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Regiments / Armed Special Forces (Reserved for Fatal)
« on: July 02, 2016, 09:46:00 am »
Not mine Reserving for fatal

In Development / [NATIVE] Empires at War mod (WIP)
« on: July 02, 2016, 01:05:36 am »
                                                                 Empires at War
Empires at War is a new Native mod in development. The mod will be based of the year 1799. The purpose of the mod is too have a Persistent World mod in a different time period. Adding different weapons, more interactive environment, and plenty new animations and more too be announced in the future!

                                                                 Ideas in progress

- Banking System
- Multiplayer
- Military Ranking System
- Realistic Smoke Animations
- Military, Civilian, or Political Life
- * Day and Night Cycle
- New Reload Animations
- High Quality Graphics
- High Quality Gun Sounds
- Cursor Change
- Forts and Towns in maps
- Nameable Empires
- Election System
- Civil War and Revolution Ability
- New Banners/Flags
- Naval Ability/Involvement
* Means it may or may not happen *

Head Developer- Kj (McNuggets)
Textures/Coding- Diamond
Weapons- Gared
Historian- Dombrowski
*Need more staff for the future*

General Rules
Line- No FoC, Minimum of 3 to fire (Less than 3 must join a friendly line), May crouch when not in combat
Arty- Max of 2 pieces, 10 people max including guards, Guards must stay with arty
Cav- When less than 2 alive dismount and join a friendly unit, Max of 15, May dismount whenever
Skirms/Light Inf- Max of 20, 5 man max spacing, may FoC, Does not have to move out in line formation

Application Format
Regiment name:
Preferred Role:
Expected Attendance:
Leaders Steam:

For more information add [2eGren] Col. Kj [22ndVA] or [2eGren] Adj. Gared on steam.

Work in progress!!! This is not near done!!!

Official Servers Bans & Unbans / Unban Request NW_Official_NA1
« on: July 03, 2015, 07:01:27 am »
Name under you were banned: PowerRanger_Red
Reason you were banned: I got on the server with some of my friends attempting to troll just my other friend who was on the server.
I did not mean to make it a big deal this is my 1st ban in the game
Server Banned from: NW_Official_NA1
Why I should be unbanned: I am truely not a troll and i play on the server alot and dont want to have to stop
When I was banned: Sometime last year dont remember
Time Zone: EST
ID: 777261

Confederates / 6thGA Volunteer Infantry Regiment [Reserved]
« on: June 06, 2015, 06:05:06 pm »
WIP Reserved

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