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Regiments / 1o Regimento de Infantaria Expedicionária (1oIE)
« on: July 29, 2016, 01:04:24 am »
1º Regimento de Infantaria Expedicionária


There's is little information about portuguese conflicts during this time period but most portuguese focus was on expanding the territories they held in Africa more specificly Angola and Mozambique.

The infantry portion of the portuguese army was devided in diferent kinds of regiments: Companhias de Mouros (Moors Companies), Infantaria Expedicionária (Expeditionary Infantry), Infantaria do Ultramar (Overseas Infantry) and Tropas Indígenas (Indigenous Troops), this last ones came from Macau (China), India and Africa.

It is also good to motice that Portugal took no part in a european war during this time period as it was still recovering from it's civil war in the 30's

The Regiment

We are the 1º Regimento de Infantaria Expedicionária (1st Regiment of Expeditionary Infantry). We like to think we are friendly but we like to keep it mature. Anyone is free to join with the only requirement being that you behave properly and keep it mature.

If you wish to join add Specialboia on steam

We hope to see you all on the battlefield.

Events: EU / The Légion Portugaise's Wednesday Event
« on: July 28, 2014, 08:49:05 pm »
The Légion Portugaise is proud to tell the community that this week (on Wednesday) will be hosting an Event.

This Event will consist in 2 Linebattle rounds and 2 Siege rounds and will take place at  8 PM GMT. I know it might sound a little bit ridiculous but before you knock it why don't you try it?  ;)
The info will be given through steam 15 mins before the event starts.


General Rules

All basic rules as not ramboing not teamkilling etc apply to this event.
- There is Fire On the Charge
- There isn't reloading on the charge
- Everyone except Arty has to join a friendly line or charge if their number is less then 3.
- During Sieges need 4 people or more to move out of spawn.

Unit Rules

Line Infantry
- Minimum 5 Maximum 30
- During the 2 linebatlle rounds cannot crouch, but during the siege rounds can.
- Must always keep a line formation without spacing except if inside the fort.
- Must be in a reasonable distance to charge.

- Minimum 3 Maximum 8
- May bring 5 Guards and 1 sapper
- Only 2 pieces (can bring cannons or howitzers)
- The artillery guards may use skirmish formation while defending the artillery otherwise must use the same rules as Line.
- If the Artillery crew are the last men alive a charge will be called but then each artillery can fire one piece once and then has to charge)

- Minimum 5 Maximum 15
- Can have a 5 men spacing
- May crouch
- May use either rifles or light but must always choose only 1 of these

- Minimum 5 Maximum 15
- Can also fire on the charge
- While moving have to move in a line or something that appears to look like  ;D
- Dismounted cavalry has to join a friendly line
- If it drops below 3 the cavalry has to dismount and join a friendly line.

Sign Up Format


Hope to see you all on the Battlefield!


The Légion Portugaise (or Portuguese Legion in english) was formed in 1808 when the french army, lead by Junot, invaded Portugal for the first time. As usual Napoleon ordered the formation of a foreign Legion, in this case the portuguese one.
The legion was originally formed by 5 Infantry regiments, 2 Cavalry regiments and 1 Artillery regimement. In total 9 000 men, by the end of the war more then 30 000 men had served on the legion. In 1811 the Legion was reorganized forming the 13e Demi-Brigade d'elite de la Legion Portugaise and staying with only 3 Infantry Regiments, 1 Cavalry Regiment and 1 depot battalion. By 1813 heavy casualties it was reorganized to only 1 Battalion de guerre and 1 depot battalion. In May,5th of 1814 the Légion Portugaise was finnaly disbanded.

At the service of Napoleon, the Portuguese Legion fought in the campaigns of Germany, Austria and Russia, suffering heavy casualties. It was present in the battles of Wagram, Smolensk, Vitebsk and Borodino (Moscow). Being highly regarded by Napoleon, the troops of the Legion were referred by him as the "Black Infantry"


As a french unit it makes sense that we use the french ranks and they are the following one (starting with the lowest):

*Sous Lieutenant
*Chef de Bataillon
*Major(this one and the following two would be the same but some say that they are not the same so we accept them)
*Lieutenant Colonel
*Colonel en Seconde


Right now we are a starting regiment and we are constantly recruiting both NA and EU people, if you are interested in joining The 1erLP add Specialboia on Steam.
You may also get on our new website:
See you guys on the Fields of Battle!

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