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Confederates / Stonewall Brigade{NA/EU}{RE-OPENED}
« on: September 12, 2015, 12:07:46 am »
The Stonewall Brigade

The Stonewall Brigade is once again disbanded until either the 3rd Ark reforms or some wishes to ask for them name feel free to contact me about it.

Regiments of the Stonewall Brigade

The 3rd Arkansas Infantry
Colonel C Wilson - 34 Member's
3rd Texas Volunteer Cavalry
1st Lt Calibrated Core - 40 Member's
25th Georgia Volunteers
Contact Information

Colonel Chance Wilson, 3rd Arkansas Infantry

Confederates / 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment[Reforming]
« on: August 20, 2015, 08:58:37 pm »

The 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment
The 3rd Arkansas Infantry is reforming under Captain C Wilson once again. Those intrested in joining or old members considering rejoining should add Wilson1177 on steam!




Captain C. Wilson
1st Lieutenant Preacher
2nd Lieutenant Capital

Non-Commissioned Officer's

Sergeant Josef


Private First Class - Atlas
Private First Class - Welsh
Private - CaptainPerry
Private - MrBubbles
Volunteers - Leatherneck
Volunteers - Spartin



Regimental History
The 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment (May, 1861 – April 12, 1865) was a Confederate Army regiment during the American Civil War, and the most celebrated unit from that state. Formed and initially commanded by Colonel Albert Rust, and later falling under the command of Colonel Van H. Manning, the regiment was part of the Army of Northern Virginia serving under General Robert E. Lee. The regiment served for the duration of the war, from the late months of 1861 through to the Surrender at Appomattox Court House in 1865. They were the only Arkansas regiment to serve the entire war in the east, where most of the major battles were fought. They were also the only Arkansas regiment to initially sign up for the duration of the war, with all other regiments from that state signing on for a one year enlistment.

From its induction into the Confederate Army, the 3rd Arkansas would go on to become one of the most distinguished and well respected Confederate regiments of the war. However, prior to their first battle actions, the first impressions of them by their fellow Confederates were, by written accounts since, not good to say the least. In several accounts, relayed by author and historian Mauriel P. Joslyn, the regiment was first seen as a poorly dressed and poorly equipped lot of ignorant country boys. Once proven in combat, however, those opinions of them would change dramatically.

The regiment was ordered to the mountains of West Virginia, where it performed arduous and discouraging service in the campaign on the Gauley and Cheat rivers. This was followed by hard marching under Stonewall Jackson (whom Col Rust later described as "an impracticable old schoolmaster who said grace before he ate and prayed before going to bed") in the Valley Campaign. The regiment was engaged in the battles of Greenbrier and Allegheny. Under General Jackson at Winchester, in January, 1862, the 3rd Arkansas marched to Bath and Romney, returned to Winchester, and was ordered thence to Fredericksburg and assigned to the brigade of Gen. Theophilus H. Holmes. Colonel Rust was promoted to brigadier general about this time, and was transferred to a command in the western armies. Van Manning was promoted to the colonel of the regiment succeeding Col. Rust.
Colonel Van H. Manning, Commander, 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment

The 3rd Arkansas was engaged in the battles of White Oak Swamp, June 3, 1862, in J.G. Walker's brigade, on July 1, 1862 participated in the battle of Malvern Hill.

In July, 1862, the ranks of the 3rd Arkansas was augmented by the addition of nearly 140 soldiers from the 2nd Arkansas Infantry Battalion. The Second Arkansas Battalion had been organized in October, 1861, from three companies of volunteers from El Dorado, Hot Springs and Pine Bluff. In June, 1862, the 2nd Arkansas Battalion was decimated while leading an assault on the Federal position at Beaver Dam Creek, and its commander, Major William Naylor Bronaugh, mortally wounded. The War Department disbanded the battalion and transferred its survivors to the 3rd Arkansas.

On September 17, 1862, at the Battle of Antietam, Companies A and L of the 3rd Arkansas were decimated. On September 25 the few survivors of Company L were transferred into Company A and Company L ceased to exist. Thus the regiment was reduced to ten companies, the normal complement for an infantry regiment. Col. Manning was seriously wounded during the battle.

In November, 1862, the 3rd Arkansas was assigned to the famous Texas Brigade of the Army of Northern Virginia. The Confederate War Department had determined that the troops would benefit from being brigaded with regiments from their home States. At this time, the standard brigade organization consisted of four regiments. There were three Texas regiments in the Army—the 1st, 4th and 5th—and only one Arkansas regiment. It was therefore decided to group these four western regiments together. The Third Arkansas remained an integral part of Hood’s Texas Brigade until the end of the war. The first engagement that the unit participated in as part of the Texas Brigade was the Battle of Fredericksburg in December, 1862. The regiment was not engaged at Chancellorsville, being detached with the rest of Longstreet's Corps at Suffolk.

