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The Mess Hall / Re: World Cup
« on: December 04, 2022, 08:02:59 pm »
god i hope engerlan wins
England will beat France hopefully

The Mess Hall / Re: World Cup
« on: December 01, 2022, 11:56:33 pm »


      The Gordon Highlanders is a regiment that enforces discipline, maturity and creativity in an enjoyable way. We are also always ready to apply new tactics and ideas of our members,
regardless of their rank, in order to help us improve as a regiment. Our regiment also offers different companies. For those who wishes to be a little more competitive can apply for a trial
period to join the Grenadier Company for example. When it comes to rules, every member is expected to possess common politeness meaning no racism, chauvinism or any other “Ism”.
We strongly discourage political discussions since it can only lead to pretty much pointless arguments from which our team unity will suffer, though it is not forbidden. If you share our
ideas (mentioned above) on what a regiment should be like, if you enjoy the highlander kilts and would like a taste of what it was to be a fearsome bydander, then the
92nd Gordon Highlanders is a perfect regiment for you. Whether you are a grizzled veteran of NW or a beginner you are most welcome to join us.

In order to enlist, please visit our website We are all very eager to meet you!

The first five years of the regiment's service were spent on garrison duties at Gibraltar, Corsica and Elba, and they fought in the Irish Rebellion of 1798.
In the summer of 1799, the regiment returned from Ireland to prepare for the Anglo-Russian invasion of Holland, which aimed to overthrow the Batavian Republic, a client republic of the French
Directory in the War of the Second Coalition. At around that time, the regiment was renumbered from the 100th to the 92nd Regiment of Foot. Landing on the Dutch coast on 27 August, and on
the same day were present at, but did not participate in the Battle of Callantsoog. However, they distinguished themselves on 2 October at the Battle of Alkmaar, known to the British as
"Egmont op Zee". In May 1800, they sailed to Minorca, and then on to Egypt where they landed at Abukir. Here they again fought with distinction at the Battle of Mandora on 13 March 1801.
It was a preliminary action before the Battle of Alexandria eight days later on 21 March. That morning, the 92nd had been ordered to return to Abukir, having now only 150 effective men,
because of illness and casualties sustained on the 13th. However, on hearing the sound of firing, the Highlanders saw the commander-in-chief, Sir Ralph Abercrombie, passing on his horse
and called out to be allowed to return to the line of battle, to which he gave his assent.

After returning home, a second battalion was raised, which served as a reinforcement pool for the first. The regiment took part in the Battle of Køge at Copenhagen in 1807, went to Portugal
and fought at the Battle of Corunna and then joined the disastrous Walcheren Campaign, after which only 300 of 1,000 men were fit for service. In September 1810, the regiment returned to
Portugal where they joined the Duke of Wellington's army for the remainder of the Peninsular War. The 92nd had reached Toulon when peace was declared in 1814 and they sailed for Ireland.
On 1 May 1815, the regiment again embarked for the continent, to take part in the Hundred Days campaign. The 92nd had a leading role in the Battle of Quatre Bras on 16 June, where it was
one of the regiments defending the disputed crossroads and later halted a French attack with a bayonet charge. Two days later. the regiment were in action again at the Battle of Waterloo,
although by now reduced to only about 250 men. At an early stage, Napoleon's troops attacked the left of the Allied line, and the 92nd were ordered to charge the leading French column. Upon
the approach of the Highlanders, the head of the French column broke in disorder and could only be caught by the horses of the Scots Greys, who passed through the 92nd to get at them.
According to some accounts, some of the Highlanders clung to the stirrups of the passing Greys so that they could reach the French, although this is often dismissed as mere legend.
However, the testimony of Corporal Dickson of "F" Troop of the Scots Greys, says; "They were all Gordons, and as we passed through them they shouted 'Go at them the Greys! Scotland for ever!'
My blood thrilled at this and I clutched my sabre tighter. Many of them grasped our stirrups and in the fiercest excitement, dashed with us into the fight." The 92nd's casualties at Waterloo were
20 killed and 99 wounded of all ranks. After the battle, the regiment marched to Paris, finally arriving in Edinburgh on 7 September 1816, where they were cheered by a large crowd.

The Gordon Highlanders was renowned as a courageous fighting regiment, but also enjoyed a reputation for good conduct and all round ability. This was based in a particular approach to soldiering,
a professional attitude individually and collectively where steadiness and teamwork were as important as extraordinary courage, sustained by a healthy pride in the Regiment and its achievements.


