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Regiments / Pontificia Cohors Helvetica
« on: February 02, 2020, 03:14:17 am »
handing over the reg to someone else, new name etc (reserbed or whatever)

Regiments / 90th Regiment of Foot (Perthshire Volunteers)
« on: January 24, 2020, 12:30:39 am »
just an EU reg in the making until i retire from NA

*name reserved*

Regiments / 46th Regiment of Foot
« on: December 14, 2019, 03:20:39 am »
standard drill, nobody reads this, renaming my gay reg, i hate cav

Regiments / Royal Scots Greys
« on: September 30, 2019, 03:19:19 am »
reserving the name blah blah blah

Regiments / 97th (Earl of Ulster's) Regiment of foot
« on: April 14, 2019, 06:07:45 am »
its fucking 5am

just reserving the name

EU reg

Regiments / Pls Delete, not good
« on: May 06, 2018, 03:52:59 am »

The 1st Posen was an artillery battery regiment from the German state of Posen. it was a state for few years and only really supplied 1 regiment to the prussian military upon its annexation, the 1st Posen Battery.

Lets Talk more about the Actual regiment, and what you can expect from us in game.
While we are currently few in numbers, (Around 15) we bring with us Veterans ranging from North and South, as well as Napoleonic wars, and in addition to this, while we lack in numbers, we certainly have the skill to make up for that deficit in numbers, we pride ourselves on being effective in combat to not only ourselves, but to our team as a whole. Furthermore, if you happened upon our teamspeak, you would find discipline under fire, and upon closer inspection, you would see people from all nationalities, from Irish people, to Isralies.

Now, what can the 1st Posen, do for you, that all the other regiments cannot do?
Well to start with, we consider ourselves to be more, personal orientated, i've been in larger regiments and i understand its hard to be distinguished in the massive crowd, so we take time to learn about each others strengths and weaknesses, meaning we know we can depend upon each other in a fight.

We also, bring our own NA Seige server, that will be launching on the 7th May called NA_Prussia_Siege, as well as a fully fleshed out teamspeak that both serves us well, as well as the Weast community in which we are based.

WiP Pls no judge me for bad spelling, its like 3am

Regiments / Nr.19 Freikorps "Black Legion"
« on: July 21, 2017, 06:26:42 pm »

Welcome to the Nr.19 Infantry Regiment's recruitment page!

To begin, i would like to tell you about us.

We of the Nr.19 are Veterans of many mods, Most noteable the American Civil War Mod North and South, however, we do not just cater towards Americans, We have a number of Europeans in the regiment as well as Americans, its good to have a diversity like this. The commanders are Strong and Stalwart wth thousands of hours Experience between us, in both being an Enlisted, to being an Officer.

The Nr.19 Formed a little over 4 days ago, and we already have 18 members in the regiment!, and now we look to new ways of gathering a community, such as FSE posts, while we do NW events, we are neccessarily restricted to those events, we do other mods that you may or may not be interested in.

Its important to note the Specialism of the regiment in my opinion, we Are very proficient in infantry tactics, however some of us have different strengths, the Oberst, Oberst Hess is a very proficient cavalry player, where as I, the Lt Oberst, is an Extremely proficient artillery player, the key here is that no matter what your good or bat at, we will find you a role to suit you in the community!


Now to the Rules, To start off, i would like to first make clear the rules of the regiment, and what WE can offer YOU when you join

So the Rules, To start with here is a list of Rules that you can find being Enforced within our Ranks! (Note that a TL:DR version will be in brackets for those on a Time crunch!)

#1: (Listen at all times to the Commanding officers!) We understand that Events are for the Fun, but We also understand that Events have to be serious, while we wont object 90% of the time to you going a "Fun" unit, such as Flag bearer of Musician, it is important that when told to not go as that class, you listen

#2: (Give us advice!) You are Free to offer advice to the Officers in the event, chances are you are just as right with your tactics as we are, we are always open to learning from the enlisted, both you on field ideas, and your ideas off the field concerning the regiment as a whole, we want your input and we will gladly listen to it! However, Overcutting an officers order will result in a punishment of some description depending on the severity of the situation.

#3: (Your not Obligated to Attend) Dont feel like you are "Obligated" to attend our events, we understand that you have (or should have) a social life outside of the game, whether this be online, or offline, we want to ensure that no matter what, Your life, comes before the regiment, though we only really expect you to attend a minimum of 1 event a week, but you can be excused really easily for any personal reason, or just if you dont feel like attending that day, the Officers understand, We've certainly been there!

#4: (We Allow Racism And homophobia to a Degree) Exercise your freedom of Speech, We know that many regiments in NW are against Racism and Homophobia to be "Politically Correct" but the Nr.19 isnt, while we dont Encourage it, we by no means punish it, if it offends you that we allow this to happen, then i might suggest that you either not join, or failing that, Grow a Skin thats tough enough to take it, we dont outlaw people of the opposite Sex preference or gender from joining, the same with skin colour, everything we say is for a joke and it is vital to understand that before joining, however, if it is taken too far, and it is clearly meant to be an attack upon someone, I and the other officers will step in and deal with it.

#5: (Respect each other, no matter what) The most vital rule by far in my opinion, RESPECT, racism and homophobia aside, we want the regiment members to respect each other, aswell as respecting the other regiments we fight with, or against on the field of battle. we want this to be an environment for all ages, all races and backgrounds, just know what is a joke, and what isnt a joke, and have the same respect, if not more respect for the rankers, than the commanding Officers!

Now, with that firmly established, lets discuss what WE as a regiment can offer YOU, the enlisted! (As Before a TL:DR will be included because i like to type alot!)

