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Confederates / 3rd Texas Infantry (EU/NA)
« on: January 06, 2015, 01:44:33 pm »
**Still work in Progress**

About us
The 3rd Texas Volunteer Infantry is an EU based regiment for the Mount and Blade Warband Module, North & South.
Founded by members of the 1st Kings German Legion, we are dedicated to; discipline, skill and team work.

Regimental History
Col. Philip N. Luckett organized the Third Texas Infantry into Confederate service in the summer of 1861. The men of the Third came largely from Central Texas, specifically Bexar, Gillespie, San Patricio, and Travis counties. As these counties were heavily populated with recent German immigrants and persons of Mexican descent, a large number of the regiment's men were foreign-born. Luckett, who served as the Third's commander for much of the war, had been a surgeon in John "Rip" Ford's company of Texas Rangers.

The Third Texas Infantry saw little action during the course of the war. This was due to the regiment's assignment to the relatively peaceful Department of Texas from 1861 until March 1864. They began their duty in San Antonio from 1861 through 1862. In January 1863 the regiment proceeded to Brownsville where they protected cotton shipments and guarded against raids from Mexico. On May 14, the regiment left Brownsville for Galveston. In a stop at Houston, the city's residents remarked that the Third was "the best drilled regiment in the state."

In March 1864 the Third was reassigned to the District of Arkansas as part of William R. Scurry's Brigade in Walker's Texas Division. Stationed along the lower Brazos and San Bernard rivers, the Third occupied much of its time firing at Union gunboats along the rivers.

The regiment participated in the Red River campaign and fought in the battle of Jenkins Ferry on April 30, 1864. This appears to have been the only combat the regiment saw during the war.

Near the end of the war, the Third was ordered to Hempstead, Texas, where the regiment was disbanded, and the troops returned to their homes. Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith officially surrendered the regiment at Galveston on May 26, 1865.

The Flag of the 3rd Texas

Their flag was presented to the Third Texas Infantry by Mrs Phelps of New Orleans, who had it made in Havana. The reversal of blue and red colors on their battle flag is attributed to a misunderstanding of the correct color pattern of the Army of Northern Virginia. Later, several other Confederate battle flags from the Trans-Mississippi Department, also thought to be of Cuban manufacture, displayed the same color reversal.

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