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Confederates / The 8th Virginia Infantry Regiment
« on: May 24, 2019, 06:09:39 pm »
Just creating this to revive the thread on the 8th Virginia since the old thread has been inactive and not posted on in many months due to the regiment disbanding in October of 2018. We have been active since March 5th 2019 when NAS saw a revival in the NA community and currently host all NA events. The old 8th Virginia was disbanded/put inactive when we moved to NW to play as the 8thEPI back in October of 2018. We were handed down rights to the regiment by the old Colonel (MrMan) who retired from the game in February. We have officially reformed the 8th Virginia with Change (me) as the new Colonel and Lopez as Lieutenant Colonel.

Here is our new official steam group if you are interested in joining or taking a look:

Here is our current TS where you can find us:

My steam if you want to add me:

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