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Which role will you play?

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Hello! Let us know what you are most looking forward to playing when Battle Cry of Freedom comes out and why!

I'm looking forward to playing as line infantry. Specifically Union because slavery is bad yo!

Not sure. I do very much enjoy playing as regular infantry but I do have a common interest to play cavalry. Obviously depends though, if for example cavalry officers are given overpowered revolvers like in other warband mods it will turn me down on playing a cavalry.

In NW I enjoy all kind of units, so I'm sure I will do it aswell in CoF.

It depends as well. In MM(Not talking about NW because public lost it's apeal) Inf was good fun, due to maps, general skill it took and the community aspect was more based around it.

Public in BCoF is an unknown entity, as with what i imagine will be a popular new gamemode. It's hard to say whether i will try some different roles or not.

Im not sure either, it depends on my mood and I dont know how this game is going to play aswell


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