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Regiments / 2aBH - 2a Brigada Hispana
« on: May 15, 2016, 02:47:18 pm »

Regimental Thread

Our brigade, the Second Hispanic Brigade, was founded two and a half years ago when the old RE (Reino de España) was disbanded and we decided to create a new stronger and talented group. Currently, we have been growing positively, we have made mark in several battles even playing with the best foreign regiments and regiments from our nation, always giving quality playing, this make us one of the greatest Spanish regiments that have existed during our experience in Napoleonic Wars.

Also, we are hosting since the creation of this group our own linebattle event every sunday with foreign and spanish regiments. We have good ping (hosted in France) and sometimes we try to make recreations of battles with custom maps. If you are interested check the event thread.

The brigade is formed by Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery regiments, all recreate historical spanish regiments of the napoleonic period:

  • The Royal Wallon Guards - Line Infantry
  • The 7th  Numancia Dragoons - Cavalry
  • The Royal Spanish Artillery - Artillery
  • The Reserve Corp - No active members

Our brigade commander is Pakiko, he plays the role of "Mariscal de Campo".

Reales Guardias Walonas

Capitán Golde
Alférez Mercuri
Sargento Nolicus
Sargento Tony
Cabo Imier
Músico Camarada
Músico Sakarraterrum
Guardia Burutikjota
Guardia Cazurro
Guardia Elektro
Guardia Francho
Guardia Gememix
Guardia Ignacio
Guardia Málaga
Guardia Mareno
Guardia Mauser
Guardia Mike
Guardia Shadow
Guardia Vázquez
Recluta Adrianpadawan
Recluta ByDieguez
Recluta Darth Vader
Recluta Jonva
Recluta Luis
Recluta Matthew
Recluta Melex
The origin of these corps dating back to 1702, during the Spanish Succession War,
with the purpose of honoring and escort the person of the king,
cause of that the members should belong to the highest nobility and show
absolute loyalty to the monarch. Despite its rather ceremonial role, they were
integrated as two units in the Spanish Royal Army, being in almost all the campaigns
in which Spain was involved throughout the 18th and early 19th centuries.

When Carlos IV ascended to the throne, this was the unit who guard the
Royal Palace, organiced in two regiments of infantry, one Spanish and one Walloon,
each one with 4,233 members.
In 1793, during the war against the French Convention, the strength of
the Spanish Guards increased in six companies of sharpshooters,
built and supported by the Duke of Osuna. The strength of this body
were increased by 700 more members. However, in 1803,
the spanish and the walloons were reduced to two battalions
for each regiment, and the six companies of sharpshooters disappeared.
Regimental contacts:

Dragones de Numancia, 7º de Caballería.

Tnt. Coronel Hispalense
Capitán Víctor
Cabo Sander
Drg. Primera Carlosastur
Drg. Primera Gabriel
Dragón Lliyor
Dragón Cardamomo
Dragón Estrate
Dragón Inmortal
Dragón Javier
Dragón Luisma
Dragón Wsakespeare
Dragón Wasike
Dragón Sukoner
On February 10, 1718 in the preparations for the departure of the Osuna's Regiment to Sicily
and due to the reorganization of the Army, the Regiment is called by a Royal Ordinance with the
name of "NUMANCIA" 1st Of Dragons, in memory of the heroic resistance that the Celtiberian
city maintained for twenty years against the Romans, to be ravaged by Scipio Aemilianus,
called the African for his victory over Carthage in 133 BC.
In the coat of arms appears a phoenix burning in a nest of cinnamon sticks,surrounded by
the banners and flags and the Latin motto "Prius Flammis Combust Quam Armis Numantia Victa"
(Numancia better destroyed by fire that defeated by the weapons).
The composition was structured in twelve companies (Sections) with three officers and thirty two
dragons each after being nearly destroyed in the capitulation of Zaragoza (February 21, 1809),
the regiment was reorganized in Valencia, receiving back the old yellow uniforms,
as demonstrated by two witnesses. The Military Gazette and Policy of the Principality
of Catalonia,of March 26, 1809, speaks about the arrival in Tarragona of 80 dragoons of Numancia,
and describes them. The Polish officer Brandt, from the Vistula Legion, referring to the battle of María(15-VI-1809)
in his interesting memories, remembering the three successive charges of the yellow dragoons of Numancia.
Regimental contacts:

Real Artillería Española

Capitán Alathors
Teniente Sombra
Cabo Chami
Artillero Gleader
Artillero Zurco
Cadete Chenar
Cadete Gememix
Cadete Mayayo
The regiment of the Royal Spainish Artillery was created on May 2, 1710 after
a series of reforms, regulations and ordinances promoted by the King Felipe V
"to guard and service of trains of artillery, as well as to serve the artillery squares and castles".
The first colonel was Marcos Araciel, this first regiment consisted of three battalions geographically
distributed between the armies of Aragon, Extremadura and Andalusia.

