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Regiments / 53rd "Shropshire" Regiment of Foot [EU]
« on: February 14, 2019, 09:42:18 pm »

The regiment was raised in Northern England by Colonel William Whitmore as the 55th Regiment of Foot for service in the Seven Years' War. It was re-ranked as the 53rd Regiment of Foot, following the disbandment of the existing 50th and 51st regiments, in 1756. The regiment embarked for Gibraltar in 1756 and, after returning home, moved to Ireland in 1768.

The regiment left for North America in spring 1776 and arrived at Quebec City in May 1776 to help raise the siege of the city by Continental Army troops during the American Revolutionary War. It served under Sir Guy Carleton at the Battle of Trois-Rivieres in June 1776 and the Battle of Valcour Island in October 1776. Its flank companies (Grenadier and Light infantry) were with General John Burgoyne during the ill-fated Saratoga campaign. Men from the other eight companies served under Major Christopher Carleton of the 29th Regiment of Foot during Carleton's Raid in 1778 and during the Burning of the Valleys campaign in 1780. Lieutenant Richard Houghton of the 53rd led the Royalton raid in 1780 burning three towns in eastern Vermont. In 1782 the regiment adopted a county designation and became the 53rd (the Shropshire) Regiment of Foot. The regiment returned to England in 1789.

In March 1793 the regiment embarked for Flanders for service in the French Revolutionary Wars. The regiment saw action at the Battle of Famars in May 1793, the Siege of Valenciennes in June 1793 and the Siege of Dunkirk in August 1793. It also took part in the Siege of Nieuwpoort in October 1793, the Siege of Landrecies in April 1794 and the Battle of Tournay in May 1794. The regiment returned to England in spring 1795 but then embarked for the West Indies in November 1795 where it took part in the capture of Saint Lucia in May 1796. It also helped suppress an insurrection by caribs on Saint Vincent in June 1796; expeditions to Trinidad and Puerto Rico followed in February 1797 and April 1797 respectively. The regiment returned home in 1802.

A second battalion was raised in 1803 to increase the strength of the regiment. The 1st battalion left for India in April 1805 where it undertook a punitive expedition to the Fortress of Callinger in Allahabad Province in February 1812. It also helped secure a pyrrhic victory at the Battle of Nalapani in October 1814 during the Anglo-Nepalese War. The 1st battalion also took part in engagements against Pindari forces in 1817 during the Third Anglo-Maratha War and did not return home until July 1823.

Sir Guy Carleton, Governor of the Province of Quebec 1768–1778

Rank Structure

Captain Cpt
Lieutenant Lt
Ensign Ens
Serjeant Major SjtMaj
Colour Serjeant CSjt
Serjeant Sjt
Corporal Cpl
Lance Corporal LCpl
Kingsman Kgm
Regular Rgl
Private Pte
Recruit Rct


Regimental Leader: Captain Louis | John Abercromby

Second in Command: Ensign Victorie | Welbore Doyle

Teamspeak 3 Adress: | Ask an officer for permissions on teamspeak.
Our Page: Soon


M&B: Warband - Napoleonic Wars / Polski Event | Środa 20:00
« on: February 11, 2019, 09:46:22 pm »

Server Jest hostowany na Niemcy, więc spoko, od gattsa btw to db będzie, nazwa: Polski Event
Event będzie w środę o 20:00.
Info o serverze 15 minut przed samym  eventem (Jak się spóźnicie bd bił).
Możecie pykać sobię Artą, Liniówką, Lekką, Cavą

1: No FIC (Firing in Charge) dla Lini i Guardów Arty.
2: No RIC (Reloading in Charge) dla wszystkich.
3: OA is dozwolone.
4: Nie spam na czacie plox.
5: Pisz do admina na steam jak masz problem
1: Min: 5  Max: 30
2: No FiC.
3: No RiC.
4: Masz 3 osoby idziesz do innej lini.
5: Nie kucaj
1: Min: 5  Max: 15
2: No FiC.
3: No RiC.
4: możecie kucać.
1: Min: 5  Max: 20
2: Jak ci kunia zabili szukasz nowej lini albo nowego kunia.
3: Jest was 3 lub mniej schodzicie z konia i lecicie do nowej linii.
4: Po dołączeniu do lini musicie przestrzegać zasad dla tej klasy;
5: bierzesz dragonów?! aby strzelać musisz zejść z konia.
1: 3 działa na team.
2: Bez rakietowych świrów.
3: Możecie 1 sapera na 2 działa.
5: Guardzi Arty mogą dołączyć do lekkiej ale nie mogą FiC'ować.