• Egmont-Op-Zee •

• Mandora •

• Spain •

• Corunna •

• Fuentes D'Onor •

• Almaraz •

• Vittoria •

• Pyrenees •

• Nive •

• Orthes •

• Peninsula •

• Waterloo •


The regiment was raised on 18-6-2017 as the '72nd "Duke of Albany's own" Regiment of Foot' by Colonel Wolffe and companions. The 72nd consisted of 2 companies,
a Centre and an Artillery company. Events were only held on a modification of "Mount and Blade: Warband" called "Whigs and Tories". After the majority of the regiment and its members decided that they
wanted to make the jump to NW we decided to rename the regiment to the infamous "92nd 'Gordon Highlanders' Regiment of Foot".

We met with a lot of difficulties along the way, we lost a lot of staff due to different ideas and private matters, we also lost a good core of our members after we moved to NW. But some stayed true and build
up the regiment again. We even raised a Light company in early 2018.

The regiment has always stood for 3 things, Discipline, Skill and Fun. We stayed loyal to these 3 things and made sure that they were balanced. Our Regimental Motto: "Bydand" meaning "Steadfast" or
"stand your ground" fitted us and our 3 values quite well.

Disaster struck us again in mid/late 2018 after we had to disband both the Light and Artillery Company. We pushed through however and on 26 February 2019 we re-raised the Lights under the command of Vegi.
We grew once again this time however we kept the attendance and old friends rejoined the regiment, turning it into the perfect place to have fun, learn about history and play games together.

Through all the hard times and the good most Gordon Highlanders stayed true and loyal, this was the sole reason for the staff to keep the regiment up and running and turning her into a beast of a unit.
We're always looking to expand the regiment and give out a good experience to those who join! So if you're interested in joining us make sure to apply on our website and join the 92nd Family today!


Here you can see which duties and tasks are attached to every rank. We want to show that every member is important within the regiment and should be respected equally as the CO's and NCO's. Just because there is a rank displayed in front of your name doesn't mean you are just a puppet.
Personal opinions are valued and will always be considered as feedback to improve our social group. Different duties and tasks are handed out so every member can have his contribution towards the regiment.
There are also different tasks and duties which are earned by being disciplined and active. Melee medals in all shapes and sizes are there to be earned as well.


Commissioned Officers

Non-Commissioned Officers

Regimental Serjeant Major
Company Serjeant Major
Enlisted (Flank Companies)

Veteran Grenadier

Lance Corporal

Attached Duties

CO Duties

NCO Duties

Drill Serjeant


Master Surgeon


Tier III

Tier II

Tier I



Battalion Staff

Col. John Gordon (Wolffe)
Lt-Col. Peter MacFie (Pieter)
Maj. Aidan Unicorn - (Scottish Unicorn)
Lt. Harry Wilkie (Henry) [Adjutant]

Light Company
"The Rats"

Commissioned Officers
Lt. James Baker (TheBaker)

Non-Commissioned Officers

CSM. Einar MacEwen (Einar)

Cpl. Butter Fingers (Cpt. Nommingtons)
Cpl. Harry Metalic (Mygoodness)

Mrksm. Enrik Alphin (Alphin)
Mrksm. Fergus Beerenberg (Beerenberg)

Kgm. Mark Whitfield (Marcellus)
Kgm. Joseph Leibniz (qWe)
Kgm. Murhpy Shelby (Murhpy)
Kgm. Edward Wallace (Gaerars)
Kgm. James Black (Rhino)

Fus. Carolus Rex (Warboss)
Fus. Cooper John (MıZıKCı)
Fus. George Monro (Gudrian)
Fus. Charles Brewer (Charles)

Vet. Richard Hawkings (Werewolf)
Vet. Ailbert Anderson (Lala)
Vet. John Campbell (Bravescot)
Vet. Henry MacNeill (King_Gravy)

Rgl. Thomas Cameron (Shagon)
Rgl. General Mahmoud (AjanKöpek0)
Rgl. Alexander Davidson (Kibrisli)
Rgl. Doniel (Doniel)

Pte. Malcom David Trent (Sir Lewis Prence)
Pte. Halvard Viknar (MJRASSASSIN148)
Pte. James MacNeesh (Crazytoes)
Pte. SwampArse (SwampArse)
Pte. Joe Harper (Commander Joe)

