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Other Games / COD: Vanguard
« on: December 20, 2021, 04:48:34 pm »
Couldn't find a thread on it, so made my own....

Bought this today as it's on sale for like £30....  I'd watched a few videos prior and was a bit nervous as a lot of reviews were fairly mixed but majority just said 'eh it's just another COD.... same old game' - This is true

Got to say i've been pleasently suprised...  So far i've played mostly Multiplayer and a little Campaign.

Multiplayer is good fun so far, lots of great maps that are asthetically pleasing and work well (some really great remakes of old COD maps), pretty good gun balance, decent level up and progression sytem with pretty good customisation to your weapons....

Actually, in a way it reminds me of battlefield 5 but far smaller and extremely fast paced.

Campaign is decent so far, nothing massive to rave over yet although im only a couple missions in....

Zombies is where i worry after wacthing videos, but once i try it i'll give a little update...

Overall thoguhts so far is it's pretty good - But i wouldn't pay £55 for it or whatever it normally is... (maybe 10 years ago xD)

Anyone else payed/playing Vanguard? What are your thoughts?

The Mess Hall / MAXI U CAN DO THIS
« on: October 12, 2020, 12:31:19 am »
Maxi, fighting the hacker of his steam account (from mobile i assume).... Keep trying Maxi! u can break free!

The Mess Hall / Who is your favourite flank partner!?
« on: June 19, 2019, 02:50:42 pm »
Pretty simple, who do you play best with and/or have most fun next to, in a GROUPFIGHT?

I play best next to:
I enjoy playing next to:
Why (optional):
I dislike playing with:
Why (optional):

You CAN put down multiple people.

Groupfighting Teams / TopShagger GF Team
« on: March 28, 2019, 04:23:02 pm »

Cpt. Ry4N


Captain Contact Details
Ry4N -

The Mess Hall / IRE/GB ACTIVE player rankings [26/10]
« on: March 15, 2019, 01:13:02 am »
GB/IRE ACTIVE player rankings

This is my list of active, competitive players of Napoleonic Wars, based on their groupfighting ability. Minimum rating is 85p, maximum is 95p.
before u complain...
This list is MY opinion of the best players from all of the UK and Ireland.  People are ranked based off there current performances not there peak time.  Which is the reason why i will regularly update this list, add and remove people from this too.

Tier 1

92.2p - Python
91.7p - Golden
91.2p - Ivan
91.1p - Domi
89.3p - Bagins
88.2p - Shadey
88.0p - Voluble

Tier 2

87.9p - Louis
87.8p - Gi
87.7p - Irish
87.6p - Herishey
87.5p - Firefly
87.5p - Porkins
87.4p - Normanguy
87.2p - Ryan
87.2p - Matt
87.1p - Gibby

Tier 3

86.0p - BlackBeard
85.8p - Fietta
85.5p - Mike
85.5p - Ricky
85.5p - Hursty
85.5p - Gaz
85.4p - Bidbig
85.3p - Smylie
85.2p - Techno
85.1p - Quinn

Regiments / 18th (Royal Irish) Regiment of Foot [EU] [R.I.P] [Disbanded]
« on: December 04, 2018, 06:58:11 pm »

The Royal Irish Regiment, until 1881 the 18th Regiment of Foot, was an infantry regiment of the line in the British Army, first raised in 1684. Also known as the 18th (Royal Irish) Regiment of Foot and the 18th (The Royal Irish) Regiment of Foot, it was one of eight Irish regiments raised largely in Ireland, its home depot in Clonmel. It saw service for two and a half centuries before being disbanded with the Partition of Ireland following establishment of the independent Irish Free State in 1922 when the five regiments that had their traditional recruiting grounds in the counties of the new state were disbanded. 

