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Off-Topic Rules + Info regarding the Indecency and Mature Content-Icon


This is the Off Topic part of this Forum. Please feel free to discuss anything not related to Battle Cry of Freedom or Flying Squirrel Entertainment here.

Remember that this section is meant for more serious conversations; if you want to be silly, use the Mess Hall board.

Here you will find the full and updated version of all the FSE Forum Rules.

The Off-Topic forum section has always been given a little leeway in terms of what is considered acceptable, compared to the rest of the forums. To better facilitate that point of view, we're introducing a new thread icon () to be used solely for threads with mature content. This thread icon is titled "For Threads with Mature content", and is only applicable on this board.

So what does this mean?
This means that any thread with this icon is to be considered suitable for people aged 16+, rather than the Universal suitability of the rest of the forums. If you're below 16, then you're discouraged from entering threads with that logo as you may be exposed to mature content.

So what is classed as "Mature Content"?
"Mature content means that the broader forum rules still apply - we still will not tolerate porn on the forum, or abusive behaviour. What it means is that the contents of the thread may fall somewhere in the grey area between Normality and Pornographic material, whilst not being so explicit as to be unsuitable. In simpler terms, provided there's no lips, nips or dicks involved, then it's generally OK, however administrators will use their own discretion in determining what they believe is suitable.

We hope you enjoy this new forum feature, and the security it gives our younger members.


 - The Forum Staff

The rules have been updated. Abundant rules have been removed, old rules have been updated and shortened and a few new ones have been added.


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