Rct. Hazman (Hazman)
Rct. Gorge McGovern (100gnomesa)
Rct. Sexycopycara (Sexycopycara)
Rct. Fingal Mackintosh (Confuxed)
Rct. (Thas)
Rct. Barry Lyndon (Barry)
Rct. Revolution (Revolution)
Rct. Joseph Murphy (Moontoor)

Rsv. Bruce Unicorn (Krembit)
Rsv. E-J Boris (Colbert)
Rsv. Steve Savage (Posh)

No.3 Centre Company
"Dolan's Chosen"

Commissioned Officers
Lt-Col. Peter MacFie (Pieter)

Cpt. Robert Sinclair (BearlyHuman)

Lt. Daniel Carrick (Ambiguous)

Non-Commissioned Officers
CSM. George Campbell (Sief)

CSjt. Roy Otto (Royotto)

Sjt. Royal McAbe (Kiddterra)

Cpl. Thomas Thompson (Thomas)


Kgm. James Black (Rhino)
Kgm. Alan Cameron (Alan)
Kgm. Alexander Leech (Blaze)
Kgm. James Mackay (Jafa)
Kgm. Daniel MacTavish (Rocket)

Fus. Barag McBamba (whicho)

Vet. Joseph Gibb (qarth)
Vet. Nicholas Montgomery (Zash)

Rgl. Chadrick Brown (Brown)
Rgl. James Forbes (Pchelka)
Rgl. George Hay (Aenye)
Rgl. Richard MacAllen (LeGe)
Rgl. John McQuarry (Fozzy)
Rgl. Hugh Wilson (Mbumba)
Rgl. Albert Nicholls (Desri)
Rgl. Rudolph Simpson (gLieber1)

Pte. Matthew Black (Karl)
Pte. Angus Boyd (Zerox)
Pte. Aeneas Brown (Wilbot)
Pte. James Brown (Aemon)
Pte. Francis Collier (Jodino)
Pte. James Cook (Marduck)
Pte. Norman Ferguson (Coca Kroli)
Pte. Nicholas Flamingham (Teezzsh)
Pte. George Hogg (deathstrike4321)
Pte. Arthur Knight (RagingFrenchGuy)
Pte. Benjamin Martin (DespotGandalf)
Pte. Harry McLean (Bawo)
Pte. John Miller (LeDoge)
Pte. Andrew Reid (AntzA)
Pte. Matthew Sutherland (Taniel)

Rct. Charlie Adam (Illu)
Rct. James Aubrey (Hatrix)
Rct. Alexander Black (Radwhl)
Rct. James Boyd (Darzi)
Rct. Thomas Brown (Hollanddude)
Rct. John French (Piggy)
Rct. Charles Fraser (ZakMyster)
Rct. William Grant (Wilhelm)
Rct. Arthur Harper (Wolkan)
Rct. Richard Hart (Galler)
Rct. William Hart (Altis)
Rct. Jean Lannes (Jean Lannes)
Rct. Owen MacDonald (Clostors)
Rct. Todd MacDonald (Utku)
Rct. Richard Nixon (Joker)
Rct. Evan Robertson (Bony)
Rct. James Sterling (Bong Nation)
Rct. George Thomson (Palmedes)
Rct. Jack Wallace (JackJony)

Rsv. Donald Robertson (Alfonso)
Rsv. Luthais MacLeod (Dekkers)
Rsv. Alexander MacLean (tom.more)
Rsv. (Skybier)
Rsv. Nathen Jenkins (Nahzer)
Rsv. Jordan Petersen (Arminius)
Rsv. Andrew Gunn (Andrew)
Rsv. Bert Fraser (Bert)
Rsv. Adam Kennedy (Alator)

Piper Angus MacFie (Bigmama)
MSur. James Dunn (Lord Potato)
Sur. Jean Larrey (Chieftain Blood Wolf)

No.4 Centre Company
"The Heavy Gunners"

Commissioned Officers
Cpt. Gabe McDougall (Gabon)

Non-Commissioned Officers
Sjt. William Stewart (William)

Kgm. Wiliam Waddle (Minty)
Kgm. Garry McSoldier (GoldenSoldier)

Fus. Murray Mcmurray (Murray)

Rgl. Stealth Mc Gregor (Stealth McGregor)
Rgl. Cooper McKay (Cooper)
Rgl. Jery Jones (Soldier)

Pte. Maminha Neriho (Maminha)
Pte. McDonald Malcom (Matt)
Pte. Gino McDonald (Gino Pino)
Pte. Joseph Smith (Killa)
Pte. William Walker (Jalkoth)