Nazwa Regimentu:
Ilu was bd:
Na stałe czy na raz:
Czy przeczytałeś zasady(Wiem, że nie ale napisz, że tak):
Coś chcesz to dodaj tu:

Competitive EU Events/Tournaments / "Visegrad" group Infrantry Cup - VGIC
« on: January 10, 2019, 04:38:19 pm »

The tournament of the Visegrad group was created to select the best regiment in the region and to have fun. The tournament, which will start on January 26. Organized by Verciak. Entering the details, the tournament has a goal to make a nice springboard from NWL and feel the excitement of competition. But the primarily will provide a lot of fun


Under no circumstances should a match be played outside of the matchweek. If you need to postpone then you may speak to a moderator or host and a maximum of 7 days can be given. Understand that if you postpone a match to the next week, you are then expected to play 2 matches during the next matchweek. If a match has not been completed without a host's consent. Then both regiments will receive a draw. If a regiment does not show up to the match, the opponent regiment will receive a 10-0 win. Please do not even bother signing up if you are not willing to forgo playing your usual events. This is a competitive tournament and we expect each regiment to make it their priorities.

If a regiment withdraws from the cup, all opponents will receive a 10-0 Victory. Including matches that have already been completed.
Fire In Charge

As soon as contact is initiated between either regiment then all firing must cease. Or if a member of a regiment breaks their formation. Failure to do so will result in a slay. If 4 or more people are shot in charge then the victim regiment may ask for a reset (subject to intepretation by referee depending on situation).
Movement in Formation

No more than 3 man gaps in between the players. Once your line starts moving out all firing must stop or slays will be issued. Any reloaders should at the very least join onto the back of the line. Anymore than the stated 3 man gap would be classed as reloading out of line.

Gaps While Firing

Reload -> Fix -> Shoot. In that order. Gaps must be fixed before your players can fire. While shooting there should be no gaps in between players. Firing without fixing the gap will be given a warning, failure to listen to this warning will result in a slay of the player(s).
Officer Aim

Officers should stand 4-5 spaces from the line to avoid any issues. If the officer is shot as the line is forming up, this still counts as officer aim as the officer should not be aimed at whatsoever. If the officer is shot then the killer will be slain and a revive will be given. If the officer is behind the line or in between members, then this is his own fault so no slay will be given, however will receive a revive.

Only regular line infantry should be used. No guard, lights or Skirmishers. Also no musicians, flag bearers or Surgeons.


Minimum of 12 and a maximum of 50. Only a 1 man majority is allowed over the enemy regiment. If one regiment brings less than 12, the opponent regiment is allowed to field 12. The 1 man majority rule does not apply. You do not need to balance after the 30 second spawn period.
Camp Timer

We have decided that the camp timer will be at 2 minutes. We feel as though this is the best for both sides of the argument. After 7 minutes both regiments are forced to close the distance and engage in short-mid range shooting. If a leader allows the opposite regiment to run away and re camp a hill afterwards, then thats his own mistake.


All chat is allowed and welcomed. As long as it is either constructive or friendly in nature. Any silly instigation or general abuse will result in all chat being removed by the referee. Failure to abide by this rule will result in slays and if the individual(s) still cannot behave they will receive a temporary ban, if sever a match ban. Regiment leaders are welcomed to request no all chat if they wish, doesn't need to be agreed between both leaders.

A referee's decision is final. They must be unbiased and will abide by the rules. Referees will pick maps and will make a final decision if both regiments cannot agree.

Sign-up as a Regiment:

Steam Group:
1st&2nd in Command Steam:
Normal Attendance:


Why you want to be a Referee:
When do you have time:

Announce a match:

Who against Who:
Referee (If chosen):

If you have any personal question's add:

Head Admin


56e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne
click on the flag if you want see a 56e steam group

First in Command
Second in Command*TBA*
Normal Attendance: 15-25

7. Pułk Piechoty Xięstwa Warszawskiego
click on the flag if you want see a 7pp steam group

First in Command
Second in Command
Normal Attendance: 15-20

3. Pułk Piechoty Xięstwa Warszawskiego
click on the flag if you want see a 3pp steam group

First in Command
Second in Command
Normal Attendance: 15-20

14. Pułk Piechoty Xięstwa Warszawskiego
click on the flag if you want see a 14pp steam group

First in Command
Second in Command
Normal Attendance: 12-20

1. Pułk Ludowego Wojska Polskiego*Dropped*
click on the flag if you want see a 1plwp steam group

First in Command
Second in Command
Normal Attendance: 10-15

23rd Regiment of Foot "Royal Welch Fusiliers"
click on the flag if you want see a 23rd steam group

