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The Mess Hall / List List ~ Updates every 7th steam message 7w7
« on: July 07, 2018, 12:18:04 am »

People who should be on more lists

1. Me unironically
2. Mik
3. Smyky
4. Elling
5. Bashy
6. Crackman
7. Scol
8. Dave
9. PrideofNi
10. Kore
11. Dekkers
12. Nock
13. Yuriman
14. Haze
15. Hertz ~ he wanted to be on a list

People who should be on fewer lists

1. Medium speed brainlets
2. Voluble
3. Herishey
4. All Russian auto kids
5. All NA's
6. All German s-keying fucks
7. All Foreigners
8. John Price
9. Dren and Dayboul
10. Fwuffy
11. 33rd Csjt VanLedger
12. Obilex
13. Janne
14. bobertini
15. Hertz ~ he's on too many lists

People who are on exactly the right amount of lists

1. Saf
2. Sleek
3. Chicken
4. Niphix 
5. Exoticfail
6. Biscuit the horse
7. Murice
8. Barristan
9. Gokiller's breakfast
10. Peter Broetz
11. Knightmare
12. Nero
13. Goose
14. Falkthemup
15. Wezza, the finest tarmacer in the provinces

Regiments / 60th Royal Bydand Rifles ~ The Order of the Wild Boar 🐗
« on: March 29, 2014, 12:10:46 am »

The 60th Royal Bydand rifles, is a homage to the past and very much missed 5/60th Royal American Rifles, who sadly left our community on the 28th of March 2014 a little before midnight. This is not a regiment set around rules and regulations that one might experience with other Napoleonic war clans, but rather a collective group of internet gentlemen and ladies of course, that occasionally like to indulge in a good old fashioned NW sesh now and again. In other words, the 60th Royal Bydand rifles is not a group that being a part of completely dissociates its members from being in any other regiment, we are here merely to have fun within the world of bayonets and Bydands!!

Ranks & Tags:

Grand Sultan - Sultan

Admiral of Bydand - Admiral

Master of Donations Coin - MoC

Keeper of Biscuit the Horse - KoB

Spreader of Allah - SoA

Royal Bydander - RBydander

Regimental Balaclava Knitter - RBK

Pyramid Builder - PB

Jam Boy - Jam_Boy

Nandos Delivery Boy - NDB


Our Current Roster is as follows:

Grand Sultan:
MacFungus of Fungustan

Lord Admiral of Bydand:
Earl Jelly, Duke of Somalia

Master of Coin:
Sir Elling of Ellington

Groomer and Keeper of Biscuit the Horse:

Spreaders of Islam and the Mighty Allah:
Jimbob Jenkinz
Hamilcar Barca

Royal Bydanders:
Sir Audiate
Magic Teatowel
Wookiee Burakkuada

Regimental Balaclava Knitter:

Pyramid Builders:

60th Jam Boy:

Nandos Delivery Boy:
Peter Broetz

Current Force 30 +/- I don't know, lets say (numbers):

Your reg fakin sux and u want 2 play with da dank brigade for the day?

Simply put on the tags and come join in.
However I cant stress this enough, no fookin scrabs

le tags

Boidend ts pass is Spread

5/60th American Rifle Legacy appreciation

Former members of the 5/60th Royal American rifles, photograph taken by Zaius: From left to right; Major Peter Broetz, Rifleman Jelly, Sergeant Sven, Regimental apron Hasdrubal Barca, Lieutenant Swii, Sergeant Jooker, Captain Schneider and the fat fuck behind him is Gizmo, too many croissants, Veteran rifleman Shortshorts was unavailable at this time, as he was busy bydanding Peter's sister 



If you wish to learn more about the 60th Royal American Rifles, I would recommend speaking to someone who was actually in their regiment, unlike myself, who only watched from what could be considered a safe distance.

Thanks Jezza for the thread format, yours was the easiest to manipulate, sozzie :3
Also a big thank you to the 60th for their long hard fought crusade, Walko I look forward to seeing you eat your shoe(s)

Norseman is shit

RIP in Peter's sister

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