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Events / Re: Hoods Brigade Friday Line Battle [8:00] P.M [EST]
« on: April 09, 2019, 10:27:41 pm »
Regiment Name: 4th Texas Infantry
Regiment Specialties: Skirms/Arty/Line
Average Attendance: 4-8+
Regimental Leader: You got me already.
Friday North and South Linebattle
Will you attend weekly? Yes

Events / Re: Hoods Brigade Friday Line Battle [8:00] P.M [EST]
« on: April 09, 2019, 10:27:25 pm »
Regiment Name: 2ndNYSM
Regiment Specialties: Skirms/Sharps, Arty, Line
Average Attendance: 8+
Regimental Leader: or
Friday North and South Linebattle
Will you attend weekly? Yes

Events / Re: Hoods Brigade Friday Line Battle [8:00] P.M [EST]
« on: April 09, 2019, 10:26:55 pm »
Regiment Name: 8th Virginia
Regiment Specialties: Line
Average Attendance: 12
Regimental Leader:
Friday North and South Linebattle
Will you attend weekly? Yes

Events / Re: Hoods Brigade Friday Line Battle [8:00] P.M [EST]
« on: April 09, 2019, 10:26:24 pm »
Regiment Name: 18th Georgia Infantry
Regiment Specialties: Line
Average Attendance: 12
Regimental Leader:
Friday North and South Linebattle
Will you attend weekly? Yes

Events / Re: Hoods Brigade Friday Line Battle [8:00] P.M [EST]
« on: April 09, 2019, 10:25:50 pm »
Regiment Name: 2nd Virginia
Regiment Specialties: Any (Line, Skirmishers, Cavalry, Artillery, Sharpshooters)
Average Attendance: 6-10
Regimental Leader: [HRE] Jazz
Friday North and South Linebattle


Confederates / Re: Hoods Brigade
« on: April 09, 2019, 04:22:59 pm »
claimed names are claimed names, thats like if I made a 33rd rn. The fact is you didn't ask for the name that is rightfully mine. Also levy You've already in the past made a really bad name for yourself this here only shows that you haven't changed at all. It's a real shame.
I would like to personally thank Hairy for working out a deal between Moraine and I. The deal is that Hoods Brigade will be owned be me for another month, until I expand to Hoods Division. At that point Hoods brigade will no longer be needed because two other historical brigades will have come in play. However if in the case I do not grow to division size by a month I will return the name back to Moraine and change mine. Hairy again thank you for making this work, and moraine I still think this was an absolute waist of time, and I think you should find better things to do with your life. However I appreciate you meeting me half way.

Events / Hoods Brigade Friday Line Battle [8:00] P.M [EST]
« on: April 08, 2019, 11:58:04 am »

|Hoods Brigade Friday Line Battle [8:00] P.M [EST]|

Welcome to the official forum page for the Hoods Brigade Friday line battle. The information listed underneath is what you will need to sign up for the event, and the rules for the event
Hoods Brigade Official Teamspeak IP:, Sign ups open at [7:30] P.M [EST]
Head Admin's Steam:

