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BCoF Event/Tournament Child-Board Request
« on: April 15, 2019, 03:51:57 pm »
All -
With the creation of the new sub-board, the moderation team/CRs have discussed and determined that you can now submit applications for your respective areas' event.  Here's the criteria (please ensure you meet the criteria prior to submission), and the application form.  The moderation team will process these request(s) and respond to the organizer(s) of the event.  We're currently determining the proper channel for following up, but for the time being, please submit follow-ups to me.


1) Recurrence:  The activity in the child board needs to be more than a once-per-year activity.  This means that as long as people are talking about previous, current, or future seasons, you meet the criteria.
2) Quality/Moderation: The competitive event needs to show they've ran well over a sustained period of time (minimum of two instances - seasons, iterations) with good management (both in quality of character as well as consistency of event).  We need to be able to trust that the organizers will help bring life into the community.
3) Transparency:  The competitive event needs to be open for the public - as long as a regiment/group can follow the rules, they are welcome to participate in said event.
4) Numbers:  The competitive event needs to be active and applicable to a vast majority of the community.

**As a reminder, please bear in mind that if/when one of these criteria changes, please bear in mind that consequences (leading and up to) removal of the board can take place.  While these are criteria, bear in mind that moderation will take these up on a case-by-case basis.  Moderation also reserves their right to modify the application process at any time.**

- [b]Organizer(s) Name(s)[/b]:  
- [b]Organizer(s) Steam Information[/b]: 
- [b]Event's Steam Group Information (if applicable)[/b]: 
- [b]Event Name[/b]:
- [b]Previous Event Thread(s) (if applicable)[/b]: 
- [b]History/Background[/b] (looking for a short 4-5 sentence summary of the history/creation of the event and why it would be worthwhile adding a child-board for this event):
- [b]Board description[/b] if applicable, what would you like your board description to be?
- Has your event started and completed at least twice?  How often are you planning on hosting this event?

- What is the average attendance for this event?  (You can either give regiment numbers, people in attendance - this can be a round number): 
-  Are there any criteria(s) for entering in this event?  Yes/No; [b]if yes, list them in order for us to verify they are in line with the rules[/b].

- Who else will require board moderator permissions?  Please list their name, a link to the forums, and a Steam link as well (if applicable).

- You and the other administrators will receive board moderation permissions, in order to manage the event well.  Will you agree to use your power(s) wisely, and commit to making decisions that benefit [b]everyone[/b] involved?

[i][b]If there are any abuse(s) of power, the moderation team reserves the right to punish those that have board moderator privileges, up to and including removal of your child board and closing of the topic.[/b][/i]

Thank you!
FSE Moderation Team and Community Representatives
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