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15e Roster updated.

Pls add to the 54th Roster:

You need to specify where each person came from to see if there are applicable match bans to be added.

I know Edrington was with the 54th for their week 2 match against the 3rdFG, but never played due to his absence from the roster. I was the one to ref that match. However for the other three folks, I can't really say where they're from.

Edrington and Jason were both with 54th 2 weeks ago but were not on roster.
Miami and Scooby have no previous reg experience. Joined the 54th last week.

Pls add to the 54th Roster:

Events: NA / Re: Wednesday Naval Battle Event
« on: February 21, 2018, 11:41:45 pm »
Regiment Name: 54th Valhallan
Regiment Leader's Steam Link:
Expected Attendance: 10-12
Do You Agree To The Rules?: Yes

Great fight by the 8th! Very fun match to play so thanks for the rumble boys

Team Name: 54th

Player Names: Quicks, ET

Steam of one of two players:

Regiment Name: 54th Valhallan
Leader's Steam:
Other Contact's Steam:
Estimated Attendance: 10-14
Do you accept the rules?: Yes

Regiment name: 54th Valhallan
Regiment leaders steam:
Estimated attendance: 10-12

Events: NA / Re: 54th Friday LineBattle
« on: December 23, 2017, 01:36:45 am »
***No event December 22nd as 54th are off duty for the holidays! Will be back next week!***

Events: NA / Re: 54th Sunday Siege
« on: December 23, 2017, 01:33:43 am »
**No siege event December 24th! Will be starting back the following week!**

Regiment name: 54th
Regiment leaders steam:
Estimated attendance: 10-14
Desired Role: Can go as anything

Events: NA / Re: 54th Thursday Winter Campaign
« on: December 05, 2017, 05:10:20 pm »
54th Winter Campaign - Winter is coming

-An alternative history about the invasion of Russia-

In 1806 Napoleon gives control of Hanover to Prussia in exchange for an alliance.

King Frederic Wilhelm III agrees to join France in their wars against the coalition of Britain and Russia.

Bordered by hostile nations Austria reluctantly agrees to remain neutral in the war... for now.

With Britain preoccupied in Spain, France and Prussia begin a full invasion of Russia. The campaign begins!

Fighting 2 empires the Russian leadership attempts a fighting retreat, hoping to hold out long enough for winter attrition to repulse the invaders.

Can Russia survive that long?
Will Prussia and France change the course of history?
Will any aid come from Britain or Austria?

Winter is coming.... 

Events: NA / Re: RL Monday Line only Event (4v4) - attached skirm
« on: October 17, 2017, 12:00:13 am »
Regiment Name: 54th
Expected Attendance: 10
Leader's Steam name:
Do you agree to the rules?: Yes

Regiment name: 54th Line
Regiment leader's Steam (Link):
Role (Infantry/Cavalry/Artillery/Skirmishers): Infantry
Estimated attendance: 12-16

Name of Regiment: 54th Line
Leaders Steam:
Average Attendence: 10-12
Specialty (Inf,Cav,Arty,Skirm): Inf
Have you read rules & agree (Y/N):Y
Is the Teamspeak bookmarked: Y
Do you plan to come permanently: Y

Regiment name: 54th

Are you the regiment leader?: Yes

Regiment leader steam.:

Regiment FSE Thread link.:

Projected Attendence.: 12-15

I agree to read and follow the rules and make sure to check the thread for any updates (y/n).: YES

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