|Hoods Brigade, Line Battle Rules|

General Rules
- Firing in charge is allowed
- You are only allowed to reload while on cover (Such as fences/buildings/ect), however, you may not reload while charging another unit or a counter charge
- You must have 3 or more persons to sign-up for any class
-All units may fire while charging.
-One officer per regiment/ 1 pistol per regiment
-No reloading in charge unless defending a building.
-No Trolling or insulting Admins.
-No TNT allowed.
-No reloading on the move.
-Two NCOs max per line. If your line is very large, you may request more NCOs from the head admin and he will grant you some.
- All units can use cover
- Regiments may request more Sergeant's if needed
- Skirmisher & Sharpshooters are different units
- Arty may have two sappers max.
-Limit on Non-Combatant classes are: Only one unit is allowed per Non-Combatant Class (Drummers, Fifer, Bulgar, Priest, & Medic). Example, you can not go all drummers during an event. However, you are allowed to carry one Flag Bearer, one Fifer, and one priest.
- Specialty's cannot split up into two companies
- Must be in perfect line when firing in the open (when in cover 1 man spacing)
- Crouching is allowed when not in combat, If you are shooting at people or they are shooting at you, it is combat (in man made cover you can always crouch)
- one officer is allowed for every six men, and two NCO's are allowed for every four men.
- Infantry may only bring Infantry rifles. Buck N Balls are allowed
- Colonel's may mount but cannot stay mounted in combat. However FoH is allowed if the Colonel is directly behind his line
-Artillery are allowed a maximum of TWO engineer's.
-Four cannons each for both teams max (must be equal on each team).
-As arty you may have arty guards, they must stay near the artillery (unless they move out as a line with 3 or more people in line formation). Arty Guard is not limited to number of people a regiment can bring.
-Artillery Guard to be considered arty guard must stay within 10 paces from the Artillery Encampment. This means they can stay in the current skirmisher rules, and reload on themselves. However, once Artillery Guard advances beyond the 10 paces limit, they must act as line. Failure to do so may result in a Slay or Temp Ban.
-Arty May capture enemy Guns that were in use by the enemy, however, cannot use any additional guns if more have spawned on the map on the enemy side only those that were former enemy cannons.
-Max of one arty Officer per gun.
-Cavalry are not allowed to fire from horseback (officers included).
-As dismounted cav you have the same rules as skirmishers.
-A regiment may only sign up for a MAX of 15 cav.
-All members must go the same unit.
-Cavalry regiments are allowed a maximum of two NCOs.
-Sharp regiments are allowed a five-man spacing.
-Sharpshooters MUST go as the sharpshooter class.
-Two NCOs max per sharp regiment. These NCOs may use rifles that can fix bayonets.
-A regiment may only sign up for a MAX of 15 sharps.
-Sharps must take sharp rifles, Hawken rifle or Kentucky rifle.
-Skirmish regiments are allowed a three-man spacing.
-Skirmishers may always crouch.
-One officer per skirm group.
-Two NCOs max per skrim group. These NCOs may use rifles that can fix bayonets.
-Skirm groups MUST bring Mississippi rifles or Lorenz rifles.
-A regiment may only sign up for a MAX of 15 skirms.

Confederates / Re: Hoods Brigade
« on: April 04, 2019, 05:11:11 pm »
I agree with you McChicken what stops someone from claiming the whole Union Army and every name at that point

Confederates / Re: Hoods Brigade
« on: April 04, 2019, 05:06:48 pm »
I'm not making anything up. Only ACTIVE people are in steam group which is why you see 13 in the 33rdVA steam group, 8 in the 13thLA, and 15 in the 9thPA. that equals 36 people which means give or take 25-35 active players per event, now as a regiment leader you must know the majority of the whole regiment doesnt always show up so for me to have 25-35 active in total I need around 60-80 players intotal because of the people who show up once in a while. I'm not lying about anything I am simply just annoyed at the fact you keep attacking for no reason and you cant understand that we have put alot of work into forming this and the only thing that is stopping us is you guys being pricks about it for no reason. We are literally trying to grow the community and by you bitching at every little thing it hurts it.

Confederates / Re: Hoods Brigade
« on: April 04, 2019, 04:59:38 pm »
If you would like to believe that you can, regardless I do not care at all. But again all the regiments are there and steam groups so if you believe facts you might aswell be blind

Confederates / Re: Hoods Brigade
« on: April 04, 2019, 04:54:34 pm »
Moraine STFU, NaS is just coming back and I have four dedicated regiments who took the time to change there regiments in order to form this historical brigade. This post alone took me a shit load of time. So stop being a little bitch, go do something with your life instead of claiming you own a brigade name from the civil war. NOBODY owns any name the community died its fresh, and I hope the moderators let me keep the name if they even care at this point, but I hope they realize that taking away the name would just affect an already dying community so its pointless. Regardless if they take it away I will still use it ingame because im not gonna allow one tranny with fucking mental problems to claim a name just so my 60+ active players cant use it.

