastern bank of the Meuse should be mentioned. [16] In early August 1916, the regiment retired from the 1st Infantry Division. In mid-September, the regiment joined the newly formed 221st Infantry Division, with a subsequent rest period in the area of ​​Mouzon on the Meuse River until 18 October. From October 20, the use followed on the battlefields on the Somme. In the following months, the regiment took part in further hostilities on the Western Front.

On November 12, 1918, the regiment left the war zone and began the march back to the garrison town of Tilsit, where it arrived on December 21 and was demobilized. During the World War the regiment suffered heavy casualties.


Made by: Kolev

Made by: Kolev

Monday Event 08/13/2018

mini HMG squad (bot survival)

little RP


[img width=313 height=200][/img]

Bigger version


[url=][img width=313 height=200][/img][/url]


Events / Tuesday Event | 8pm CEST [NO LONGER HOSTING]
« on: August 07, 2018, 08:01:47 pm »

Hosted by 2Ch & BACM regiment
The event will take place every Tuesday 8pm CEST. (look at your timezone)
Public players are allowed, we won't use a password unless there are trolls.
Also make sure you have read and agree with the rules!

Regiments are allowed to be just 1 unit or split themselves up in
separate units - please keep in mind that separate units cannot stay close
to each other at all time.
- artillery can only be used in an arty-only unit
- max. 2 support per unit
- max. 1 medic per unit
- max. 1 officer per unit
- max. 1 sentry per unit
- max. 1 recon per unit
- max. 1 LMG + ammo carrier per unit with 5 players
- max. 1 HMG + ammo carrier per unit with 3 players
- max. 1 grenadier per unit with 4 players
- max. 1 HEAVY grenadier per unit with 8 players
- No snipers
(classes that are not mentioned have no limit)
- No shittalk in chat
- Listen to the admins
- In "All charge" you can only use melee weapons
  > NO grenades (neither explosive or smoke)
- disobeying rules (especially all charge) can result in a temp ban
Game Information

Server: IE_Frontlines_Roleplay
Gamemodes: Battle & Conquest & Siege
Duration: ~1 hour
Password: will use a new one / week
Mod version: 2.0 + patch 01
Main Admin:

- 1B_2Ch | ~5
(- IIIBlp | 5-10)
- LSS | 6-10
- CEP | 7-15
- 41stC | ~7

Total (max.) amount: ~37/80

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[b]Amount of units:[/b]
[b]Leader's steam profile:[/b]
[b]How many will come:[/b]
[b]I agree with the rules:[/b] (yes/no)






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