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The trend of NA events playing pre-made/custom maps and its issue


Event Hosts,
When players hop on BCoF to play with their regiments at events, what is the one thing the player expects back in return?
It is the job and responsibility for event hosts to provide quality events and with a game as fragile as BCoF, the state of the game is essentially in your hands. There has been a trend recently to play these pre-made or custom maps at the events and these maps provide a terrible amount of quality gameplay.

The 20thME hosted an event on Monday May 2nd. They played a map that was 600-700m from each other spawns. The map consisted of 2 giant hills for the artillery, with a large patch of farmland in the center and a few fences. Picture. The total play time to get through 2 rounds was almost 32 mins. It's tough to make an argument that 264 players played that full 32 minutes. The action they did receive was 2 teams camping each other for 10-15 minutes before an all-charge. This type of gameplay is not enjoyable nor sustainable.
The next map was another custom made map, but this one was so terribly designed with flat patches, terribly placed/made hills, and a swab of buildings in the center; that it took a forced all charge to end the round after 15 mins of idling around. After that, the event ended. Why? Because the event hosts insisted to play a custom made maps that crashed the server. So that was the event of Monday May 2nd hosted by the 20thME, consisted of 3 low quality rounds with 2 terribly designed maps in 50 minutes.

I'm not nitpicking on the 20thME either. As recent as April 29th, the Friday event hosted by Chase/Vesta of the UB, played a custom map called The Bloody Aftermath. Take a look at the atrocity of this map. Full Map Picture1, Picture2 The hosts insisted not playing this map not just once, but twice. As a player, why would anyone want to play something like this? Your bound to be shot, exposed, and ultimately not able to play the game because your leader is too busy trying to find a safe area. In fact, that's exactly what happened, one team just sat in the corner. on the only hill on the map. How is red team supposed to leave this corner in such an exposed space? How is the other team supposed to press that position with such an exposed place? It's just a camping battle that nobody enjoys or wants to play for 10-15 minutes before an all-charge.

It's not just custom maps, some of these pre-made maps that event hosts insist on reusing are atrocious. The 5thKY hosts an event every Thursday, and every Thursday they insist we play on Manasas Run. Not only is this map just a plain out terrible map in general, the map is intended to play 200+, yet this event barely passes 100 people . Garrisoning isn't allowed, but you have teams that choose to sit behind fences, buildings, camping until an all-charge is called. This doesn't just apply to the 5thKY event, it applies to all the events where hosts insist on playing maps that is not accustomed to the size of the event. River Crossing is just as bad. Everywhere you are exposed and you can't engage the enemy because there's only 2 crossing areas on the map.

I'm aware this topic has been brought up before, but it seems absolutely nothing has changed.
I'm not going to sugar coat it, this game has steadily been losing players. Putting the whole blame on the developers is not fair. The event hosts are also responsible for the quality of game play and I ask if you want to keep on hosting events, then you need to listen to the community.

What is the community saying? We want you to stop playing these half-finished, half-ass, low quality custom maps. If you play custom maps, ensure they are complete, reasonable, and something that the regiments want to play.  We want maps that encourage action, none of this camping. I think Robertson's Wasteland is a fantastic map, it's small enough to force the lines into action and has enough cover to maneuver. We want quicker rounds, and this can be resolved by itself through smaller maps that encourage action.

If you’re interested I host an event Saturday nights at 8pm EST you’re welcome to check us out. We indeed use custom maps but we do our best to have fun maps. We don’t used any unfinished maps.

All of these problems are solved with one simple and easy solution, remove artillery from linebattles.

1- Only 2-8 players actually get to enjoy arty. You are choosing the fun of aprox 8 players vs aprox 200 players.

2- Arty negatively affects the entire event, because it limits every single lines/regiments ability to maneuver and engage the enemy freely.

3- Arty encourages bad gameplay, causing regiments to camp majority of rounds and shy away from open field engagements until all charge is called.

4- Overall arty makes for less interesting gameplay and causes rounds to be longer then needed and boring and ruins the event for 99% of players.


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