The 3rd Arkansas acquired a reputation as tenacious fighters, often finding themselves in the thickest fighting on the battlefield, such as their presence at the "sunken road" during the Battle of Antietam. Their most famous action was while serving as a part of the Texas Brigade during the Battle of Gettysburg, at the Devil's Den, where they took heavy casualties while serving under General John Bell Hood. Its place in the front of Hood's assault meant it was one of the first units, if not the first, to be heavily engaged during the second day of the battle. The regiment was commended for gallantry in that action, while under the direct command of Brigadier General Jerome B. Robertson, fighting in and in the vicinity of the "Devil's Den".

The regiment was transferred with Longstreet's Corps to Tennessee in September, 1863 in time to fight at the Battle of Chickamauga (where Major Reedy was mortally wounded). The unit went of to participate in the battles of Chattanooga, Wauhatchie, and in the siege of Knoxville, Tennessee, returning to the Army of Northern Virginia in the spring of 1864.

The regiment suffered heavy casualties later in the Battle of the Wilderness, during which they lost many of their commanding officers in addition to heavy losses in their ranks. In that battle they lost Colonel Van Manning and Lt. Col. Robert Samuel Taylor, both of whom were badly wounded and captured, in addition to Major William K. Wilkins who was killed in action.

The regiment continue the fight at Spotsylvania, and on to Cold Harbor. The regiment was at Deep Run on August 6, 1864; at Petersburg during the siege by Grant, at High Bridge and Farmville during the closing day of the war in 1865.

By the end of the war, the Texas Brigade as a whole, which included the 1st, 4th, and 5th Texas, and the 3rd Arkansas, had only 617 men remaining out of a total of 5,353. The 3rd Arkansas Infantry is entitled to the following campaign participation credit:

Operations on Cheat Mountain, West Virginia, September 11–17, 1861.
Skirmish, Elkwater, West Virginia, September 11, 1861.
Skirmish, Point Mountain Turnpike, West Virginia, September 11–12, 1861.
Skirmish, Petersburg, West Virginia, September 12, 1861.
Engagement, Greenbrier River, Cheat Mountain, West Virginia, October 3–4, 1861.
Operations in the Valley District and against Romney, West Virginia, November 26, 1861 to February 21, 1862.
Battle of Seven Pines (Fair Oaks), Virginia, May 31 to June 1, 1862.
Skirmish, Gill’s Bluff, Virginia (Company F), June 20, 1862.
Seven Days Battles, Virginia, June 25 to July 1, 1862.
Engagement, Turkey Bridge (Malvern Cliff), Virginia, June 30, 1862.
Campaign in Northern Virginia (Second Bull Run Campaign), August 16 to September 2, 1862.
Maryland Campaign, September 3–19, 1862.
Siege, Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, September 13, 1862.
Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg), Maryland, September 16–17, 1862.
Action, Bolivar Heights, West Virginia, September 19, 1862.
Operations in Loudoun, Fauquier and Rappahannock Counties, Virginia, October 26 to November 10, 1862.
Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia, December 12–15, 1862.
Siege, Suffolk, Virginia, April 11 to May 4, 1863.
Skirmish, Somerton Road, Virginia, April 15, 1863.
Skirmish, Somerton Road, Virginia, April 20, 1863.
Action, Edenton Road, Suffolk, Virginia, April 24, 1863.
Gettysburg Campaign, June 3 to August 1, 1863.
Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 1–3, 1863.
Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia, September 19–21, 1863.
Siege, Chattanooga, Tennessee, September 24 to November 1, 1863.
Campaign, Knoxville, Tennessee, November 4 to December 23, 1863.
Siege, Knoxville, Tennessee, November 17 to December 4, 1863.
Assault, Forts Saunders and Loudoun, Knoxville, Tennessee, November 29, 1863.
Operations about Dandridge, Tennessee, January 16 to January 17, 1864.
Operations about Dandridge, Tennessee, January 26–28, 1864.
Wilderness Campaign, May 4 to June 12, 1864.
Battle of the Wilderness, Virginia, May 5–7, 1864.
Battles of Spotsylvania Court House, Laurel Hill, Ny River and Fredericksburg Road, Virginia, May 8–21, 1864.
Assault of the Salient, Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia, May 12, 1864.
Operations on the line of the North Anna River, Virginia, May 22–26, 1864.
Operations on the line of the Pamunkey River, Virginia, May 26–28, 1864.
Operations on the line of the Totopotomoy River, Virginia, May 28–31, 1864.
Battles about Cold Harbor, Virginia, June 1–12, 1864.
Assault, Petersburg, Virginia, June 15, 1864.
Siege operations against Petersburg and Richmond, Virginia, June 16, 1864 to April 2, 1865.
Assault, Petersburg, Virginia, June 18, 1864.
Engagements at Deep Bottom (Darbytown), Strawberry Plains and New Market Road, Virginia, June 27–29, 1864.
Engagements at Deep Bottom, New Market Road and Darbytown Road, Virginia, August 13–20, 1864.
Engagement, Fair Oaks and Darbytown Road, Virginia, October 27–28, 1864.
Appomattox Campaign, March 28 to April 9, 1865.
Assault and capture, Petersburg Lines, Virginia, April 2, 1865.
Surrender, Appomattox Court House, Virginia, April 9, 1865.

