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Regiments / Re: 33rd Regiment of Foot [EU] Founded 05/06/2012
« on: August 31, 2022, 01:33:17 pm »
Bump, best regiment out there. No Cap.

Still upset I missed the reunion.  :'(

Community / Re: Teamspeak Icons! [UK,France,Prussia,Russia]
« on: December 18, 2020, 01:15:44 am »
Love the Uk icons Blaze, using them for ts!  :-*
Mucho Gracias.  :-*

Love the Uk icons Blaze, using them for ts!  :-*

He made me custom Prussian ones for the 6te. Good stuff

Yeah, then I reset my computer and everything was lost even unseen incomplete sets but oh well. Here was my yearly post, time to disappear into the grave again.

Fantastic to see No.3 still going strong alongside all the other strong companies!

Yes because something which was completely unexpected which lead to someone being rushed to hospital I saw into the future and knew that it was going to happen?

Irish I’m sorry but you need to go back and read what was said, and who was said by what before you waste your time writing a paragraph which literally is stupid, akimoto said I “had these problems before I even applied” not Norwegian, and I quoted akimoto and was directing my first paragraph towards akimoto and infact little to nothing is directed at Rikkert, get your facts right before you post infact I think it’s best you go back to NA Com Rep thread.

Who couldve expected that the very active Blaze would suddenly disappear!! 1!1?1?1!1???

Don't make such comments before you know the situation. Distasteful. Blaze had to step down because of personal problems.

No more off-topic posts now.

He had those problems before he even applied. So if you actually adked ppl around him then you couldve expected this ...
Did not feel the need that I would have to defend myself but I forgot that you may be 19 but have the mental capacity of a slug, I feel it is extremely disrespectful for you to even comment saying I had those problems before when you don’t even know the problems? Ever since I removed you from my regiment you decided that you would hold a grudge against me and then when everyone turned against you, you played the victim and said you’d let it be, but this is literally the 7-8th instance where you’ve made your little snarky comments that everyone disregards because you are literally irrelevant, stop trying to hard to fit into the genre and the behavior that you do not conceive, time and time again you’ve attempted to discredit me to build your own reputation because you’ve ruined yours and become a skitty and time and time again when people go against you that’s when you play the victim card and act all nice.

I do not feel I am in any position to disclose my personal family matters to anyone in this community, people that have known me for long enough and some of my closest friends are aware of the situation at hand and how sudden and devastating it is, yes although I was slow on updating the EU community on what I was doing, I was in the planning of a few events including getting servers together and getting them organized alongside going to work every day and planning whenever I could in my free time, my family matter came out of nowhere and has had a huge personal impact on my which is why I am no longer present on even touching my computer.

I appreciate those who understand my position and have wished me well in hard times, for whoever is elected to be the next CR I will bring my plans forward towards them so that they may host the events that I was unable to and that they may make something come of this, for those who decided they would try and slander myself especially in the position I am in, you are vile disgusting humans in which although your behavior is utterly unacceptable I wish that anything that is leading to you behaving in that way gets sorted and wish the best on yourselves and your futures.

I want to wish the new candidates best of luck on the election and to whoever wins a successful and achievable term!

I apologize that I couldn’t keep to the standards that I had set myself, my goals where to focus on the overall community and create a more enjoyable and fun atmosphere, in recent events something had come towards me as a shock regarding a close call about a family members life and how it was to lead up to it, I will allow the FSE Administration team to decide what happens with the EU CR because I cannot continue especially with almost losing a family member I do not feel like I am in the correct mindset to continue doing and giving the community what I promised, I hope maybe in the future I am able to have another chance but I am sorry to all those I have let down.

Looking into the possibility of a few mods I’d like to hear your guys personal opinions on what mod you’d preferably like to play.

  • Iron Europe
  • North and South
  • Red and Blue
Noted, would you also be interested in Anglo Zulu, Native and such?

Looking into the possibility of a few mods I’d like to hear your guys personal opinions on what mod you’d preferably like to play.

Regiments / Re: New: 9th Regiment
« on: July 13, 2019, 02:11:57 pm »
Best of luck mate.

Best of luck!

The Mess Hall / Re: The Dying Problem- Hacking in NW: Betting Thread
« on: July 07, 2019, 09:52:22 pm »
Locking this thread, unnecessary drama that doesn't need to grow.
Please refrain from creating anymore post(s) like this.

Voting has been locked, thank you for voting using the results collected by the poll I can start to plan for the communities needs.

Poll will be locked towards the end of the week so get your votes and opinions in!

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