First in Command
Second in Command
Normal Attendance: 15-20

17 Pułk Piechoty
click on the flag if you want see a 17pp steam group

First in Command
Second in Command
Normal Attendance: 15-20

2nd Hessian Regiment of Foot
click on the flag if you want see a 2nd steam group

First in Command
Second in Command
Normal Attendance: 15-25

98th Regiment Of Foot
click on the flag if you want see a 98th steam group

First in Command
Second in Command
Normal Attendance: 15-20

88th Regiment Of Foot
click on the flag if you want see a 88th steam group

First in Command
Second in Command
Normal Attendance: 15

9th Red Capped Battalion
click on the flag if you want see a 9thRC steam group

First in Command
Normal Attendance: 13

VIe Corps
click on the flag if you want see a VIe steam group

First in Command
Second in Command
Normal Attendance: 12-20

13 Pułk Piechoty*Dropped*
click on the flag if you want see a 13pp steam group

First in Command
Second in Command
Normal Attendance: 15

Rules taken from the European Infantry Cup
Thanks Jon Snow for the graphic 

Regiments / Team Indonesia for NWWC
« on: December 25, 2018, 02:11:50 pm »

I will add a roster and graphic after new year because I'm lazy

Community / The best napoleonic wars regiment in history?
« on: December 02, 2018, 05:25:31 pm »
I have a question what is the best napoleonic wars (game) regiment in history?

Events: EU / 25pp Friday linebattle [All Class] Event is out of date
« on: January 23, 2017, 08:42:53 pm »
The 25pp are now hosting a Friday linebattle for anybody too sign up too

Contact With Organizer :

Server : 25pp_Official_Event

Line Infantry Numbers: 7 min/40 max.
No obvious gaps in the line, officers and musicians are allowed to move freely and defend themselves.
Lines of over 10 men must double up, front of these lines is allowed to kneel and fire as well as reload.
No crouching when loading your musket or firing. If you are the front of a double line this is allowed only.
No shooting while charging into melee.
Men of four or less must join another line and fight.

Skirmishers (Light Infantry AND Rifles).

Rifles numbers including officer (7 min 12 max).
Light Infantry numbers including officer (10 min 16 max).
Gaps of five men between each soldier are allowed (Rifles).
Gaps of three men between each soldier are allowed ( Light Infantry).
One Sapper/Engineer allowed for both to fix up defences.
Both are allowed to crouch and fire in skirmish formation (with three men or five men gaps allowed between each other).
Must stay together in a light group all times.
Men of less than four must rejoin another line and fight as line infantry.
Light Infantry cannot pick Musketoons or Rifles. A mixture of bayonet infantry and cav muskets are encouraged if possible.

Cavalry (Light, Medium and Heavy Rules):

Cav Numbers (12 min 16 max).
Must stay together in a small blob.
Must all pick the same role (Officers can ignore this if they wish to be a ‘marker’ and easily recognised by their men)  EG Lancers or Hussars.
Dragoon Cav must rifle either in a vague line on horseback but they can also dismount and act like line or light infantry and fight on foot. Exceptions can be made in melee with the officers pistol as it is dubiously inaccurate.
If a Cavalry unit has been decimated to under four, abandon your horses and join the nearest line.


Artillery Crew Numbers (6 min 10 max).
Artillery should consist of two trains, two officers and two rankers who reload the cannons. Two extra rankers with ramrods can be allowed.
Artillery Guard: (5 min 9 max including Officer and Sapper) .
Two Cannons (Either one 12 pounder or Howitzer or two of both).
Artillery Guard must remain around the Artillery pieces and crew and staff the defensive position with the sapper.
Artillery Guard can choose to fight in skirmisher formation or as a line. Once Artillery crew are KIA Guard survivors must link up with the nearest line and fight as line.

General Rules:

No team killing allowed.
Respect for all regiments and officers as well as event organisers in group chat.
Do not feed the internet drama machine.
No spamming of group chat.
Encouragement for Team Chat used for possible teamwork.
Do not rambo, join a line when everyone else around you is dead.
Do not extend the round as the last man by running away from eventual defeat.
Do not engage an Admin avatar in direct combat unless it is obvious he is engaging you.
Report an infraction once in chat.

Please sign up with this:

Regiment Name:
Number of Players:
Leader's Steam:
Preferred Class:
Preferred Faction:
Weekly or once:
Agree too the rules:

Regiments :

20 pułk woltyżerii (8+)(Light & Rifle)

8e Régiment d'artillerie du Xe Corps (7 - 12)(Art)

[Saints] (10-15) (Cav)

Events: NA / Napoleonic Wars
« on: September 30, 2016, 09:59:35 pm »
Regiment Name: 20 Pułk Piechoty Ziemi Krakowskiej
Preferred Faction: France
Preferred Class: Lights
Joining Wednesday/Friday or both?: Both
Expected Attendance: 15
Will you be attending once, or weekly: Weekly
Steam name: [20pp/pw]TiraN , [20pp][SB]Cichociemny
Do you confirm you have read and agree to the rules?: Yes

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