Regimental Ranking System

Commissioned Officers
Colonel   Col
Lt. Colonel   LtCol
Major   Maj
Captain   Cpt
Lieutenant   Lt
Non-Commissioned Officers
Serjeant Major   Sjt-Maj
Colour Serjeant   CSjt
Serjeant   Sjt
Corporal   Cpl
Enlisted Men
Lance Corporal   LCpl
Grenadier   Gren
Kingsman   Kgm
Private   Pte
Recruit   Rct

Early History

The regiment saw action at the Siege of Kaiserswerth in 1702, the Battle of Schellenberg in July 1704 and the Battle of Blenheim in August 1704 during the War of the Spanish Succession. It also took part in the Battle of Ramillies in May 1706, the Battle of Oudenarde in July 1708 and the Battle of Malplaquet in September 1709.
The regiment also won the right to display the King's arms on their colours along with the harp and crown. The regiment was sent to Gibraltar, which was being blockaded by Spain, in 1727. In 1751, the regiment was officially ranked as the 18th Regiment of Foot – although it was older than all but six other line regiments, it had not been placed on the English establishment until 1689, lowering its precedence.
The regiment was in Ireland during the majority of the Seven Years' War and was ordered to America on 1 January 1767. The regiment arrived at Philadelphia on 11 July 1767 under the command of Lieutenant Colonel John Wilkins. The regiment remained at Philadelphia, although a small detachment was sent to Fort Pitt later that summer. The majority of the regiment under Wilkins was ordered to Illinois in early 1768 and remained in Illinois until April 1772 when Fort de Chartres was abandoned. A small detachment under Captain Hugh Lord, remained at Fort Gage (Kaskaskia), Illinois until May 1776 when it was ordered to Detroit in anticipation of an American attack on that post. The rest of the regiment was present in Boston, where the grenadier company participated in the Battle of Lexington and Battle of Concord in April 1775 during the American Revolutionary War as well as the Bunker Hill in June 1775, its first formal combat in more than 50 years. A detachment of the Royal Irish along with a detachment of the Royal Fencible Americans were sent to Penobscot, Maine to cut wood for the garrison in the early Autumn 1775.

French revolutionary wars and Napoleonic wars

In 1783 there was a mutiny by 500 mainly Irish soldiers in the 104th Regiment based at Fort George in Guernsey. Both the regiment (The Royal Irish) and the Guernsey Militia turned out with six pieces of artillery. Volleys of shots were fired by the rebels, but when the militia outflanked the rebels, they surrendered. The Government of Guernsey gave a public thanks to the regiment and militiamen, awarding them 100 guineas. The regiment returned to Gibraltar later in the year, where it remained until the Siege of Toulon in 1793 during the French Revolutionary Wars. The regiment also saw action at the Battle of Alexandria in March 1801. The 1st Battalion served in Jamaica and the 2nd Battalion served in Curaçao during the Napoleonic Wars.

Colonel Ryan:

18th Royal (Irish Regiment of Foot)
Regimental Muster Roll

Commissioned Officers

Col. Ryan
Cpt. Golden

Non-Commissioned Officers

Sjt. Douglass
Cpl. Saphyro
Cpl. Tommy

Commissioned Officers: 2
Non-Commissioned Officers: 3
Enlisted Men: 29
Recruits: 3
Total Strength: 37

Enlisted Men

LCpl. Cr3a

Gren. Lonedoge
Gren. Maurice
Gren. Janne

Kgm. Domi
Kgm. Bandej
Kgm. Water
Kgm. Gatts
Kgm. R1bazZz
Kgm. Tjiener
Kgm. Barro
Kgm. Clamydiou
Kgm. Matt
Kgm. Crusher
Kgm. Sanders
Kgm. Ase
Kgm. Mac
Kgm. RektInPeace
Kgm. Padawan
Kgm. LaPache

Pte. Freedom
Pte. Windflower
Pte. Herishey
Pte. Obelix
Pte. Sharz
Pte. Cloud
Pte. Lewk
Pte. Chuckster
Pte. Snikkel


Rct. Alex
Rct. Drake
Rct. Xaos

Groupfighting Teams / Subversion Groupfight Team
« on: June 01, 2018, 12:38:12 am »



Cpt - Ry4N
Cpt - MightyIrishMan

Sugar daddy
Spoons (thanks for servers xoxo)



Updates coming soon...

Match History
15-3 VS Warriors
12-15 VS LSS
9-15 VS TF

Groupfighting Teams / -
« on: May 15, 2018, 07:32:11 pm »

so since the first week of NWWC i have been unable to find 1 particular server (number 3). i can find all other servers and have no issue with any of the other NWWC or pub servers... any ideas? sorry if this was a bit blunt.

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