(A Large and Stable Teamspeak)Well First and Foremost we can offer you a teamspeak, with 300 slots that you can do as you wish on, you can gather socially on it, or you can play games with other people, we have private lobbies set up for a set amount of people that can join, and no more after that. If this is something you are interested in then by all means, come onto the Teamspeak and meet some of us, even if you dont join us, its nice to have the Teamspeak Populated by people                (TS IP:

(We can Offer Strong and reliable Leadership), Our Leaders and NCO's alike are Skilled and experienced in their respective fields, but somewhere we are all strong in, is leading, we strive to keep you guys alive for as long as possible, nobody wants to die mid event, that sucks! so we employ varying tactics to keep as many of our valued men alive as possible!

(A Chill an Mellow Environment) We can offer a Chilled and Mellow environment for you to grow and expand your skills in, no more will you be beared down upon by the higher ranks like other regiments, instead you will be treated as one of us, one of the family.

But How can i contact you?!

Well there are a number of ways as it happens, firstly Through the Teamspeak, which i will link again
(TS Ip:

Secondly, you Can add me through steam, which i will link here also
    Oberst Hess's Steam:
    Lt Oberst Lord Byron Steam:

    Disclaimer: I apologise for this not looking good at all, im new to the whole forum post thing, sorry if it hurts your eyes in any way!

    This is all the information you should need, however any questions asked below will be answered by me to the best of my abilities, thank you all!

    Union / 5th Wisconsin Infantry
    « on: May 22, 2017, 02:18:19 am »

    Rally Men! Rally to the Banner! the call of war has been sounded, the 5th Wisconsin needs you! All able bodied souls to join and fight for freedom! For the union My Comrades, For Justice!
    Calling All men, to glory, to honor, to victory. For the union

    "If you lack the stomach to kill for the union, Atleast show me you have the Courage to die for it!"

    the 5th Wisconsin have a rather Extended combat career, Filled to the brim with Glorious battle and unfathomable riches! Our astute Soldiers keep a Full log of their own Combat experience and our regimental actions! below is a Full list of the Major battles that we fought in, we bled in, and we were victorious in!.

    Battle of Williamsburg
    Battle of Glendale
    Battle of Antietam
    Battle of Fredericksburg
    Battle of Gettysburg
    Battle of the Wilderness
    Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
    Siege of Petersburg

    ----------------------------------------------------Further Non historical information!---------------------------------------------
    The 5th Wisconsin was formed on the 21st of May and currently contains within its ranks, 9 fully veteraned and grizzled members of the North and South Communities, but make no mistake, their just as likely to befriend you, than shoot you. they are a Proud piece of the Northern Iron Brigade, a Detatchement of the Shelby's Iron Army Of which we serve pround and dilligently!

    Below is the Steam Profiles of the people you need to add to become part of this glorius centerpiece of union Glory Aswell as a full Roster that is still very much under construction, we need your aid to flesh out the ranks, to be more cannon fodd- i mean to be more Valient enlisted! Don the Blue uniform, Cut the Greys down!

    Major Cade:
    2nd Lieutenant Beef:

    Major Cade
    2nd Lieutenant Beef

    Non-Commisoned Officers:
    Sergeant Deamonius

    Lance Corporal Ginnetty
    Private Riley
    Private Spadroon
    Private Swat
    Private Kuna

    I leave you with a few last words for the real Men among you people, Pickup that Rifle, Put on that Blue uniform, Long live the union and may it be forever preserved! Glory to the Union, Honor to the 5th!

    Confederates / 31st Louisiana Zouaves Needs You!
    « on: August 17, 2016, 09:27:08 pm »

      hello there, the 31stLA is a newly formed regiment under the command of Colonel Wusten and many Experienced officers.
      We are part of the DA and are recognized by them as an official regiment. And as such we attend the Events hosted by the DA on the specified days, on some days however we may attend the LCA events. We strive to achieve an event every day apart from Monday. We use Mondays for normal training and Officer training to ensure our officers command to the best of their abilities.

      Below is a Wikipedia link on our regiment, if you're interested in the history of the regiment then please look at it, however do feel free to skip it :)

      Obviously you must have guessed that we need recruits to join us, we are a small regiment, because we were only created and established 3 days ago. but in that time we have managed to gain 15 members from many nationalities and walks life.
      This is a Full roster for the regiment. You do not have to view but this gives some information on who is there with us.

      Officers :

      Colonel Wusten
      LT.Colonel Nigel Thornbury
      Major Knight
      LT. Slothgod.
      Quartermaster Lord Byron
      Enlisted :

      Pfc. Lain
      Pvt. CrazyHorse
      Pvt. Rebelius
      Pvt. Moscow
      Pvt. Haedoo
      Pvt Courtland
      Pvt. Knalex
      Pvt Luebert

      The regiment currently has 15 members, but we always need more!
      as mentioned we have people from various countries, we have some Germans, a Slovenian, and Irishman and me! im a British guy!
      We all work from the EST Times however since we are all from experienced regiments who used that time we found it best to follow that.

      Also it is worth noting that its required that you have a good ability to speak/type English for the regiment, it is NOT an issue if you dont have a microphone, we still welcome those who do not have the ability to talk.

      Things the Regiment has:
      • We have a Teamspeak that we use for events and anything outside events!
      • We also have a server we use for training on (This is only on Mondays however)
      • We also have a steam group that we use to keep members of the regiment up to date on event times and other important things!

      If our regiment interests you then please, dont hesitate to either Add me on steam, or leave your own link to your steam (Has to be a link, using names can be very hard)

      My Steamlink is here for everyone who is interested

      Remember that if you need me to add you, then make sure its the link to your profile and not just the name, just like i have!
      We hope to see you soon!

      - QSgt Lord Byron :)[/list]

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