Rct. (LoczeQ)
Rct. (Olli)
Rct. Benjamin Buchannan (Gucci Habib)
Rct. (Conquistador)
Rct. Rufus Campbell (Burdensome Faggot)
Rct. Thomas Dunn (MegaPubMan)
Rct. (YaYa)
Rct. William Clark (Arhon1c)
Rct. Jock Lindsay (conch)
Rct. Duncan Mac leod (The Friendly Russian)
Rct. Crni_djordje  (Vile Beggar)
Rct. (DK Magify)

Grenadier Company
"Gordon's Own"

Commissioned Officers
Lt. Ryan McKay (Vegi)

Ens. John MacLean (Stockholm)

Non-Commissioned Officers
CSjt. George Goldfield (Golden)

LCpl. Bob Marley (Ilypa)
LCpl. Toby Stefaan (Blitzkrieg)

VGren. Benjamin MacLeoud (Skittles)

Gren. Ethan Ferguson (Faisan)
Gren. Gordon Macfie (Moskito)
Gren. James Maxwell (Lone)
Gren. James McFarland (Andy)
Gren. Grigoriy McLean (Ghrosse)
Gren. Yojimbo Kurosaki (Yoloswag)
Gren. Daniel Jagger (Twister)
Gren. Patrick Morton (Ciomcio)
Gren. Edward Newgate (Chuckster)
Gren. Komar White (Komar)
Gren. Zeyden Ackerman (Zeyden)
Gren. Donald Witt (Steinmann)

Kgm. Koksal Baba (Shneider)
Kgm. Marshall Boltone (Ingram)
Kgm. Ben Coloquhon (Bence)
Kgm. Charlie Farley (Charlie)
Kgm. John Gotti (Bluemoon)
Kgm. Hugh McLean (EpicPizza)
Kgm. Piotr Cartman (Naatsuu)
Kgm. Artur Jones (Jones)

Pte. William Alexander (Risk)
Pte. Nathaniel McBaggster (Bagins)
Pte. Moussa BenBougnoule (Dayboul)
Pte. Richard Rapier (HiReaper)
Pte. Jordan Gibson (Gibby)
Pte. Norman McFie (NormanGuy)
Pte. Gordon MacFarlan (LeBrave)

Rct. Jerome Black (Mandar1nch1k)
Rct. Aixtaze LeFort (ExtaZz94)
Rct. Donnie Brasco (Maximou)
Rct. Savas Cebeci (Ironreign)

Rsv. Ksenya Dukalis (Plushka)
Rsv. Luke Fraser (Queeen)
Rsv. James Fraser (Krea)
Rsv. Paok MacDuff (Paok)
Rsv. Scott Graves (Wolfe)
Rsv. Benjamin McCloth (Shadow)
Rsv. James Anderson (James)
Rsv. Harvey Elliot (Thanatos)
Rsv. Marco Ribeiro (R1bazZz)


Field Officers:
Commissioned Officers:
Non-Commissioned Officers:
Rank and File:
Attached Duties:


        Colonel John Gordon             Lieutenant-Colonel Peter MacFie           Major Aidan Unicorn

Battle Honours, Achievements & Palmares

1st | NWBC Season 5 (2022)

1st | EIC Season 4 (2021)

1st | ELC Season 1 (2021)

1st | NWBC Season 3 (2019)

1st |  Sieszti & Ciomcio 5vs5 tournament | 92pp (2020)

2nd | NW 2v2 Championship (2020)

2nd | Regimental Melee Tournament (2020)

2nd | Regimental Groupfighting League S7 (2020)

2nd | Deutsche Groupfight-Liga S5 (2020)

2nd | NWBC Season 4 (2020)

2nd | Mini-Regimental Groupfighting League (2021)

3rd | Regimental Weekend Tournament (2020)

3rd | 11th Regimental Groupfighting Tournament (2021)

3rd | Regimental Groupfighting League Season 8 (2021)


is that a cuban flag with uruguay's flag colour?

Regiments / Re: 15th Yorkshire "The Snappers" mk.3
« on: June 02, 2022, 10:03:37 pm »

lmfao I unironically remember that ban Hahahahahahah. Back when GF server was a Stasi server!

The Mess Hall / Re: Rate the song.
« on: May 25, 2022, 12:48:00 am »

The Mess Hall / Re: Rate the song.
« on: May 23, 2022, 11:52:46 pm »

Flusha be like Italy in every world war LOL
Again this boring meme zzzz

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