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My visit to the memorial museum of Waterloo - with a lot of pictures

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Today I went with my father to the memorial museum at Waterloo in Braine-l'Alleud (Flemish: Eigenbrakel). I have taken a lot of pictures which I'll be sharing with you all. Some pictures are also from the House of Wellington in Waterloo.
It was very informative and if you are an enthusiast of the time period I really recommend it to those who haven't been there yet. Sadly, there was no cannon demonstration as there was only one person who was part of the demonstration team.
He did show us some musket drills and how to fire a musket. Hopefully they will show cannonfire in my next visit next year. I got to hold a musket myself and I must say they do have some weight.

They also showed a 3D combined with 4D movie, which was absolutely insane.

Anyways here are the pictures, my apologies if some weren't taken as good as others. They were in rooms of glass and the glass reflected a lot, nothing much I could have done about it sadly. WARNING: Can contain large pictures.


Memorial Sword in honour of the Duke of Wellington[close]Memorial Sword in honour of the Duke of Wellington - Inscription[close]Musket, Pistol, Sword[close]Some muskets[close]Pistol[close]Different kinds of pistols[close]Sabre and pistols[close]Swords[close]Musket and sword[close]Musket during Napoleon's campaign in Egypt[close]

Large Cannon[close]Royal Horse Artillery Cannon[close]

55e Ligne, soldier[close]Apologies for the bad picture - Prussian Jager[close]British soldier and highlanders[close]British soldier and drummer[close]British soldier[close]British Riflemen[close]Cavalry soldiers[close]Cavalry Soldiers[close]French Grenadier[close]French Guard Infantry in winter coats[close]French Old Guard[close]French Old Guard[close]
Not a uniform, but the banner of the 8e Régiment d'Infanterie Légère[close]
Diorama's battle of Waterloo

Diorama 1[close]Diorama 2[close]Diorama 3[close]Diorama 4[close]Diorama 5[close]Diorama of French Soldiers in Egypt[close]
Let me know what you think and if you have been there as well.

Awesome photos!

Amazing photos  and that dio   chames  mine.


--- Quote from: Theodin on August 04, 2023, 04:31:40 pm ---Awesome photos!

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