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Regiments / Nr.4 Baden Infantry Regiment- Recruiting [NA]
« on: January 02, 2015, 06:51:49 am »

Nr.4 Regiment d'infanterie de Grand Duche du Bade

About us:
Welcome to the thread of the Nr.4 Baden Infantry Regiment. We are a proud group of individuals from many backgrounds and we represent the Grand Duchy of Baden with great passion and devotion. This is a laid-back regiment. We will not train unless training is evidently required. PTS will not be enforced unless absolutely necessary. This is not to say we are not a competitive regiment; we are by all means competitive and focused, we just manage our priorities differently. 1v1's tend to be more periodical events for us.  If you enjoy large scale battles, sieges, etc, then this is the regiment for you.

Regiment History:
Baden joined the Confederation of the Rhine in 1806 and immediately began to re-organise its army on the French pattern. By 1809 the army consisted of the Gardes du Corps squadron, a regiment of light dragoons, one of hussars, a corps of artillery with one horse and two foot companies. A Lieb Garde grenadier battalion, a jager battalion and four regiments of line infantry, the first of these being the Leib regiment. In 1808 the 4th regiment was re-organised for service in Spain and the 1st battalion of that regiment was exchanged for the 2nd battalion of the 3rd regiment.

The Duchy of Baden sent the 4th Infantry Regiment and one artillery battery to Spain as to fulfill part of its military obligation under the Confederation of the Rhine. The 4th Infantry Regiment, like the Holland Regiment, was formed by taking the 1st Battalion 4th Regiment and the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Regiment. The regiment was organized along French lines, with each battalion having a grenadier, voltigeur, and four fusilier companies. A company was authorized 140 men, with the battalion strength of approximately 840. A major commanded each battalion, while the regimental commander was a colonel, who had a staff of fifteen officers, NCOs, and men. The fusilier companies in the 1st Battalion were numbered 1, 3, 5, and 7, while the companies in the 2nd Battalion were numbered 2, 4, 6, and 8. Estimated strength of each battalion at Talavera was between 500 and 600 effectives.   

4th Regiment

Muster Roll
Field Officers:
Major- Forest
Capitan- VagMonster
Leutnant- Thanantos

Company Officers:
Adjutant- CJH
Sergeanten- Woden
Furier- Theodin

Corporale- Wolfhunter
Corporale- Airborne
Schutzen- Woden
Schutzen- Tummy Tums
Schutzen- Lone Survivor
Schutzen- Rexy
Gemeiner- Lynch
Gemeiner- Oliver
Gemeiner- Potato
Gemeiner- Conner
Gemeiner- Dum Duck
Gemeiner- Myheadissquare
Gemeiner- GewherKills
Gemeiner- Chad
Gemeiner- Firefox
Gemeiner- Yoloswag
Gemeiner- KJK
Gemeiner- Tom
Gemeiner- Smaug
Gemeiner- Chieef

Wednesday- KPR Siege

Friday- MOV event + FH Line Battle

Saturday- Getty's Saturday Line Battle

Sunday- MOV Sunday Line Battle

Interested in joining our ranks?

Admittance to the regiment is a very simple process. Just use the link below, friend me, and send a message of request.

Code of Conduct

1. Do not speak over superior officers in battle

2. Have respect for fellow members

3. Be reasonably active(If you're online, you are expected to attend)

4. Follow orders and it will be smooth sailing and fun for all!
Nr.4 Skin

DL Link:

PLEASE NOTE! The resource folder in the zip file is spelled wrong. You must add a "u" after the "o" in "resorce" in order for it to overwrite correctly!

*Listen while reading*

Regiments / 1st New Jersey Infantry [Recruiting NA]
« on: November 16, 2014, 08:23:59 pm »

~Basic Information~

We are an American WaT regiment destined for greatness and we are proud to represent the great state of New Jersey, the crossroads of the American Revolution. This regiment is fairly laid back as it is "mod" regiment, but that is not to say we permit disruption, immaturity, or trolling during events. We are a line infantry regiment designed to be proficient with the musket and bayonet. We are currently part of the [ANE] Army of New England. If you are an American regiment leader, we would love to have you in the army. Visit our steam group and comment for admission.

~Regiment History (1775-1783)~
In 1775 the 1st New Jersey Regiment was raised for service in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.
The 1st New Jersey Regiment, which was known as part of the famed "Jersey Blues," was authorized on October 9, 1775 by the Continental Congress to be raised for service with the Continental Army under the command of Colonel William Alexander (American general), better known as Lord Stirling for his (unsuccessful) claims to that Scottish title. It was also known as "First or Eastern Battalion of Foot of New Jersey Troops" while the Second New Jersey, authorized at the same time, was raised in the western counties of provincial New Jersey. Eight companies of the 1st New Jersey were raised in Essex, Middlesex, Morris, Somerset, Monmouth, and Bergen counties. One of the first activities of the newly formed unit was subduing and capturing Tories on Long Island. After Stirling was elevated to the rank of general, command of the 1st New Jersey was given to Colonel William Winds. Winds suffered humiliation after pressing for the regiment to leave Fort Ticonderoga in November 1776 after enlistments for the Jerseymen expired. When the regiment was reorganized in January 1777 as the 1st New Jersey Regiment, Continental Line, command was first offered to Silas Newcomb, but he declined.Matthias Ogden, who had previously served as major and lieutenant colonel of the 1st NJ Battalion of 1775-1776, became regimental commander with the rank of colonel, a position he held virtually until the end of the war.
The regiment saw action at the Battle of Valcour Island, Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Germantown, Battle of Monmouth,Sullivan Expedition, Battle of Springfield and the Battle of Yorktown. Other service included Winter Cantonment at Valley Forge (1776–1777), Battle of Short Hills (1777), Winter Cantonments at Morristown/Pompton Plains. The regiment was disbanded on November 3, 1783 at New Windsor, New York.

~Ranking System~



Sergeants (1st-4th)

Enlisted Ranks


~How to join~

We are looking for active and devoted American players that will contribute to the 1st New Jersey becoming a successful regiment in the WaT community. We don't care who you are, we only care that you try your best and comply with our basic list of rules. If you are a resident of the state of New jersey THIS IS THE REGIMENT FOR YOU! We encourage all New Jerseyans to enlist with us!
To join, friend on steam. If you do not have a steam account for some strange reason, just leave a comment below with some contact information so we can get in touch with you ASAP.


1. Act mature. Know your limits; be aware of your surroundings.

2. Do not mouth off to officers or superiors. Follow their directions and respect their all-knowing wisdom.

3. Obey P.T.S. if it is put into effect (should never happen God forbid.)

Official Servers Bans & Unbans / Unban Request- Forest
« on: May 21, 2014, 03:40:27 am »
Name under which you were banned - 91st_Rgl_Craig_Forrest
Server(s) you are banned from- NW Official NA1
What was happening when you got banned- I had repeated a racial slur previously stated, but i am black and this word is used often in my home environment and therefore I am slightly offended by the banning. :(
Time and date- 9:28 5/20/14
Timezone-Eastern Standard
User Identification Number: 7804

Push the button below to listen to the heartfelt, dignified farewell address of Colonel Tico of the 12th, read aloud by Habsburger.

Media / ForestNW- YouTube Channel (NANWL Matches)
« on: May 02, 2014, 12:58:20 am »

-Napoleonic wars events/spontaneous game-play

-Imperial Glory Gameplay

-NTW + ETW Let's Plays

-Anything else that covers the age of black powder 1700-1850's (Caribbean is an exception)

-Events with the USMC Oorah!

Please be awesome, check out the channel and sub away! ;D

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