- Participation in the War of Spanish Succession between 1702 and 1714.
- In 1727 participates in the second siege of Gibraltar.
- In 1781 the conquest of Menorca.
- Excels in the defenses of the Plaza de Oran, 1732 and 1791.
- In the War against the French Convention (1792-1795), in the battles of Bellegarde and Truillas.
- During the Peninsular War (1808-1814), actions of Rubieca and Aranjuez, in the block of Cadiz and in the battles
   of Talavera, Medina Del Campo, Almonacid and Tamames.
- During the 1st Carlist War (1833-1840) participate in the actions of Aragon.
- In the War of Africa 1859-1860, in the battles of Castillejos, Tetuan and Wad-Ras.
- In the 3rd Carlist War (1872-1876), in Lacar and the defense of Logroño and Deberga.
- Involved in the Campaign of Melilla 1893.
Regimental contacts:

El Cuerpo de Reservistas

The brigade also have a reserve group, it is formed by the members of the 2aBH who were part before of the other regiments
but have not time to play every week, so instead of leave the brigade, they join in the Reserve Corp and can come to play
with the regiment that they want when they have enough time.

Other Information

The members of the 2aBH speak spanish, but it is not the mother language of all of them, we are from diferent parts of Spain and few of us are from America and rest of Europe.
Anyone who is able to speak spanish or is interested in improve what he had learn in the school will be accepted in the 2a Brigada Hispana.

Founder - Mariscal de Campo:

Event Manager:


      Clan Website

Comunidad Gamer Hispana

Team Speak

Confederates / 5th Florida Infantry Regiment [EU-Spain]
« on: July 02, 2015, 03:28:33 pm »

About us
We are a spanish gaming community. We are playing Napoleonic Wars since few years ago and we have a lot of experience. This regiment is being created to play in the 1.0 version of North & South. There are few spanish regiments more playing the mod, being part of the Iverson's Brigade of the Confederate Division. All who can speak spanish and wants to fight for the CSA and have fun are wellcome to join.

Napoleonic Wars: 2aBH - Segunda Brigada Hispana
NW Event: 2aBH Sunday LineBattle [EU]

Regiment History
The 5th Florida Infantry Regiment served in Perry's Florida Brigade alongside the 2nd and 8th Florida. Perry's Brigade served under Anderson’s Division of Longstreet’s First Corps, of the Army of Northern Virginia.

They fought in the Battles of Second Manassas, Sharpsburg, and Antietam from Aug-Sep 1862. Colonel David Lang took command of the Florida Brigade and led them at Fredricksburg in Dec 1862 and Chancellorsville in May 1863. Under Col. Lang's command the Florida Brigade fought at Gettysburg in July 1863. They were attached to Picket's Division, and took part in the famous attack on the Union center on the 3rd day.

After the Battles of the Wilderness and Spotsylvania in 1864, the Brigade was joined by the victors of the Battle of Olustee, the 9th, 10th, and 11th Regiments. General Joseph Finegan, the famous commander of Florida forces at Olustee, took command of the Florida Brigade, then known as “Finegan’s Brigade”.

In the last year of war the Florida Brigade fought at Cold Harbor in June 1864 and Petersburg during the winter. The Florida Brigade retreated with the Army of Northern Virginia and surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9, 1865. By the time of surrender, the regiments were the size of modern day platoons or companies. The 2nd, 5th, and 8th surrendered 68, 53, and 32 men respectively. The 9th, 10th, and 11th surrendered 124, 162, and 23. Most of the 11th had been cut off in the Army’s retreat and had previously surrendered.

Engagements and Battles

  • Second Battle of Bull Run
  • Battle of Antietam

  • Battle of Chancellorsville
  • Battle of Gettysburg

  • Battle of the Wilderness
  • Battle of Spotsylvania
  • Battle of Cold Harbor
  • Battle of Petersburg

The monument to Perry’s Florida Brigade at Gettysburg



Col. "Pakiko"
Cpt. Jackson Teller "Mercuri"
1stLt. Nicholas Mortimer "Niko"

We are still organizing the
regiment, by the moment
we are around +20 members.

This regiment is part of the Iverson's Brigade, Confederate Division of the Union Army


Hello all, I am here to present the project that a team of  Spanish NW players are carrying out. The project is a new MOD that relate the various wars that took place in Spain during the 19th Century.
The war for which we have started is the first Carlist War (there were three).
Below I will bring you more information about the MOD. I hope you will enjoy it.

