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Confederates / Re: The 8th Virginia Infantry Regiment
« on: July 23, 2019, 11:56:42 pm »
With me leaving for the US Army in 6 days, I have passed on command and full rights of the regiment to Vitor as of July 22nd, 2019. I trust he will keep this legacy going as I and past colonels have for years. I trust he will do his best as Colonel of the regiment with LtCol Lopez to assist him. His steam can be found here:

North & South: First Manassas / Re: Is this mod still alive?
« on: June 18, 2019, 03:33:32 am »
Yes. I currently host the NA events for NAS. Sorry for my late reply, I was on a trip to Germany and just came back. If you are interested in joining a regiment or attending the events with your regiment, contact me through Steam:   Buyauskasz  ID:

Confederates / The 8th Virginia Infantry Regiment
« on: May 24, 2019, 06:09:39 pm »
Just creating this to revive the thread on the 8th Virginia since the old thread has been inactive and not posted on in many months due to the regiment disbanding in October of 2018. We have been active since March 5th 2019 when NAS saw a revival in the NA community and currently host all NA events. The old 8th Virginia was disbanded/put inactive when we moved to NW to play as the 8thEPI back in October of 2018. We were handed down rights to the regiment by the old Colonel (MrMan) who retired from the game in February. We have officially reformed the 8th Virginia with Change (me) as the new Colonel and Lopez as Lieutenant Colonel.

Here is our new official steam group if you are interested in joining or taking a look:

Here is our current TS where you can find us:

My steam if you want to add me:

As far as the DA meeting goes, I think it should go through. For the NA with the I corps, it's not really a thing anymore with about 10 guys and the NYB is kind of in the same state at the moment. Most of the NA are independent or would rather work together as a group. I recommend not having a separate meeting for the I corps and NYB because it would just not go anywhere and you would be leaving out the whole NA community.

North & South: First Manassas / Re: Community attack: Ban requested
« on: May 06, 2019, 09:51:02 pm »
You are not in the position to request for people to be banned from this community, when literally everyone in this community wants you banned. Levy, stop acting like you are the victim... You are NOT the victim. You have repeatedly tried to reg snipe members and regiments from all regs, armies, and communities, and this hasn't just been this time, but it has been going on for 4 or 5 years now. You try to host against other people and you make threats to destroy others if they don't join you. Then when they leave you because they get tired of you, you send your staff on missions to reg snipe as many members back so you can offer them a higher rank in hopes to destroy them for leaving you. This is not the way to go about things. The community held a meeting on Friday night about getting together as a community and working together to be better and host events together. Everyone agreed except for you. You kicked out your staff that disagreed with you. Then you continued to say "screw the community, I want my event to be hosted under my name and if they don't like it, then too bad." 

Also for the record, nobody "hacked" your Teamspeak. Learn the difference between "hacking" which is an illegal act, and misuse of admin powers. Your very own staff colonel wanted you out and did this with the rest of the community leaders that wanted you out. If you want to ban us from your event, go ahead. Just letting you know, you are banning the entire community and you should probably think of a better way to fix things. I can come up with lots of proof from times you have insulted and tried to take down this community and regiments. Many of these date to just a few days ago. The EU community can also come up with a lot of proof and so can the NA. We have tried to work with you, and you have shut us down time and time again because you want to do things your way and you want everyone to agree and if not, then you get rid of them. Don't cry because now we don't want to work with you.

PS:  Don't call yourself an American and anti-communist if: you don't believe in democracy and if you pride yourself in running a dictatorship. Everything you are to people is a lie. Everything you are to yourself... is a lie. You didn't bring this community back to life, you didn't do shit here but start the drama. You attended your first event when we had already hit 120+ on our events. Let us be, We don't need you, nor do we want you. We as a community voted to ban you, and we want nothing to do with you. Enjoy hosting your Friday event to your 10 guys. I'm sure they like 10 man events.

I try to get in contact with Hinkel or the devs, and my Steam friend requests are just ignored.

 Feel free to add me on steam to be added:

I've sent friend request and also has been overlooked. How do we expect to get in contact.

It would be nice if the regimental leaders/ army leaders were added into a chat on steam to talk through ideas and such. It would speed up the process so much more. It sucks that being the Colonel of the 8thVA, one of the oldest and biggest regiments in the mod ever, I try to get in contact with Hinkel or the devs, and my Steam friend requests are just ignored. We need to get in contact and it would be the appropriate thing to do being that currently 2 of 3 events hosted are by me, and the 8thVA is at the center for community leaders of the NA community. We should get in contact with as many relevant people as possible and get a chat going to discuss ideas and things to be fixed in a more civilized way.

Steam:  Buyauskasz

Some base maps would be nice without the need of having to put them on servers. For myself and many of my regiment, we would love to see new uniforms. We hope to see an 8th Virginia unit with a nice confederate uniform. I personally really miss the Officer skins with the Frogcoat that hangs over like the old 69thNY officer from the old patch. It would be really nice to see new uniforms especially for officers and NCOs. Something which we wish we could see is an option to go more ranks than just "Sergeant". Some of my guys would like to go a Corporal in game or at times, go a SgtMaj class with the rank on the uniform in game. Kinda like how it is for officers you have the Captains, Lts and Cols.

Servers / Re: NA_Minisiege | Hosted By HRE
« on: December 08, 2018, 01:47:00 am »
Steam name : Buyauskasz
Experience : Former Brigadier General of DA and CSA in the NAS mod. Was head admin of 2 events a week for 2 consecutive years until the end of the mod.
Age : 18
Ingame name : 8thEPI Buyauskasz
Can anyone support you : Charles, Moraine, maybe Midnight.
Why should you be an admin : I'm interested in doing a little more and getting more in touch with the NW community. I have a long history of managing and admin experience in Mount and Blade and have made a name for myself. I want to get back into it and get a little more active and hope to know more people in NW and extend relations.
What times are you free to admin : I'm here basically every night. I rarely miss any events. Sundays and Fridays are kinda iffy with work, but it's very rare.

Regiments / Re: 8th East Prussian Infantry [NA] - *Recruiting*
« on: November 28, 2018, 03:05:52 am »

Confederates / Re: The Confederate States Army [Official Thread]
« on: May 03, 2018, 04:18:55 am »
Jesus Christ

Confederates / Re: Army of Alabama
« on: January 01, 2017, 08:51:05 am »
Too many rules, some very useless; such as "Must have flag bearer".  A lot of spelling mistakes, so I recommend looking over it and fixing all the "S" with the apostrophes and a few words that completely throw you off such as the use of "there" and "their". Also not to mention that the 15th Alabama belongs to the Dixieland Army, and the rights of the 8th Alabama belong to MrMan. I'd suggest first checking with the community and doing your research about which regiments you can take, and which you can't, before you make enemies all over the community.     -Change

I Applied to 14thNYSM [34thVA] CHANGE

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