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Servers / [QRR]Cav_Groupfight
« on: May 23, 2020, 08:21:38 pm »

[QRR]Cav_Groupfight Server

Cavalry Groupfight Features

Dedicated cavalry groupfighting map selection
Active moderation from admin team
Scripts to disable instruments, spyglasses, firearms
High quality server hosted in Germany

Cavalry Groupfight Rules

Admin discretion comes first; do not argue with admins - if you have a dispute, you should raise it on this forum

No offensive speech, racism, edginess, trolling
No impersonating other players - this is permabannable
No teamkilling or teamhitting, even after round end
No wallhugging, treehugging, delaying the round, doublespawning, etc.
No early dismounting - you may dismount at the end of the round to offer duels
No excessive t-bagging, corpsekicking, corpseslashing
Using the suicide mechanic to deny the enemy kills is not allowed

This is not a duel server - do not cry if your opponent unhorses you and refuses to dismount to fight you on foot

Server Administration

Server host

Queen's Royal Regiment

Head Admins

[QRR] Quinn
[QRR] Voland

Server Admins

[2Lr] Adelon
[8th] Aless
[2Lr] Darkhawk
[1er] DeLaBedoyere
[DCL] DragonKing
[2Lr] Goodest
[2Lr] Ipoa
[Nr10] Ironfist
[QRR] James
[QRR] Jetfire
[2Lr] Magnum
[QRR] Peaky
[1er] Saphyro
[2Lr] Seegurke
[92nd] Shadey
[33rd] SirLegion
[1er] Soartex
[1er] Tival
[2Lr] Twinkiee
[33rd] Tylerus

Admin Applications

Steam profile link:
Current regiment and rank:
How active can you be:
Relevant experience:

Ban Requests

Your Name:
Rulebreaker's Name:
What happened:
Time and Date:

Unban Requests

Your Name:
What happened:
Time and Date:

Thread design, text, and header art by Quinn. Mapping kindly provided by Zebaad, LordGax and BRO. Server scripts kindly provided by Soartex

Regiments / Queen's Royal Regiment [EU - Recruiting]
« on: April 12, 2020, 08:46:33 am »

The Queen's Royal Regiment
'Dei Gratia Regina' - By the grace of God and Queen

The Queen's Royal Regiment is a European regiment - founded in April 2020 by Quinn - which aims to balance community spirit and enjoyable game play with a healthy sense of professionalism and competitiveness. Prowess and loyalty are highly valued within the regiment and the rank system, which takes both into account. There are skill tests to be passed in order to reach the top ranks of the QRR, so you know that you have a strong ally when a high ranking member of the QRR is by your side. The regiment was formed initially as the 1st Queen's Royal Hussars and was highly successful, with a 9-1-2 WDL in cavalry matches and strong attendance, and rebranded in late May 2020 to include an infantry company.

The golden rule of the QRR is that every player is valued and no man is left behind. This applies both ingame, where keeping each other alive is the first priority in combat, and outside, where the community is encouraged to network and play together on our community teamspeak. QRR members are encouraged to think and fight proactively, adapting to changing situations and seizing the initiative when it best serves the regiment. Simon Sinek describes best the leadership vision of the QRR; 'Leadership is a choice, not a rank; it’s choosing to look out for the person on your left and to look out for the person on your right.'

1st Hussars
         'Mente et Manu' - With mind and hand         
2nd Line Infantry
'Pristinae Virtutis Memor' - Mindful of former valour
The Queen's Royal Regiment 1st Hussars is the foremost company within the regiment. The hussars are a highly motivated group and seek out the enemy not only in linebattles but also in head to head matches. The hussar company is known not only for their combat prowess but also adaptability and survivability. The battle philosophy of the hussars is that victory is achieved through the combination of skilled combat and decisive teamplay. This is mirrored in the company motto - Mente et Manu. The Queen's Royal Regiment 2nd Line Infantry is the newest addition to the regiment. The line infantry serve in a vital battlefield role as they are required to push up and hold ground that the cavalry has cleared, and to destroy any enemy that the hussars have pinned down. The infantry may be technically newer than the hussar company but is drawing upon the expertise of veterans of Napoloenic Wars and cannot be underestimated. The company motto is Pristinae Virtutis Memor.

