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About the Server
This server aims to provide another place for us all to enjoy the humans vs bots siege experience. Bots are automatically balanced on the right team to equal double the amount of players on the left, whilst bot commanders are limited to 5 meaning that the game-type is still balanced and fair even without admins online. All maps used are custom made or modified community maps, new maps will continuously be made and added to the server over time to provide new challenges to players, hopefully keeping it enjoyable to play on :)

'Humans vs bots' was created in June 2015 by myself and Cedric with the back-up of the 33rd. Starting with only 5 maps, some buggy autobot scripts and a dream. After failing to compete with the competition on a daily basis a few months later we called it a day and closed the server. Around the same time the 'vs Bots Rebirth' server Founded by Toke Rebirth steadily grew up around August-November 2015, often full with its 50 player cap however closing before the years end.

'Humans vs Bots' was re-launched late Feb 2016, due to less bot server competition, some extra maps being added / created and a few more admins. Becoming successful after 2 months of painful populating by a very small team, the server became almost self sustaining - peaking at 75 players at least once a day. It was at this point after several weeks of negotiating that the 'vs Bots Rebirth' team merged their admins and maps with us, to create a much better finished product for the community to enjoy.

This hopefully explains the name to some, Humans vs Bots + vs Bots Rebirth = Man vs Bots Rebirth!  - Humans vs Bots Rebirth was too long :(

The scripts used on the server were created by Spoons and Cedric, 'special bots' and grenades were created by Grozni.
Basic Rules:
No trolling / teamhitting / teamkilling
No glitching / bug abuse
Do not be offensive(hateful) to other players in chat

SpoilerThe below is scripted for commander balance:
less than 12 players = 1 bot commander max
13-20 = 2 commanders max
21-26 = 3 commanders max
27-32 = 4 commanders max
33-52 = 5 commanders max
53-70 = 6 commanders max
71-85 = 7 commanders max
Lives are unlimited below 20 defenders, with 8 lives over this.
Earthworks and planks are disabled on the server
bots are automatically adjusted to two times the amount of players on the server as a default.
Max 1 recruitment message per regiment per MAP
Crouching is ALLOWED
Admin Team:
Server Owner:
33rd Spoons

Admins that can reset the Server:
33rd Spoons
33rd Cedric
33rd Kincaid

Other 33rd Admins:

33rd King George
33rd Wololo
33rd Bonokiller
33rd ser Twenty Goodmen
33rd Rogy03
33rd Oilvre

Head Of Rebirth Admins:

Rebirth Admins:

Other Admins:
Nr3 Limbo / Sharpe
76th Col Hux
[UK] Dan

Contact an Admin:

Ban Request
Name of the person causing trouble:
Nature of their offense:
Time and date of their offense:
If needed, what your relationship was to the offense in question:
Any proof if you have it, For instance screenshots (use spoilers!):
Unban Request
Name under which you were banned:
Have you checked if you can join the server in the next hour
 (to see if it wasn't a 1 hour ban)?:
What was happening when you got banned:
Time and date:
User Identification Number:
Admin App (CLOSED)

In game name:
Link to steam profile:
Why you want to be an admin:
Past admin experience:

The Maps

SpoilerWe currently have 31 maps on the server,  below is the map rotation order:

The shire(Siege of Toulon)
Modified by Spoons, original by ZeroSkilled (meshed by Cedric)
Russian Fort Assault (Fort Fleetwood Storm)
By Mohawky

The Village (Fort Fausbourg)
 (Modified by Spoons, original by Judge)

Seven Bridges (Fort Al Hafya)
By Mohawky

Desert Town (Fort Hohenfels)
 Original by Estod, modified by Prince
Edoras (Siege of Toulon Night)
 By Spoons
Alamo (Fort Lyon Night)
By Mohawky

Gettysburg (Fort Mackinaw)
Original by Estod, modified by Toke & Prince
Helm's Deep (Fort Boyd Raining)
(Modified by Spoons, original by Tallyrand)
Coast Raid (Citadelle Napoleon)
By Mohawky

Fort Toke(Fort George Raining)
 By Toke
Thermopylae (Fort Brochet Raining)
 By Spoons
Russian Town (Fort Al Hafya Night)
 Original by Blitz_Craig, modified by Mohawky
Redbrick Fort (Fort Boyd)
 Modified by Mohawky, original By Prince
Stargate (Fort Brochet)
 By Spoons (meshed by Cedric)
Trench & Tunnels (Citadelle Napoleon Morning)
By Mohawky

The Bunker (Fort De Chartres Raining)
Original by Estod, modified by Toke & Prince
Osgiliath (Fort Vincey Storm)
By Spoons
The Mill (Fort Bashir Morning)
 Original by Blitz_Craig, modified by Mohawky
Fort Nowhere (Fort Mackinaw)
 Original by Estod, modified by Prince and Toke
D-Day(Fort Willsbridge)
 By Spoons

Ruins Rumble (Charge to the Rhine Cloudy)
 Original by Blitz_Craig, modified by Mohawky
Estods Dawn Attack (Fort De Chartres)
Modified by Mohawky, Original by Estod

Castle Black (Fort Nylas)
 By Spoons

King of the Hill (Fort Hohenfels Night)
By Mohawky

Helm's Deep (Fort Boyd Raining)
(Modified by Spoons, original by Tallyrand)
Yes this is in the rotation twice!

Desert Coast Town (Fort Fleetwood)
By Mohawky

Erebor (Fort Nylas Raining)
 By Spoons
Avalanche Road (Fort Lyon)
 Modified by Mohawky, Original by Prince
Hoth(Fort Willsbridge Night)
 (Modified by Spoons, original by Eyeballshot)

Temple of the Bot God (Fort George)
By Mohawky

The Swamp
 By Toke, not currently in rotation

Credit also goes to Cedric for giving a lot of time helping with map tweaks and ai meshing.
Also credit for Burgundy who helped mesh the D-Day map.

More information:
Cav classes spawn without horses as it is too op on most maps / they get in the way at spawn points.
Horses can however be spawned in stables/at feeding troughs on most maps adding extra strategic game-play to hold those areas as well as the flag.

Every map has a chest where players can heal themselves (marked with a red cross).

Some maps have an armory or weapons rack from which muskets can be spawned.

Some bots spawn as 'special bots', such as musicians, flag bearers & beserkers.

Special bots only spawn when there are 15 or more defenders.

Foot guard classes spawn with a frag grenade.

Build points for defenders is limited to 150 (for now)
The attacking team only need enough BP for explosives but not enough to spam them, 36 allows 6 to be placed at once.
Rocket arty and arty trains are disabled as they allow players to permanently block doorways.
Earthworks are disabled as they can also block bot pathways (permanently if glitched).
Planks are disabled to avoid plank spam.

Explosives are disabled on specific maps for map balancing.
For example they are disabled on Helms Deep because the map is made out of many pieces of destructible wall, even the floor in places, therefore it could quite easily crash the server or make the flag impossible to get to.


First :D

Lilja Mariasdóttir:
Good luck my spoony friend



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