Author Topic: Unmute request for stum76  (Read 477 times)

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Unmute request for stum76
« on: March 12, 2022, 11:38:38 pm »
Name under which you were banned stum76
Which official server(s) are you banned from?NW_Official_NA1
What was happening when you got banned: 5thGA Col Francis mutted me because I said jokingly that I was recruiting for a regiment of a mans name that had some racial connotations to it and I was mutted while another player said the exact same thing and was not. Other players called out the fact that he did not mute the other player and he would not reply. I have screenshots to prove this if you would like to be provided, thank you
Did you break any other rules prior to your ban? No I have not
Time and date when the account was banned: march 12th around 5pm
Timezone: US eastern standerd time
User Identification Number*   76561198088609453
Why should you be unbanned?: I understand that what I said does go agaist the server rules and that I must adhear to them if I want to keep playing a new game I enjoy as a M&W vet, thnak you