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Events / Independence Wednesday Event: Whigs and Tories *NA* (Active)
« on: July 26, 2017, 07:26:42 pm »
Independence Wednesday Whigs and Tories Event
Hosted by Reich and the 2nd New York State Militia
Sign ups take place at 7:30pm EST and Event starts at 8:00 EST

Attending Regiments
The Von Rall Hessian Grenadiers
The 2nd King's Royal Regiment
The 8th Virginia
The 51st Regiment of Foot
The 2nd Virignia
Morgan's Rifles
The 17th Alabama
The 3te K├Âniglich Deutsche Legion
The 1st Pennsylvania

The Rules

- Can conduct guerrilla -warfare
- Free to shoot officers
- Maintain a skirmish formation
- 2 Bayonets allowed
-Must take Flintlock Rifle
-Max of 15 people

Line Infantry
- Allowed to have "gaps" should be somewhat tighter than 1 man in between
- Shoulder-to-shoulder.
- A flag bearer or/and a musician(s) are highly encouraged
- Don't shoot officers (karma consequences)
- no FiC
- no RiC
- Maintain the formation when moving...
- ...and maintain it when taking cover behind objects.
- Must play as Line Infantry Class

Maximum. 8 (includes guards)
- 4 men equal 1 cannon
- If there's a chance you'll hit your own team - don't risk it.

-When dismounted act as Militia
-Max of 15 People
-FoH Allowed

(All Rules are Subject to Change)

Sign Ups Application
The Teamspeak IP for Sign ups is
Regiment's Name:
Expected Numbers:
Desired Specialty:
Leader's Steam:
Do you have the Teamspeak IP bookmarked:
Which team is desired (Note that This doesn't mean you will be assigned that team):

Contact Information
Please direct any questions to Reich. My steam name is [2ndNYSM]Reich

Hope to see You there!!

Regiments / 1st Royal Irish Volunteers [NA] *RECRUITING*
« on: November 05, 2016, 10:47:01 pm »
About The Regiment

The 1stRIV is a New Regiment in NW. Our goal is to serve both King and Ireland. Our motto isErin Go BraghThroughout history the Irish have always been oppressed by the British. They force us to join their army. We are the ones who accepted them as equals, while others rebel against them. Instead of being forced to fight, we fight on our own free will.

Captain - Cpt
1st Lieutenant - 1stLt
2nd Lieutenant -2ndLt
Regiment Sergeant Major - RSM
Staff Sergeant - SSgt
Sergeant - Sgt
Regular - Rgl
Lance Corporal - LCpl
Private - Pte
Recruit - Rct

Current Members
Cpt Reich
1stLt Hess
2ndLt Sir Beef

RSM Wallace
Sgt Alexes
Rgl Kuna

Lance Corporal Handley
Private Wenzel
Private Connor
Private Minted
Recruit Pain
Recruit SmithHabacko

Contact Information
Teamspeak 3 Server:
In-Game Server: 1stRIV_Official

Requirements To Join
-Must have Teamspeak
-Follow Orders
-Likes Memes
-Be ready to die for Ireland
Erin Go Bragh

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