When General Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9, 1865, only 144 men of the 3rd Arkansas remained out of the 1,353 mustered into it from the start of the war.

Commander's Intent
The 3rd Arkansas Infantry by name is infantry and to be historical accurate, the regiment will mostly be a line infantry regiment, however due to extraordinary experience from the commanding officer, the commander is willing to entertain ideas on a detachment of artillery/skirms when the regiment reach's sufficient size. Acting as a infantry regiment will mean training in formations, battle tactic's and command's.

About the Commander

As the Colonel of the 3rd Arkansas let me introduce myself. My name is Chance Wilson, Wilson to you guys. I've been playing Mount and Blade Warband since 2012. Most playing NW for the time in between now and then. I started out and spent most of my NW career in the 1st Royal Green Jackets under Colonel Sharpe learning how to fight as riflemen. During my years in the 1st RGJ I made my way up threw the lower NCO rank's and finally to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. With the skills learned working as a British line/skirm reg I joined the  26th North Carolina under Major General Chadric in the NAS mod and worked as an artillery gunner, gaining valuable knowledge in that art before taking skills from those and joining the Army of the Potomac General Staff. Which is where I got experience in regimental direction, event making/running, diplomacy and other skills related to my post as staff lieutenant. This set the stage for when I joined the NA Union Army 2nd Corps, under Major General Royal who later promoted me to the post of Brigadier General of 2nd Brigade "Falcon". I commanded as general for a few months before I went inactive for a awhile. Now my recent NAS experiences include a stint in the 4th US Light Artillery as a Ordnance Sergeant. Now with Marks and Hinkels blessing I'm making this regiment.

In-Game Info
Tag's: 3rdArk_Rank_Name
Flag: 1st Page on the 1st row, 3rd flag.

What it looks like.

The 3rdArk has a special in game unit only usable by the 3rdArk but can be seen by others. On joining the reg the file you need for this unit will be given to you by the commander or one of the nco's or officer's.


Pistol's:  Colt M1860 Army or Colt M1861 nAVY
Sword: Line Cavalry Sabre
Extra's: Binoculars

Flag Bearer

Flag: Star's and Bar's
Sword: M1840 Army NCO Sword


Rifle's: M1841 Mississippi Rifle(Note: As a rifle it does not have a bayonet, if b is pressed it turns into a bottle) or Springfield M1842
Extra's: Bowie Knife
How to Join

If you think the 3rd Arkansas is right for you, please leave the following in a post or add any of the contacts below on steam.

Do you have teamspeak 3: Y/N
Former regimental experience if any:

Contact Info

Regimental Steam

Officer's Steam

Captain Wilson


Possibly the DA TS3 More Info To Follow


As some of you may know may or may not know the original 3rd Arkansas disbanded sometime during the 2nd week of July. That being said the name 3rd Arkansas was discontinued in use, however it was still held in limbo from its former Colonel, Marks. After speaking with several former 3rdArk members and Colonel Marks I have been given permission to use the name for my own, and Hinkel has given me permission to use the 3rdArk in-game unit.

Name and Unit claimed for North and South and War of Rights

In regards to the Stonewall Brigade,it is hereby stood down in name, but its is reserved until such time that it is needed again. You can contact me on steam should anyone have any questions, but the long short of it is that every regiment but the 3rd Arkansas joined the Army of the Potomac. That being said the 3rd Ark ts3 is now just 3rdArk only.

Events: EU / The 1st Royal Green Jackets Saturday Linebattle Event
« on: June 02, 2015, 11:19:38 pm »

The 1st Royal Green Jackets are looking for regiments of all sizes to join us in arms to grow and compete at the top.
We are aiming to hit a consistent 70+ average attendance for weekends aswell as to start pushing for competitive events in the near future.
If you wish to join or want more information then please add an officer for more information!