QRR Rank Structure
'Leadership is a choice, not a rank'


Lt. Colonel (LtCol)
Major (Maj)
Captain (Cpt)

1st Hussars


Lieutenant (Lt)
Second Lieutenant (2Lt)
Cornet (Crt)


Corporal of Horse (CoH)
Corporal (Cpl)
Lance Corporal (LCpl)


Royal Hussar (RHus)
Elite Hussar (EHus)
Veteran Hussar (VHus)
Hussar (Hus)
Recruit (Rct)
Reservist (Rsv)
  2nd Line Infantry


Lieutenant (Lt)
Second Lieutenant (2Lt)
Ensign (Ens)


Sergeant (Sgt)
Corporal (Cpl)
Lance Corporal (LCpl)


Royal Guardsman (RGdm)
Guardsman (Gdm)
Veteran (Vet)
Private (Pvt)
Recruit (Rct)
Reservist (Rsv)

Regimental Roster
'Many Nations, One Regiment'


Captain Quinn

1st Hussars


Lance Corporal Jetfire


Veteran Hussar Atsuque
Veteran Hussar Arathorn
Veteran Hussar Pliskin

Hussar Atticus
Hussar Flasio
Hussar Hunt
Hussar Illuminato
Hussar Kreativer
Hussar Wonka

Recruit Anastasia
Recruit Lindblom
Recruit Leon
Recruit Redbull
Recruit Sharkie

Reservist Goronek
Reservist Inkompetenzia
Reservist Ironfist
Reservist Leensab14
Reservist Meh
Reservist Negan
Reservist Silen
Reservist Tival
Reservist Voland
Reservist Zenturion
  2nd Line Infantry


Sergeant Peaky
Lance Corporal James


Private AlThorn
Private Commissar
Private DJ
Private FatherOrb
Private Ricci
Private Denny

Recruit Maizz
Recruit Moist
Recruit Peen

Reservist Classic
Reservist Lightwing
Reservist Sanchz

QRR Ribbons
'A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of coloured ribbon'


Ribbon of Valour I
Ribbon of Valour II
Ribbon of Valour III
Ribbon of Determination I
Ribbon of Determination II
Ribbon of Determination III
Ribbon of Endurance I
Ribbon of Endurance II
Ribbon of Endurance III
Ribbon of Horsemanship I
Ribbon of Horsemanship II
Ribbon of Horsemanship III
Ribbon of Merit I
Ribbon of Merit II
Ribbon of Merit III
Ribbon of Recruitment

Ribbon Criteria

Ribbon of Valour:
Ribbon of Determination:
Ribbon of Endurance:
Ribbon of Horsemanship:
Ribbon of Merit:
Ribbon of Recruitment:
  Awarded for an exceptional performance over the course of a cavalry match.
  Awarded for a significant single round performance in a cavalry match.
  Awarded for displaying exceptional survivability in a linebattle.
  Awarded for achieving a significant number of kills in a single linebattle round.
  Awarded for exceptional service to the regiment outside of event performances.
  Awarded for bringing in at least two new players (must reach hussar rank minimum).

Match Record
Wins: 11 Draws: 1 Losses: 3

[04/04/20] QRR 10-1 33rd Regiment Cavalry Company
[11/04/20] QRR 6-4 IVe Corps 7e Régiment de Hussards
[25/04/20] QRR 10-1 Königlich Sächsisches Husaren Regiment
[30/04/20] QRR 9-1 32nd Regiment Cavalry Company
[01/05/20] QRR 9-1 2e Régiment de Hussards
[06/05/20] QRR 9-1 Königlich-Kaiserlich Kürassier-Regiment Nr.4
[14/05/20] QRR 6-5 IVe Corps 7e Régiment de Hussards
[15/05/20] QRR 10-0 Arma de Carabinieri
[16/05/20] QRR 10-3 16th Regiment Cavalry Company
[22/05/20] QRR 9-1 Magdeburgisches Husaren-Regiment Nr.10
[22/05/20] QRR 8-0 19th Regiment of Foot

[18/04/20] QRR 5-5 2e Régiment de Hussards
[12/04/20] QRR 2-8 8. Pułk Kirasjerów
[24/04/20] QRR 2-8 IVe Corps 6e Régiment de Hussards
[23/05/20] QRR 4-6 8. Pułk Kirasjerów

Joining the Queen's Royal Regiment
'Hire character. Teach skill.'

To enlist, simply add any of the below members on steam and tell them you wish to join the QRR, they will handle your recruitment process. This will involve getting your rank and tags, our teamspeak address, and getting your name added to our rosters such as on this page. If you have any questions or such these are people to ask. There is absolutely no skill cap to join - we will train you as best we can to be a fully capable player.

Our teamspeak ip: /

Captain Quinn - Sergeant Peaky

Thread design, text, ribbons and header art by Quinn. Match record template provided by Voland. 'Queens Royal Hussars' insignia sourced from the British Army website. Flag icons sourced from GitHub. Rank icons kindly provided by LeopoldDK. Mapping help kindly provided by Zebaad.

Suggestions & Bug Reports / Light Dragoons reloading whilst running
« on: January 22, 2019, 11:01:24 pm »
If you start a reload as a Light Dragoon on horseback (In my case I was playing as 23rd UK) and dismount during the reload cycle, you can start walking or running around during the reload animation. It doesn't actually reload the musket luckily but it does let you run around with the reloading animation still active.

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