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Off Topic / Holdfast: Nations At War Iberian Melee Team Recruiment
« on: October 11, 2023, 04:24:37 pm »
Olá a todos! Para quem tem o jogo Holdfast: Nations at War e que deseja participar em jogos competitivos de melee ou que simplesmente esteja interessado na nossa comunidade por favor entrem no nosso servidor de Discord :)
De momento temos 11-13 jogadores ativos de nacionalidade portuguesa, espanhola e andorriana a jogar competitivo.
Mas queremos expandir mais a nossa comunidade de forma a que possa ter mais regimentos portugueses e espanhois. Convidamos também ao pessoal  mesmo que não tenha o jogo ,a dar uma vistas de olhos de como funcionamos , ver a jogabilidade e a comunidade global competitiva de forma a que no futuro estejam interessados a comprar o jogo. Forte abraço gamers

¡Hola a todos! Para aquellos que tienen el juego Holdfast: Nations at War y quieren participar en juegos cuerpo a cuerpo competitivos o simplemente están interesados ​​en nuestra comunidad, únanse a nuestro servidor de Discord :)
En estos momentos tenemos entre 11 y 13 jugadores activos de nacionalidad portuguesa, española y andorrana jugando de forma competitiva.
Pero queremos ampliar aún más nuestra comunidad para que pueda tener más regimientos portugueses y españoles. También invitamos a las personas, incluso si no tienen el juego, a ver cómo trabajamos, ver la jugabilidad y la comunidad competitiva global para que estén interesados ​​en comprar el juego en el futuro. Un gran abrazo gamers

The Mess Hall / Re: Who is / was the best duelist of nw ?
« on: November 18, 2021, 11:14:02 pm »
45thN Saitama.
Saitama Duel Series continues..

God bless this regiment
God bless this regiment and you Mask. You meme monster <3

Regiments / Re: 55th "Westmorland" Regiment of Foot [EU] Est. 4/9/2020
« on: November 10, 2021, 09:19:57 pm »
Wait? What?

Forum & Website / Re: Username Change Requests
« on: October 01, 2021, 07:53:23 pm »
Current Name: Saint Izar
New Name: Ecko
One/Two Alternatives: Ecko47 / Eck0

Sorry again, didnt like the other change after all xD


Regimental Update

🥇 NW 2v2 Season II 🥇

The 45th Nottinghamshire is very proud to have won its First Gold Medal in the NW 2v2 Tournament Season II hosted by Kincaid. This post will be brief overview as to how the regiment has preformed in the past months since our Summer update during the 2v2 Tournament as well as how the regiment will be gearing up for RGL S8.

How the Infantry as a whole prepared for the 2v2 Tournament

Pictures of the our Trainings


After our respectable performance in EIC S4 earlier in the year where we managed to secure a 3rd Place 🥉 after a very close semi final vs the 92nd, the 45th Nottinghamshire Infantry both Centre and Grenadier Companies trained often side by side each other in both regimental trainings and also casual line battle events fighting many other regiments. The Centre Company more specifically professionalised and became a menace to face off against in many of these practiced line battle based events. With the help of our newest Centre NCOs, such as LCpl StickyToffeePudding, LCpl Smallest and LCpl Pumti, our centre company dramatically transformed as we actually started to train the most basic formations to our newest recruits where we also spent hours honing their skills in the most basic melee scenarios. The idea of the old 45th Nottinghamshire Centre Company dog shit was thrown out in favour of a professional fighting force with more than capable leadership under Captain Mitchell and Company Serjeant Major Wolf that can hold their own against any other regiment in a line battle scenario often withstanding the most brutal of barrages from the enemy.

The 45th Nottinghamshire further to this had a huge influx of new recruits over the summer (mainly thanks to LCpl Pumti), 80% of whom were drafted straight into the Centre and underwent our weekly trainings learning and in some cases relearning the most basic commands and formations with some of the more veteran players training more in the melee as aspect of the game. The Centre Company over the past few months have proven themselves to be the true backbone of the Regiment often pulling 30+ players to any casual event and more for competitive regimental matches. The Staff thank you especially for where the Centre Company leads the Army Follows! 

How we actually preformed in our 2v2s Matches

Screenshots of the Infantry in action


Some Videos of our Matches


The 45th Nottinghamshire took every match in the 2vs2 League seriously often coming out in force bringing at least 50 Infantry members to every match doing Gods's Work. Our team, The Iron Crusaders played in total 6 matches commandingly winning 5 of the 6 matches whilst tieing the final match against the 77y and Friends. The Infantry within the 45th Nottinghamshire approached every match with an admirable level of respect and professionalism which was often mirrored back to us by the vast majority of our opponents. Our toughest matches were versus the 96y 77y Coalition as well as the Final versus the 15thYR 77y Coalition as these were the closest and most difficult, however the 45thN 92nd Derby will remain the most memorable match as both regiments brought 60 players each and was the largest and debatably the most anticipated match of the tournament. The 45th Nottinghamshire emerged stronger as we built up our confidence and our skill from match to match and ultimately we remain undefeated in the NW 2v2 Season II Tournament.

