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We have been traveling through Space and Time with the great Overlord.

Contrary to popular belief....we are still here....maybe drunk and passed out, in our senile stupor remembering the glory days.

After Coming back from the Christmas Break we have jumped (head first it seems) back into events. The 87th is coming up on 10 years, we may not be as big and as organized as we once were but we are still hanging in there and have more fun than ever. If you want to join the 87th on its 10 year anniversary march let us know.

Events: NA / Re: NRP/BBG Campaign Event 7.0 (starts Sept 26th)
« on: October 17, 2020, 01:44:05 am »
Regiment name: 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers
leaders steam:
Estimated attendance: 7-10

We all wish The mighty Overlord was still running events... sadly that ship has sailed and it may be for the best as I doubt many regs can form double ranks let alone perform. ::)

Still Standing 8)

Ah right where I left it.....

So this is where we are hiding the new page. IE the new thread not new page as in pages in the thread...

I may be less active but that is because I have seen 5 and a half years with this Regiment however I will endeavor to be more active....even on this forum.  ;)


This explains a lot too bad it could not embed

Go to school #Potus-Child-Army

Faugh A Ballagh for Kaizer

Not yet....

In the mean time finally updated the opening post see yall' next year! :D

He does more than most potuses  ;D

That had been a misunderstanding, and at least I stayed with the same regiment, unlike yourself.

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