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Events: NA / 2nd Russian Specialist Division's Sunday Night Events
« on: February 01, 2016, 08:19:49 pm »

Welcome to the 2nd Russian Specialist Division's official Sunday events! We are a casual regiment who wanted to get away from the noise of bad Sunday events so we decided to host our own! Come try out our event, and enjoy your stay! And a quick thank you to the 22º Batalhão De Infantaria for allowing us to colonize their Two hundred slot server for just over 2 hours to host the events.


General Rules:

As usual Fire Out of Line (FOL) is not allowed, unless you are playing as artillery guard.
Fire On Charge (FOC) is allowed so long as you can carry the charge.
You may not Fire on Horse back (FOH), before firing you must dismount your horses then fire, but if possible you may reload your guns whilst on a horse.
Do not troll, spam, purposefully team-kill/team-wound, waist BP, go specialist when not assigned, listen to admins, and please try your best to keep the chat clean!


In order to be a line you must have 3 or more men, if you have 2 or less men you must join a friendly line. The Maximum spacing for line infantry is 3 while moving, and 2 when firing. If you have men 4 or more men apart you and the rest of your line may be subjected to slays, or worst case a kick. If assigned as Austria one may play as Grenzers as they are considered line infantry assuming everyone brings infantry muskets. If playing as line and the Grenzers class, and one of your men are using either a musketoon or rifle they will be subjected to slays.

Attatched skirms: You May have attached skirmishers in linebattles of 100 men or more, the maximum ammount of attatched skirmishers per line is 3, unlike the line they have 5 man spacing and MUST stay within 6 man spacing of their main line.


In order to play as cavalry you most have no more than 16 players as cavalry at a time, with a minimum of 7 men to play as cavalry to begin with. If the regiment playing as cavalry has more than 16 and refuse to back down after fair warnings whatever regiment playing as cavalry will suffer from random slay(s).

All types of cavalry are allowed in events, but dragoons may not FOH (Fire On Horseback), before firing they must be dismounted. *IMPORTANT* Dismounted dragoons may act like skirmishers!

When a cavalry unit has 4 or less men remaining they all must dismount and continue the battle on foot!


You may have 16 Or Less troops playing as skirmishers, any more then 16 troops will result in punishment.
Maximum Skirmisher spacing is 6, once again, if you are above 6 man spacing you may be subjected to slay(s), and if one continues offending the rules anywhere from kick(s) to temp bans(s) will be administered depending on the situation.

If the country allows, skirmishers may use a mix of cavalry muskets and rifles, also, if you have an option to bring infantry Muskets you may only bring them in no more than a 3 to 1 ratio to rifles/cav muskets unless one were to pick up muskets on the field of battle.


When playing as artillery you may have up to 2 cannons, and one Howitzer. Maximum of Two sappers, one loader (per cannon), three artillery train, fifteen artillery guard, and three artillery officers, and your must have at least six troops attending to play as artillery. The Sapper build points in events will be set at 150BP for each side.

Artillery Guard:

Once again, when playing as artillery guard the maximum amount of guards are 15, if left with more than 15 artillery guards either three or more guards must form their own line and march onward into battle, or depending on how much over the limit your regiment is, have some men join another line! For example, the max is 15, and lets say you brought 17 artillery guards, then two of them must join a friendly line, or  three+ create their own line. Guards must stay within 15 man spacing of the artillery pieces/crew at all times, except in the case of having 16 or more guards at one time. Artillery Guard may act individually and fire out of line as long as they stay within 15 spacing of the artillery crew, once out of the limit you must act as a line.

Special Rules:

Regiment Leaders, please come to our new teamspeak: by 7:15 US Eastern Time, for specialist assignments, afterwords we will give out event information, by 7:50 US Eastern I will start assigning the teams, stay spec!

When making an application post please keep this format:

Regiment Name:
Leader's Steam (URL):
Preferred Class:
Estimated Usual Attendance:
Have you read and agreed with the rules stated above?:


Have questions? Add the head admin Auto Von Brandmark on Steam!

Events: NA / 2ndRSD Official Sunday Event *TEST*
« on: February 01, 2016, 06:42:20 pm »
This is a test for a FSE forums post

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