Not a single match felt like a waste of time of was unfun, it was a pleasure to play versus some of the top regiments and teams in the scene and we thank you for that, GG WP to all!. Ultimately the 45th Nottinghamshire won both the most matches in the tournament whilst also losing the least amount of rounds in compared with any other team, consequently this pushed us to the top of the league and allowed us deservedly to claim the Gold medal after a very respectable and consistent performance across the board.

| Score table |

|                            Team                            |
|  Won  |
|  Lost  |
|  Draw  |
|  Rounds  |
The Iron Crusaders (45th)
77y & Friends (15th & 77y)
Gordon's Highlanders (92nd)
Team #4 (71st & 96y)
Team #3 (16th & 33rd)
Team #7 (7th & 19th)
Team #5 (17pp & 55th)

Muster Roll

NCOs who were promoted due to their loyalty and respective skills:

Serjeant Ryan -> Colour Serjeant Ryan

Lance Corporal Fwuffy -> Corporal Fwuffy
Lance Corporal Nightwing -> Corporal Nightwing

Grenadier Sticky -> Lance Corporal Sticky
Acting Lance Corporal Pumti -> Lance Corporal Pumti
Acting Lance Corporal Smallest -> Lance Corporal Smallest

     Enlisted who were promoted due to their exceptional performance in the 2v2:

Grenadier Company

Veteran Grenadier Head Nurse lonedoge -> Head Grenadier Head Nurse lonedoge
Veteran Grenadier Achilles -> Head Grenadier Achilles

Veteran Galava -> Guardsman Galava
Veteran Pancake-> Guardsman Pancake

Centre Company

  Guardsman Flag Kubus -> Kingsman Flag Kubus

Veteran Commissar Jingles -> Guardsman Commissar Jingles
Veteran William Melbury -> Guardsman William Melbury

Regular Garch -> Veteran Garch
Regular Rundeen -> Veteran Rundeen

Private Cashew -> Regular Rundeen
Private TobbenTheLi  -> Regular TobbenTheLi
Private KiteTheBird -> Regular KiteTheBird
Private FishFucker47 -> Regular FishFucker47

Recruit Mechanic007 -> Private Mechanic007
Recruit Weisman -> Private Weisman

A Final Thank You

The 45th Nottinghamshire has been around for longer for more than 5 years, and although we very much value the amazing community aspect of the regiment, in many ways all the work we collectively as the staff put into the regiment has been working and anticipating for this very moment - our first Gold Medal in a line battle tournament. The tournament win certainly isn't comparable to an NWL, EIC or even an RGL but for a regiment that was initially formed for purely casual events out of very humble beginnings this is a big milestone for the Leadership, the Enlisted and for the Regiment as a whole. Ultimately newer regiments cannot expect to enter the scene and start winning EICs and RGLs with mediocre unproven leadership but this milestone for the regiment as a whole proves that the 45th Nottinghamshire is indeed capable of replicating this unbeaten performance in other more major tournaments, Rome wasn't built in a day.

This tournament wouldn't have been possible without our more than capable leadership team with many of our junior NCOs stepping up to lead and manage the regiment in their specific areas. Corporal Nightwing and Corporal Fwuffy deserve more than a special mention as they very often helped carry the leading aspect of the tournament, with Fwuffy having to bare leading at the back of the Grenadier Line which can be confusing more often than not, whilst Nightwing helped managed the melee within the Centre Company which often decided rounds and matches, the staff thanks you both for your exceptional skills and a large bearing of this victory falls upon your shoulders. There are too many NCOs to thank personally that not only span across the Infantry Battalion within the Regiment but also across the Cavalry, Light Infantry and Artillery Companies within the regiment, though this was not your tournament - many of the NCOs got involved and supported the boys on the ground. Finally a huge thank you to the all the enlisted in the regiment for it is upon your shoulders that act as a rock, upon which we build our church. As much as the its the leadership that guides you, its down to your individual skill, determination and dedication to the regiment that carries us in the actual matches, your commitment and involvement to the cause has been unparalleled unlike any other tournament we participated in, and for that Thank You. Call the Banners, brandish your muskets and gather for RGL gentlemen, for the Sky is the limit!.

For the Glory and the Honour of the 45th Nottinghamshire

Yours Sincerely,
The 45thN Nottinghamshire Battalion Staff.

Epic  8)

The Mess Hall / Re: Who is winning the Champions League this season?
« on: September 28, 2021, 11:16:07 pm »
Ok fuck Milan. Sheriff is winning this shit!!

pay me , mask

The Mess Hall / Re: Who is winning the Champions League this season?
« on: September 27, 2021, 01:04:46 pm »
Real Madrid vs Sheriff>>> P$G vs Moneychester City

500 000£ my transfer market price ?
Ya , pobbers is 10 million

Regiments / Re: 55th "Westmorland" Regiment of Foot [EU] Est. 4/9/2020
« on: September 24, 2021, 12:18:17 pm »

Regiments / Re: 55th "Westmorland" Regiment of Foot [EU] Est. 4/9/2020
« on: September 24, 2021, 12:03:44 pm »
let us all chill down okay

the 16th regiment of foot is recruiting, we are an active eu regiment with many detachments including the greek speaking gyrocopter core. add me on steam [16th] saxon to join. thank u
Very (sex)on

Hellstaff back involved?!

we love to see it  8)
I knew he would come back for me <3  ;D

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