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The Welsh Guards [Multi mods Unit] *Actively Recruiting*
« on: June 13, 2016, 01:48:32 am »
A Unit for AZW (Battle & CB), NW and NaS (CB only)

Hello and Welcome to the Welsh Guards!
Shwmae a Croeso i Gwarchodlu Cymreig!

We are well aware that the Welsh Guards was formed in 1915 and they were not existed in the time of these three mods but it seems fine and this is the only regiment with Welsh lineage that haven't been registered in these three mods, so we are registering ourselves using the name.

The Welsh Guards (WG), (Welsh: Gwarchodlu Cymreig), part of the Household Division, is the Foot Guards regiments of the British Army(AZW).. It was founded on 26 February 1915 by Royal Warrant of George V, composed of 1 battalion only.

This is a Regiment for AZW (Battle & CB) also NW and NaS (CB only).
We are a friendly regiment, just like a gaming brotherhood.
We allow our members to belong to multiple regiments, as long as they feel that they can satisfy their commitment to the regiments he belongs to.
Members can take at minimum of no responsibilities and obligations or take a lot of responsibilities as Commissioned Officers or Non-Commissioned Officers.
Although we said we are a Regiment, actually we are just a simple play group. Gather around, have fun, and chill out.
We are currently under the command of the British Army(AZW).

Official tags in game: WG_Rank_Name or BA_WG_Rank_Name*

We welcome joining members and mercenaries.

Tiers for joining:
Tier 1 (Officer): Intake as Officer Cadet
Tier 2 (Normal): Intake as Guardsman

* There are only two circumstances to use this style of tag BA_WG_Rank_Name:
1. When the Regiment is playing in the AZW MOD.
2. If the Regiment is accompanying any of the General Officers(Major General or above) of the BA.
In the above two circumstances, the BA_WG tag should always be wore at all time, otherwise just simply use the WG tag.

** All members are highly encouraged to add [WG] before their Steam name.

Joining please add:
LtCol Isaac
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LtCol of Welsh Guards (WG);
MajGen of British Army (BA);
Former Col of 7th Ohio (7thOH), 11th Pennsylvania (11thPA) & 2nd Rhode Island (2ndRI)