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Scottish Unicorn:

I started hosting 92nd servers of a server box in Germany and then branched out to offering servers to projects and tournaments in the community. Its a side project that I've been running for a few months now and its just a little something that I can do to help give back to the community. There is no cost to any servers provided by myself as this is a side project.
Server Box SpecsTba[close]FAQQ/ Why?
A/ I believe that if you can help someone, you should so if I am able to help some people by giving a server or 2 to them for free, then I should do that. Plus, the monthly bill is the same whether I host one server or one thousand. It doesn't affect me in anyway to host more and its the right thing to do.

Q/Why not charge for the service?
A/ This is a side project for me and its not something that I'm looking to do on a full time basis or make a career. Plus it is just me and as active as I try to be, I cannot provide the support that a company can so theoretically if you encountered any issues whilst I was out working, there would be no support until I am back which could be hours after the issue.

Q/ I've had a server from you for a while and never had any issues, can I pay you as a thank you?
A/ No. However if you do feel like you want to part with a little cash, find a local charity or an issue that is important to you and donate to them. Everyone wins that way :)

Q/ Do you do the work on my server?
A/ No. Once the server is created I will send you the link to the panel which will have all your services listed and allow you to edit the server as you please, such as adding maps, changing module or uploading scripts. Only you and whoever you give access to the panel to, will be able to edit it.

Q/ What can I get a server for?
A/ Absolutely anything.

Q/ What locations do you offer?
A/ France only.

Q/ How can I contact you for anything?
A/I have various methods of contact. I'll respond to enquires via them all at the same speed.

Steam: Me
Discord: Scottish Unicorn#0001


Good luck unicorn ;)

nice  8)


--- Quote ---I do have a life outside of NW and cannot guarantee a speedy support service.
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Do you?

Scottish Unicorn:
Any updates will be posted throughout the thread as I forgot to reserve the first and second posts 8)

--- Quote from: poberta on April 03, 2021, 07:21:49 pm ---Good luck unicorn ;)

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Thanks poberta  :D :D :D

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Indeed  8)

--- Quote from: Vegi. on April 04, 2021, 01:19:25 am ---
--- Quote ---I do have a life outside of NW and cannot guarantee a speedy support service.
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Do you?
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