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Off Topic / ArmA 3 - MARSOC - 1st Marine Raider Battalion
« on: November 19, 2017, 03:36:27 am »
Hi there guys! If any people interested in the highest level of realism for ArmA 3 while still retaining a lot of fun and friendships would like to join a unit MARSOC is recruiting! All we ask of you is to be a mature and professional person over the age of 16+ with the will to learn and perform within a structured team.

All new recruits that are accepted will go through a 1 week long intensive ITC course which will teach you all the basics of the game and how to operate within a special operations team, at the end of the course you will receive your MOS along with your well-deserved rank.

If you're interested check out our units page:
And add me on steam if you have any questions!
Also don't be afraid to pop in and say hi on our teamspeak!:

-Captain J. Howard
MARSOC, 1stMRB (0370)

Media / Diversey's new YouTube channel
« on: June 08, 2016, 07:42:38 pm »
Hello everyone, I'd like to share my YouTube channel with everyone. I have created 2 videos so far and I'm looking for expand to 100 subscribers by the end of the month, I will be releasing 1 video every 2 days, the channel is not just gameplay posted without any editing, I spend around 2 hours editing each one of my videos to keep the entertaining and on topic. The channel is based around comedy, making people laugh and keeping them entertained(cut me some slack, these are my first videos and I understand that they are not perfectly edited, give me some time). If you're interested in the work I do and the content I create I would like to encourage everyone to subscribe. Thank you!


Media / Starter Pack Memes
« on: May 12, 2016, 09:40:39 pm »
Post some of your finest "Starter pack" memes


Hello everyone, I have decided to create something unique, I'm creating a "league" where for the first 2-3 weeks there will be maximum of 16 players which will compete against each other every week or so for my modified formula of the ELO rating, all the players will choose their opponents unless they are competing in a tournament. First let me explain how this will work, every player will start with 1200 ELO points. After every match the possible outcomes of a match are: Win, Loss, Draw and no-show, depending on the ELO rating of the players you are facing you will gain/lose points which will be tracked on the forum page.

1. All games must be played on an NWER server with an admin present.
2. No-shows will have 20 points taken away. (No excuses, all duel times are set in stone.
3. Duel times must be announced on this thread.
4. Only bayonets are to be used for the duels(Sword and Cavalry Elo points will be added later)
   4.1 No Fists
   4.2 No tea-bagging
5. Duels are a first to ten
6. No shooting allowed
7. Foot infantry only
   7.1 No officers
8. After both players announce "Ready" the round cannot be halted
9. Awarded/taken away points cannot be reverted
10. Players can play against the same opponent 3 times a day
11. Players can play as many players as they want a day
12. All players must have their ELO points displayed behind their names in game, for example: Diversey_1263
13. All titled players have to wear their titles in front of their names, for example: GM_Diversey_2232, CM_Diversey_1567
14. Respect all admins and their decisions
15. Boosting Elo is forbidden, getting caught will result in being stripped of all titles and all the points taken away.

Just like in chess, NWER will give away titles based on their performance, for example chess has multiple levels of mastery, grand masters and international masters.

NWER will have these titles with these requirements:
Candidate Master - 1500 Elo + 2 wins against a 1300-1500 Elo rated player in a row
Junior Master - 1700 Elo + 2 wins over a candidate master in a row
Senior Master 1900 Elo + 2 wins over a Junior Master in a row
Grand Master - 2100 Elo + 2 wins over a Senior Master in a row + At least 1 tournament win

If you wish to apply for the testing here's the template: (Not everyone will be accepted)
If you wish to apply for an admin spot contact me over steam only!:


People banned from posting on this thread:

Community / 58th 1v1 Thursdays. [NA]
« on: March 11, 2016, 12:25:57 am »

Hi, with our schedule getting changed now-a-days we would like a constant 1v1 opponent for Thursdays, as in a couple of regiments that would like to face us every Thursday.
They must:
  • Bring at least 12-15 players for the balance
  • Agree to the classic rules(no FiC, FoL, OA etc.)
*We will provide the server.
The 1v1's would be played at 8PM EST.

If you would like to sign up go ahead and leave a reply or add me on steam [58th]diversey

Off Topic / Inspirational Quotes - Post some of your cringiest quotes.
« on: February 03, 2016, 06:52:12 pm »
title says it all, give it to me.
"We loved with a love that was more than love. "
-Edgar Allan Poe

Regiments / 54e Régiment de Ligne [NA]
« on: January 28, 2016, 03:05:07 am »

History of the Regiment

Our regiment has undergone many changes in the recent months, from fighting in the American Civil War all the way to fighting Napoleon's war machine. The regiment used to be named the 5th Louisiana in the N&S modification for Mount & Blade: Warband. We then switched to NW as we felt that it was time for a change, it has ended up working out well for the regiment.

Concerning its actual history, In 1791, just before the French Revolution, it lost its royal title and first became the 54th Line Infantry Regiment, then in 1793 the 54e demi-brigade de bataille (consisting of the 1st Puy-de-Dôme Volunteers’ Battalion and the 1st Indre Volunteers’ Battalion). From 1796 it was made up of the 43e demi-brigade de bataille (itself made up of 1st battalion of the 22nd Line Infantry Regiment, 4th Seine-et-Oise Volunteers’ Battalion, and the 3rd Lot Volunteers’ Battalion). In 1803 it reverted to its title of 54th Line Infantry Regiment. Distinguished at Barossa and led the assault on Le Haye Sainte at Waterloo. One battalion present on the Wagram campaign. Between 1804 and 1815 it lost 23 officers killed, 89 wounded and 14 died of wounds.


Regimental Rules

1. No trolling or harassment in-game or on TeamSpeak. No spamming, insulting behavior, any kind of discrimination, racism, bigotry, making unwanted noises, etc.

2. Be respectful to everyone, including opponents. Do not trash talk other regiments or players and do not ever retaliate to insults or to being team killed. Stay cool.

3. Conduct yourself in a professional manner in events: no head-banging, stay in line, and keep your weapon at your shoulder, and face the direction that you are told.

4. Follow Orders. Do not contest the orders of the officer. If you disagree with an order, wait until the event is over and ask to speak with the officer that was leading.

5. All members should make a conscious effort to attend all events possible. Attendance rating is certainly a factor when promotions and demotions are considered.

6. Any attempt to undermine the regiment will be met with harsh disciplinary action. Punishments range from demotion to removal from the regiment.

7. Do not leave the event prematurely. Leaving the event or training half way to play another game is not the best way of showing your devotion to the regiment, all members are expected to play the full events unless there is a really good reason for why you have to leave.

8. Common sense

Regimental Ranks


Cadet - Cdt[Starting Rank]
Soldat - Sdt
Soldat de deuxième - SoD
Soldat de première - SoP


Caporal-Fourrier - CplFr
Caporal - Cpl
Sergent - Sgt
Sergent Chef - SgtChef
Adjutant - Adj


Lieutenant - Lt
Captaine - Cpt
Chef de Battallion - CdB
Colonel - Col

Regimental Roster(Not being updated.)

Compagnie de Ligne



Total: 1

All these times are set on the GMT timezone.
Event Schedule:









Contact Information

Regimental Leader

Click this picture above if you're interested in mercing or joining!

Regimental Steam Group



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