At the beginning of the 18th century, Felipe V, the first Bourbon king of Spain, promulgated the Salic Law, which declared illegal the inheritance of the Spanish crown by women. His purpose was to thwart the Habsburgs' regaining the throne by way of the female dynastic line.
A century later, Fernando VII of Spain had no male descendant, but two daughters, Isabel (later known as Isabel II of Spain) and Luisa Fernanda. So he promulgated the Pragmatic Sanction, to allow Isabel to become Queen after his death, forgetting the traditional rules of Spanish succession.
Without the Pragmatic Sanction, Carlos María Isidro (later known as Carlos V), the king's brother, would have normally become king. He and his followers, pressed Fernando VII to change his mind. But the ill King kept his decision and when he died on 29 September 1833, Isabella became the legitimate queen. As she was only a child, a regent was needed: her mother, Queen Maria Christina was appointed.
Carlos V's followers (the Carlists) proclaimed him as the new king of Spain. Appears so two sides and two pretenders to the throne:
  • The Carlists, supporters of Carlos V, very religious, traditionalist and absolutists. (30.000 men)
  • The Isabelines, supporters of Isabel II, with liberal ideas. (100.000 Spanish, 10.000 British and 5.000 French)
    United Kingdom and France help this side with some legions.
The war started in 1833 and finished, after some years of hard battles, in 1839 with the Isabeline side as winner.

The following pics are taken in OpenBRF uniforms editor, the uniforms will look better in game cause of better graphics and the shadders. The uniforms are still work in progress, so not 100% finished, we need to do many details like shako's plates. The textures of the uniforms will be remake in order to improve it.

Aragonese armed Militia

Volunteers of Navarra

Volunteers of Castilia

Volunteers of Valencia

Tortosa Granadiers

Infantry Honor Guard

Sharpshooters of Navarra


Arlabán Hussars

Cavalry Sharpshooters of Tortosa

Valencia Lancers

Tortosa Lancers

Cavalry Honor Guard




Carlist Monk

General Cabrera

General Zumalacarregui


Head stuff



Royal Marine Infantry

British Auxilliary Legion (9th Bat)

French Foreign Legion

Royal Infantry Grenadiers

Grenadiers of the Provincial Guard

Isabeline voltigeurs


Princess's Hussars

Mounted Sharpshooters of the Royal Guard

Lanciers of the Queen

Cuirassiers of the Royal Guard

Mounted Grenadiers of the Royal Guard




Village lady
working on it ^^
General Diego de Leon

General Espartero


Head stuff


  • New factions
  • New units
  • New sounds
  • New historical maps
  • New Scripts
  • Medical system
  • General's guards
  • Other stuff to enhand the realism gaming

Mercuri, texturer and uniform maker.
Niko, sounds and map maker.
Victor, the scripter
Fede_Caprari, 3D Models maker, scripts.
Jonathan, the historian.

Thanks to Yebenoso, PADT, Neom, Cazador, Ignacio and for the help.
Maybe I'm forgetting someone, thanks you too! ^^

First of all, we want to thank all members from the community for supporting this MOD and all the rest of MODs and projects. Because without their support none of these MODs could reach the release.

But we also want to thank some people for their personal work that we've used:

N&S Team for some items from their MOD. Link
Raddeo for his GreatCoat from his workshop. Link
Willhelm for his NewCannonColours textures. Link
wanderer949 for few items from his MoreHorses. Link
Yamabusi for his Monk. Link
We use some textures from few Graphic Enhancers OSP from Taleworlds forums, but its imposible for us to know the names.

Espartero. Isabeline general


Zumalacarregui. Carlist general


Diego de León. Isabeline general


Cabrera. Carlist general


Isabell II and Carlos V. The Kings


Carlist cavalry


Carlist infantry


Isabeline cavalry


Hug of Vergara. Signing of peace


Modifications / Hide factions?
« on: November 11, 2014, 05:31:12 pm »
Hi, I want to know if it's posible to hide factions and not remove it, I'm making a mod and I only need to do that to finish it.

Technical Support / FPS frozen at 60fps
« on: October 24, 2014, 10:21:00 pm »
Hello, I just bought a new gaming pc:
CPU: AMD FX-4350 4.2Ghz x4 BlackEdition
GPU: Shappire R7 260x OC 2GB
MB: MSI 970 Gaming
RAM: 8Gb

So noot a bad pc...

And I just installed M&B Warband and the NW dlc from steam, when I started to try the game in my new pc I have noticed that the fps were always 59, 60 or 61, no more. I changed the graphics configuration to low, medium and maximun, and all time the fps were 60. I know that when you start the game, in the module selection window, there are a configuration option to change the maximun fps, and I write 120, 100, 90 or 80, but in game all the time the fps are 60 and I dont know why. So pls help me :(


Official Servers Bans & Unbans / Unban on GroupFighting Server pls
« on: July 22, 2014, 05:52:54 pm »
Name under which you were banned - CatIsSpain
Server(s) you are banned from - GroupFighting Server
What was happening when you got banned - I tk a member of my clan because he was kidding me in team speak
Time and date 17:45 22/07/2014
Timezone GTM +1
User Identification Number*

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