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Whenever I click "Join a Game" after multiplayer it always says Unable to Connect to server. Please help if you know why this is happening. I have restarted my PC and internet, done the Use_safe_server thing and reinstalled my game, checked the cache stuff, and re-installed the game. Please help!

63e Crocve:
For 1 week, I have not been able to play Mount and Blade Warband (and it´s modules), because the game crashes before the loading screen appears. 2 days ago, it came back working but today, the problem returned. Two days ago, the game came back working after I changed my headphones. But since today, the game stopped working again and I tryed the same "fix", with no effect, so,  I do not know if this issue has something to do with the audio or the headphones

I have tryed every fix know  (including the ones mentioned here:, including unistalling and installing the game, but this problem continues. This is really annoying.

This is what the "rgl_log" file says: "rgl_post_warning_line: Unable to get technique with name standart_noskin_bump_nospecmap_Instanced". What does this mean? I already sent a message to the Technical Support of TaleWorlds and I now I making a simmilar message, so anyone could help with this very frustrating problem.

i have some troubles with factions banners, especially in PW and Mercenaries mods.
Can anyone upload the vanilla native banners folder to suppress awfull mixed banners :)

ps: we can't DL Mount & Blade from Gamersgate anymore, only NW mod  >:(

Best regards  :-*

I have a error wich say's ''Error_Skybox_Cloud1_PM'' Something like that, I desperately need help..


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