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Hi all, well I know the game is quite quiet but that did not deter me from getting the game. I'M currently downloading this now via Steam.

I am a retired British Guy living in Asia and have plenty of free time to join and hopefully play this game.

I've noticed the time difference, which can be anywhere from 5-12ish hours depending where people play.

If any groups or players need a steady player, please let me know. I can accommodate your Time Zone, after all I'm retired.

Here is a Australian group they always need more guys

If you ever find yourself with insomnia that coincides with the eastern US time zone, we have an active group and you're always welcome to tag along. If you're into early morning work we have regularly scheduled events on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday nights at 8PM our time which would roughly correspond to early mornings the next day depending on where you are.  I'm a retired fellow, too, and enjoy my time with the young bucks in the group.

hello i am new here,


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