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Title: 33rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry [NA]
Post by: ~Midnight~ on August 28, 2015, 05:13:58 pm
Claiming the name 33rd Virginia and this thread is a WIP

Hello there recruits! This is the Regimental History of the 51st Georgia

The regiment was organized and mustered into service soon after the secession of Virginia on 17 April 1861. It was formed of ten companies, which included men from Hampshire, Shenandoah, Frederick, Hardy, Page, and Rockingham counties. Two of these counties, Hampshire and Hardy, seceded in 1863 from the state of Virginia, forming part of the northeastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

The ten companies were:

A - Potomac Guards (Hampshire Co.)
B - Toms Brook Guard (Shenandoah Co.)
C - Tenth Legion Minute Men/Shenandoah Riflemen (Shenandoah Co.)
D - Mountain Rangers (Winchester, Frederick Co.)
E - Emerald Guard (Shenandoah Co.)
F - Independent Greys/Hardy Greys (Hardy Co.)
G - Mount Jackson Rifles (Shenandoah Co.)
H - Page Grays (Page Co.)
I - Rockingham Confederates (Rockingham Co.)
J - Shenandoah Riflemen(Shenandoah Co.)

Originally, the regiment was commanded by Col. Arthur C. Cummings, though it would change hands many times through the war. The 33rd, along with the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 27th Virginia Regiments, formed the famous 'Stonewall Brigade' under the command of the legendary Stonewall Jackson. The average height of a soldier in the regiment was 5'8", and the average age was 25 years; these figures fluctuated greatly as the years progressed.

The 33rd Virginia remained in the Stonewall Brigade in Thomas J. Jackson's Second Corps until the restructuring of the Army of Northern Virginia after his death in the spring of 1863. It was then put under Richard Ewell's command until the spring of 1864, when it dissolved at the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House.

The regiment was a part of the Army of Northern Virginia from July 1862 until its surrender at Appomattox Court House, except during James Longstreet's 1863 independent expedition to Georgia and East Tennessee.
Engagements:American Civil War: First Battle of Manassas-First Battle of Kernstown-Jackson's Valley Campaign-Seven Days' Battles-Battle of Cedar Mountain-Second Battle of Bull Run-Battle of Antietam-Battle of Fredericksburg-Battle of Chancellorsville-Battle of Gettysburg-Overland Campaign-Valley Campaigns of 1864-Appomattox Campaign

When was the 33rd Virginia?

The 51st Georgia was formed by Major Lady Midnight on September 14th, 2015. Midnight has been in command in multiple other North and South regiments and Napoleonic Wars, Namely the 6th New York Heavy Artillery(NaS), 21st New Jersey Volunteer Cavalry(NaS), Major of the 1stIR(NW), Colonel of the 1stRCR(NW), Capitaine of the 26eme(NW), and Major in the 1stRI(Not the same xD, NW), and Lieutenant Colonel of the 14th Buckinghamshire Regiment of Foot.

Who are the 33rd Virginia and why should I care?

The 33rd Virginia is a Line regiment as of this moment, but we are working on having multiple companies if we can, we will try to mix things up so no one gets bored too quickly!

The regiment is comprised of all close friends, great shots, and decent melee fighters! We want to achieve having a fun, welcoming regiment for each member! We try to all make the fun of what we have, and it doesn't matter what your skill level is in anything! What you lack in, we can help you get better in together! The regiment is mostly like a small family since everyone is mostly close to each other and we aren't crazy as other regiments. We also play other games with each other besides Warband, and we accept all members no matter of age or personality!

Contact Information:
( ( (http://steam://friends/add/76561198132937066)
Thanks to PolarBeats for helping figure how to do those Horizontal lines!
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Going through a name change.
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there is still a trace of your previous regiment at the top there midnight