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Ελληνικό Forum / ΚΑΛΗ ΧΡΟΝΙΑ 2015
« on: December 31, 2014, 11:36:49 pm »
Αντε Καλη Χρονια παιδια με Υγεια και Χαρα :D

Other Games / Fuck Ubi$oft
« on: November 11, 2014, 11:24:10 pm »
Fuck Ubi$oft.  8)

Off Topic / The Official F.S.E. Argument Thread #Rage
« on: October 28, 2014, 01:29:33 am »
So many threads have been derailed...
So many prides have beeen wounded...
So many people are mad...

Therefore, as a result, I decided to get ahead of Tiki (I know you were joking, but still it's an incredibly good idea nevertheless, to be honest), and set up our first argument thread. The potential for arguing demostrated by this community is off the charts.
I almost feel like we should make an argument thread, just so we can continue these discussions where it doesn't derail the thread. What are your thoughts guys?

Overturn the [2. No personal attacks] forum rule :P
Give people a place to rant and argue when they find someone they disagree with about anything in any thread of any board of any forum, instead of moving the conversation off-topic and disrupting those who potentially would like to continue a serious discussion.

1)No actual personal attacks! (It is a fine line between "your arguments are fallacious" and "I n0scoped your fat mom last night with muh ACW" or "Fuck you bitch you suck dick ugh")
2)No racism, or insulting faith! ("Ugh you Greek your argument is therefore invalid 'cause you bankrupt" or "You Muslim terrorist blow yourself up")
3)No extended trolling outside this thread, or other attacks focused on that individual as a result of what might have been said here. Keep it limited to this thread, and keep it relatively polite.
The Moderators are Watching! Keep it Civil please!
4)No reconciliatory comments! (Such as "Ok you rekt me so hard with that logic I give up let's be friends now :( ...")
5)No death threats or death wishes - please, none of that fucked-up shit.

I was hoping that a link to this thread would be copy-pasted (possibly by a moderator) every time people started arguing on a thread, so that they could each continue here, or, even better, shut the fuck up.
It is a social experiment, let's see how it goes (I'm thinking something like Lord of the Flies...)

Let's Begin.
Credits to Mr.Tiki for the brilliant idea 8)


Other Games / ~The Sims 4~ (Actually E.A. and The Sims 4)
« on: October 22, 2014, 04:03:26 pm »
A couple of my classmates were raving a week ago about how crazy awesome The Sims 4 was, and that actually intrigued me (as someone who played, and evetually hated, The Sims 3), to try it out. Well, I legally bought and downloaded the game from KickassTorrents The Origin Store, and noticed that this £50 full release title had managed to cut back even the most basic features of the original Sims 3 (even without any expansion packs).
So I decided to compile, off the top of  my head, a list of casualties in EA's continued War on consumers.

- Cars
- Infant Age for sims
- Large, seamless, open-world maps
- Create A Style mode for editing clothes, furniture, etc
- Pools
- Buildings which house businesses
- School Buildings
- A couple of careers, including Politics and Law (ffs)
- Newspapers (and the postman who delivered them)
<more coming>

Having seen how bad some of EA's recent releases have been (SimCity, B4 multiplayer, NFS Rivals, Dead Space 3?) ,and the fact that it had been voted 2 years in a row as worst something in the USA by its own customers, I wonder what you guys think about it?

Should EA be crowned as the Ca$hWh0re K1ng?
Should we turn to online piracy in order to say "fuck you" to such publishers?
Is Ubi$oft (or even Activision, who knows?) gonna steal EA's role as "most hated publisher 2k14-15"?
Is everyone who plays The Sims a) homosexual b) female c) a homosexual female?

As the title suggests, I would like to start a thread where people can list small details you would like to be implemented in the upcoming standalone title.
These could range from UI features/deisgn changes, to animations or minute details in uniforms.
To start off, for example, I would like to draw the devs' notice to a few things, such as:

1) The list of players admins have when slaying/kicking/temp or perm- banning a player should have the player names in slightly larger fonts, to effectively minimise the possibility of punishments being handed out to the wrong person (say, the person immediately above/below the offender). A "Search" function would be great too, allowing admins to quickly punish a player before they leave  the server (especially if it comes down to a temp or perm ban).
2) A sliding animation for the numbers in a (Team)Deathmatch, Battle or Siege, so that players can visibly see the change in the no. of wins
3) If the map has cold/winter weather, the player, while standing still, could cough, or spit, as a response to the low Temperature. An Animation for shielding someone's eyes from the Sun, again where necessary.
4) Possibly, several different 2D  art images for a certain loading screen (depends on the available funds)
5) If a K/D ratio tab is implemented, it would be nice to dynamically see the player names moving up and down in the list (if permitted by the Engine)
6) Horses react when someone mounts them, by bleating, or sitting slightly lower down.
7) A server-side script, available to be turned on/off by the Owner, which shows when players enter/leave the game. Knowing that DanyEle is on the team, I hope that this option would be a piece of cake. If similar scripts could be implemented into the server, if not automatically, then, at least as an option that comes as standard wtih the decicated server hosting software, then I think it would greatly improve our experience, without needing to look for a modder :) )
8 ) You know the admin panel, which offers the option to limit % of troops of certain classes. It would be great to be able to restrict ONLY a certain regiment (eg, No partisans, or no Freikorps, or no Grenzers ONLY).

Please list any small things that you would like to be added - nothing major :)

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