General Information

Teamspeak3 IP:

The 1st Royal Green Jackets are proud to present our Saturday Linebattle!
It will take place every week. The event will be hosted every Saturday at 7:00pm GMT / 2pm EST!

The server name will be 1stRGJ_Event, sign ups are made through this forum and can also me made on steam
via messaging one of the officers named below or via our teamspeak.

The password will be handed out via our Teamspeak at 6:45 pm GMT

Please bring your men onto the server as soon as you have the password for a start as close to 7pm GMT as is possible.
The event will consists of 4 Rounds with 2 per map.
If you want to know more information or contact a senior officer, our steam names are:

Steam: RGJ_Etherton (Head Admin)
Steam: RGJ_Lake (Head Admin)
Steam: RGJ_Connor
Steam: RGJ_Sharpe

Weekly Sign Up Format


Unit Limits Per Team

Officer's, Flag Bears, and Band Personnel do not count towards your max, IE: If you have 15 lights you can still bring a officer and bugler and still be ok, same for other units ect...

Line Infantry - Minimum 8 - Maximum 30 per line

Cavalry - 1 Regiment as Cav per side - Minimum 5 - Maximum 15

Light Infantry - 1 Regiment as Light per side - Minimum 5 - Maximum 15

Skirms - 1 Regiment of Skirms per side - Minimum 5 - Maximum 15

Artillery - 1 Regiment/Detachment of Arty - May field up to two guns of your choice, you can either bring one of each type or bring two of the same. Crews may consist of any combination, with two sappers as a max. Arty Guards act as light infantry.  . *NO ROCKETS*

*May only fire when in a FULL line formation or a properly formed anti-cav formation.
*May only start a melee charge after forming up into a proper line and only from a close distance from the enemy
*No weapons may be fired during the charge.
*May not crouch in combat, but may crouch out of combat.
*Must maintain a line formation at all times.
*May not reload out of formation or in the charge.
*May only move out in a column or double column.

*Must maintain cohesion.
*Dragoons may fire weapons off horseback but only when halted and in a line formation.
*No weapons may be fired during the charge.
*Dismounted Dragoons are classed as Line Infantry in terms of rules.
*Must dismount once they are 3 or less
*Must not rambo or run too far apart. Staying as a rough group helps.

*May use 2 man spacing's in their line.
*May crouch.
*2 man spacing
*No weapons may be fired during the charge.
*May advance or retreat a short distance if they maintain formation.
*Must move in a line or formation.
*Must maintain cohesion.

*May use 5 man spacing's.
*May crouch.
*Must maintain cohesion.
*No weapons may be fired during the charge.
*Must equip only cavalry muskets or rifles at the start of the round but may scavenge freely for weapons during the battle.

*May use either howitzers or cannon but may not take more than 2 artillery pieces in total.
*Artillery Guards may act as light infantry but must not leave the guns, if they do leave the guns they are then considered line and must follow the line rule's.

Main Event Rules
*Anyone who gets a kill by breaking any of the Event
Rules will be slain immediately!
*Anyone who repeatedly breaks the rules will be slain!
*Everyone except Artillery Crew & Generals must join
another line when they number 3 or less, Cavalry must
 dismount at this point!
*No teamkilling!
*No Ramboing!
*No trolling!
*No abusive behavior!
*No Spamming!
*No musketoons!
*Obey the admins!
*No glitching!
*No prolonging the round!
*Maximum numbers apply to Rankers. You may go over
 the numbers if they are Officers, Musicians, Flag Bearers
All charge rules
*When a round has gone on too long or there are very few
people left alive an admin will call an All Charge.
At this point everyone must stop shooting and charge their enemy.
Anyone of any class that shoots during an all charge will be slain!


1st Royal Green Jackets
1st King's Dragoon Guards
10th Royal Hussars
16th Mordian Iron Guard
12th East Suffolk Regiment Of Foot
Nr3 Pommersches
501st Royal Danish Legion
königliche Bombardier-Regiment Nummero 3

Team 1 - UK
1st RGJ


1st RGJ

1st RGJ


Team 2 - Austria
501st RDL
16th MIG






Weekly Attending Regiments
Line (2/~)
1stRGJ (55-65)
1stRGJ (See Above)

Light (0/2)

Rifles (1/2)
1stRGJ (See Above)

Cav (0/2)

Arty (1/2)
1stRGJ (See Above)

Event Admins

All rights reserved for the name aswell as the regiment basis.

Thread made by Nicos for Etherton.

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