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You won’t let Levi’s admin but you let stockholm when they have the same IQ
Stockholm literally carried a dozen of competitions through his referring alone, something absolutely noboby else in the whole community ever did.

Mind your tongue when talking to your betters.

Autumn Tournament Series / Re: New epic tournament
« on: August 19, 2022, 12:42:08 pm »
since theres so many gay people in nw could do a protect the gay tournament (even tho i dont want to protect them ofc)

Wouldn't be called protect the gay, it'll instead be called protect the queen
the only reason I still visit FSE is for post like these

Lovely iniative Movement, good luck to all teams involved!

Team Name: TZ0 - The Perfect Light Edition
Captain's Steam (Link required):
Co-Captain's Steam (Link required):
Roster (ID of each player | 7 minimum - 9 maximum):

Do you accept the rules?: Yes

looking for a coach?

Feels weird to not get involved whatsoever in this one, I genuinely feel I would have had a lot of fun. Wish you guys a very best of luck, hope this goes swimingly.

5v5 best format change my mind
two less teammates I can hide behind

i don't like it

No, actually, was a friend who makes mods for NW. He claims all officer swords are the same as of the last NW update.
Oh hmm, I was unaware. I'm still sticking with Austria and Prussia though as I see no reason not to and texture wise those swords are identical
ye its whatever i don't mind it, just saying that it doesn't really matter but for the sake of someone crying about french swords it is probs better to give everyone the same sword
Pretty much, you save yourself the burden of having to explain it every five minutes. I remember talking to Ragni and being explained that the french/british (highlander off sword) had slight differences however it was in the first version of NW so I reckon if Gibbo checked the files, we can trust him on that.

Zeyden and microphone...
Dude boosted me plenty of games on Valorant with that shitty mic but the price my ears had to pay was high...
Zeyden was still off worse than your ears, I've tried to carry you through CSGO!
It truly was a waste of your time, I was doomed to underperform  :-X

Also @Vegi please can you keep the 55th up till next RGL, I wanna see if that stack is THE stack

Zeyden and microphone...
Dude boosted me plenty of games on Valorant with that shitty mic but the price my ears had to pay was high...

Is there gonna be a live stream or do I have to reinstall warband in order to watch?  ???

Hi fenton, love you :)

Hello Uni, I have calmed down and can now say I Love you too. It is your turn to hate me so we may continue our love hate relationship till the end of time.

Also tbf, despite 92nd using invites they didn’t really… do much. 4e were ludicrously good and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more decisive ‘difference maker’ in NW

U know, when i see my enemies, i see NUGGETS to be honnest, eat NUGGETS makes always the difference in the battle for me ! This is the strategy !

for a moment I thought you used Enderby IRL picture, they are so identical it's scary

All my homies hate Erik

hopefully they also love Dokle so that balances it out somehow

Other Games / Re: Valorant
« on: June 03, 2022, 07:48:28 pm »

not exactly?


Bien joué à vous, par contre Axurias c'est un smurf ou bien?  :o

Et t'inquiète pas, je suis hardstuck Diamant en ce moment. Je suis déjà passé par le déni et la colère, dès que je sors de le phase de dépression je pourrais à nouveau revenir parmi vous.

Battle Cry of Freedom / Re: 2nd Virginia Infantry Regiment
« on: May 31, 2022, 07:25:14 pm »

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