Confederates / Hoods Brigade
« on: April 04, 2019, 04:25:45 pm »

Brigade History
The Texas Brigade was organized on October 22, 1861, primarily through the efforts
of John Allen Wilcox, afterwards a member of congress from Texas, who remained as
the brigade'spolitical patron until his death in 1864.The brigade was initiallyand briefly
under the command of Louis T. Wigfall until he took a seat in the Confederate Senate.
Command was then given to John Bell Hood (hence the Texas Brigade was often known
as "Hood's Brigade" or "Hood's Texas Brigade"). The brigade left Texas poorly armed
and many men had no weapons at all. Others took whatever was available, this resulted
in soldiers carrying almost anything that would shoot--shotguns, hunting rifles, pistols,
old flintlock muskets used in the Texas Revolution, Model 1841 Mississippi rifles, Colt
Revolving rifles, and more. At least two companies are reported to have carried Model
1855 Springfield rifles, which would have been the only modern weapons in the brigade.
The Texans were held in high regard thanks to the legend of the Alamo and the Texas
Revolution, and the Confederate government made sure that they got the best equipment
available. Most of the brigade were soon issued Enfield rifles aside from the 1st Texas,
which had mostly smooth bore muskets and appear to have still been using them well
into 1864.

Brigade Rules
1.)Regiments representing Hoods Brigade shall act professional in all serious events, and may not disrespect anyone from any regiment.
2.)Regiment Sniping is not allowed under any circumstances, and if there comes a point someone wants to transfer to a different regiment within the brigade it must be approved by both commanding officers.
3.)Members with higher ranks than other members but who are in different regiments, have no jurisdiction over that member.
4.)Spamming any sort of sound which is intended to rape the ears will lead to punishment depending on the severity of the situation.
5.)Hate speech or bullying of any kind  is not tolerated
6.)Giving out any sort of sensitive or personal information regarding real life will lead to a permanent ban.
7.)Disrespecting any member of the brigade without valid reason will have consequences depending on the severity of the situation.
8.)If asked to leave any regiments channel you must obey if not it may result in a kick or ban.
9.)Perma ban appeals are decided once every month by Brigade high command

Brigade Information
Regiments who have officially joined the brigade are, The 18th Georgia Infantry, Hampton's Legion, 4th Texas Infantry, and 5th Texas Infantry. The reason for so many Texas regiments is because this is a historical brigade, and through out the course of the Civil war there were six different regiments in Hills Brigade. There are two spots left dont miss your shot!
-Hoods Brigade Teamspeak:
-Hoods Brigade Steam Group: WIP
-Hoods Brigade Commander:

Hoods Brigade High Command

Brevet Brigadier General Levy
Staff Captain Spartan
Staff Lieutenant (Vacant)
Staff Adjutant(Vacant)

18th Georgia Infantry "Jefferson Guards"
-Regiment Chief Executive Officer: Colonel Crane |

Regiment temporary steam group:

4th Texas Infantry "Lone Star Guards"
-Regimental Chief Executive Officer: Captain Hess |

Regiment temporary steam group:

5th Texas Infantry "The Bloody Fifth"
-Regimental Chief Executive Officer: Colonel Piper |

Regiment temporary steam group: W.I.P

Hampton's Legion "South Carolina Zouaves"

Regimental Chief Executive Officer:Colonel Ze |

Regiment temporary steam group:

Confederates / 33rd Virginia
« on: March 16, 2019, 02:25:04 am »
Taking this name, I will improve the forum post later on, but this is just to make sure nobody takes this name.

Events: NA / Re: *101e Official Events (NA)
« on: September 04, 2015, 09:00:58 pm »
Brigade Name: KRG/ Kings Royal Guard
Attendance 15-20
Regiments attending:6thLB, 17th Highlanders/ maybe 81st platoon and maybe 21st
Brigade info: leaders steam KRG_Levy
type of unit: inf

note: we all have KRG tags on so plz put us on the same time

Reg Name: 1st Green Mountain Rangers
Reg Leader: 1stGMR_Col_Levy
Reg attendance: 10-12
Reg class choice: Infantry
Reg initials: 1stGMR

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