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Getting started with Napoleonic Wars modding!


Getting started with Napoleonic Wars modding!
Should you wish to learn more on the subject please head over to the The Forge - Mod Development section on the Taleworlds Forums or check out the below guides.

Simply send a PM to Refleax should you wish to have your guide placed in this thread!

Useful modding threads - From taleworlds. To get you started on learning how to produce a proper playable modification from coding to animating!! These tutorials were made for Mount&Blade Warband, but seeing there isn't much of a different, you can use them with modding on Napoleonic Wars as well!

If there is any useful and learn full modding thread, please send me (Gokiller) a PM, and I'll update the list as soon as possible.

Enjoy your learning and modding!

Module System Documentation, by Winter and Armagan - Take note some parts could be out-dated.
Part 1: Getting Started
Part 2: Editing Module System Files
Part 3: Module_Troops
Part 4: Module_Party_Templates
Part 5: Module_Items
Part 6: Module_Constants, Module_Factions, Module_Strings & Module_Quests
Part 7: Module_Dialogs
Part 8: Triggers
Part 9: Module_Game_Menus
[TUTORIAL] Adding a new multiplayer faction tutorial - by mr.master
Adding new items to m&b using Wings 3d - by Yoshiboy
Adding custom made items to multiplayer - by Hermodr

Texturing - by Lucke189
Texturing: Height maps, normal maps.. V3 haired plumes... - by Rgcotl
Poomtang's texturing tutorial masterclass
Simple texturing tutorial - Wings3D - by Buxton
Texturing Tutorial Video - by mr.master
Tutorial - Texturing using Projection Camera in Wings 3D -- EXTENDED - by Lumos

Info-Point - Getting Started on Modelling? Read this will ya? - by mr.master
The Unofficial Video Tutorial Series - Modelling. - by Highelf
WEe's Modeling & Texturing Tutorial Series. - by mr.master

No Assumed Skill: Making and Implementing Your Own Animations with FREE Software - by Papa Lazarou
Extension Tutorial - Rigging And Animation. - by Yoshiboy
Animation tutorial (Blender3D) - by DtheHun

[TUTORIAL] Adding custom maps w/ auto-download. - by MadocComadrin
Scening in Warband (multiplayer, entry point info for all gamemodes) - by Arch3r
[Tutorial for starters]Snake's Scene Map Making Tutorial + Video Tutorial
Creating a Multiplayer Map - (From Script to Hosting) - by Turaniem
[Tutorial] Ingame Mapping 101 - Newbie Friendly - by LordMalacath


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