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Regiments / 1tes Westpreußen Infanterie Regiment [Recruiting]
« on: February 24, 2013, 05:42:09 pm »
1tes Westpreußen Infanterie Regiment

Für das Vaterland!

1. Musketeer Battalion

Welcome to the thread of the 1tes West Prussian Infanterie regiment!

Regiment Information

We are the West Prussian Infanterie. A regiment made up of experienced players from both the North American And European Napoleonic Wars community. We are a community, and are a regiment based around friendship, and equality. The regiment will be set up and run be a council of officers. We hope to give players a fun, but also serious regiment to play with, and be a part of. In addition, there will be a code of conduct that every member of the regiment must abide by while they are in the regiment. Our goal is to have a regiment that will be equally enjoyable for both the officers and men, with equal opportunity for all. Since we are both EU/NA we will have events for both time zones during the week, however there will be no clear distinction between European and North and American players when we do have the chance to do events together. Here is our steam group here. If you are interested in joining, you can either fill out the application provided below, or add me  on steam: Walko. If you wish to come hang out, talk, visit, or just drop in to say hi, you can visit our Teamspeak 3 server:

If you are interested in joining our glorious regiment, visit our forums here

Code Of Conduct

Our regiment has a code of conduct that we except every member of the regiment to abide by. We believe that each individual of the regiment has to uphold a certain set of codes to be a functioning part of this regiment. The code of conduct will set the basic parameters for behavior, attendance, and the process of promotion and demotion. If someone violates this code of conduct, they will face severe consequences, even being kicked from the regiment If the officers see fit. On their enterance to the regiment, every person must read and accept our code of conduct. If the regiment does not agree with a certain part of the code of conduct, they can talk to one of the officers in the regiment, and try to get a vote to either revise of edit the code of conduct.

   All members of the regiment must show respect to fellow members of the regiment, and fellow members of the Napoleonic Wars Community, under any and all circumstances.

   Members are expected to act mature and respectful, and to have behavior suiting their rank. All members have the ability to be demoted at any given time if their actions do not meet the requirements of the rank they have been granted.

   Regiment members are expected to attend as many events as possible, and at least 1-2 events a week minimum, the more events you attend, the more likely you are to get a promotion. The officers will be taking attendance during events, and will be able to follow how active you are. It is ok to not show up to events, please just let an officer know why you are not there. For long periods where you are gone, you can post in our leave of absence thread in our forums.

   Any and all members of the regiment are expected to respect the chain of command. You must follow the orders of your superiors, and not question them in the field. If you have a complaint about an officer/order, you may make a complaint after the event, but during events, you must follow orders to the best of your ability

   If you are in the regiment it is required that you try to help the regiment in it's recruiting, spending at least a mandatory 1 hour of pubbing a week. It will also be the job of more experienced members of the regiment to help integrate new recruits into the line.

Battalion Organization

The battalion will be led by a democratic council of officers with equal ranking and say in regiment decisions. The battalion will be split into two separate Musketeer Kompanies, each led by two officers. Each one of the companies will be integrated, and will have both North American and European members. The Kompanies will be able to fight as independent units, and as a larger, battalion strength line. The Komapnie is actually not the smallest unit in our battalion, each Kompanie will be divided into sections, from numbers one through four (because on attendance limitations, we may only have the ability to field two sections per Kompanie). Each section will be led by a Korporal, who is in charge of making sure the section has good attendance, who is also in charge of making sure the men of his section understand the main ideas of melee combat, to integrate new recruits into the section  and finally, his last responsibility is to report the progress of his section to his superior officers. Each section will also have one to two Gefreiters or Stabsgefreiters. It is their job to set an example for both the recruits and the Gemeiners of the section, and show them how formations and such are supposed to be done. The rest of the regiment will be made up of Gemeiners.

Historical Discussion / Prussian Army Battalion and Company distinction
« on: February 20, 2013, 07:02:18 am »
So I have been searching both the internet and books, and I have not found the answer to this question: Did Prussian Army units have battalion and Company distinctions? For example, how could you tell apart the 1st and second Musketeer Battalions of a regiment? How could you tell which company they were in? I know the French used different colored pom-poms. Any imput/knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

General Discussion / Your Regiment's Formations
« on: January 10, 2013, 09:05:42 pm »
Hey guys! I was wondering what specific formations that your regiment uses! How do you fight in a double line? What is your preferred anti-cavalry formation? What are your skirmish lines like? I'de like to see what other regiments do!

To start I will give you one of our formations that we call "Aggressive Reform"

During aggressive reform of a double column, each column will move to its respective side. For example, the right column will reform on the right of the commander, whilst the left column will reform on the left. This is a quick way to reform when you are in need of exchanging volleys quickly - you can form up twice as fast as falling in on one direction, and as a result can fire a large amount of shots in a much smaller time. In addition to this order, an advance by arrowhead order may be given, when the commander advances from the centre and the the rest of the line staggers on either side. This is similar to advance by file, except from the centre, when both respective files advance at the same time, yet continue the staggered pattern. Hence, advancing in arrowhead.

So basically, you go from double column, to a single formed around the commander! What have you guys got?

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