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Teleporting lag - Mostly on GF server

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So I got this for a while now that when I play on the groupfighting server my ping is like 32 which is normal but I get teleported everywhere. Does anyone know how to fix this stuff? I am not downloading anything whilst playing. Also my ping doesn't go up which is really wierd. During the spikes my ping just stays 28-32. Pls send help.

Edit: I play with an ethernet cable and I have 1 GB / s internet speed. It's only in NW that I have these wierd spikes. And it mostly happens on the GF server. Only here and there but very less on Tropical paradise or other servers.

change your max fps to below 200 if it is above that

Yeah I have always put it on 120 maximum.

Sounds like packet loss issue. I wouldn't bother that much since GF server is shit anyways...

Ankord has the same problem but on every server


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